World Series (disambiguation)

World Series (disambiguation)

World Series may refer to the following competitions:

Baseball and softball

Professional baseball

* World Series, Major League Baseball championship
* Triple-A World Series, a contest in Minor League Baseball
* Junior World Series, a former championship in Minor League Baseball, played until 1975
* Caribbean World Series
* Negro League World Series

Amateur baseball and softball

* College World Series
* Women's College World Series
* Little League World Series
* Junior League World Series (softball)

Baseball video games

* World Series Baseball (video game) for the Sega Genesis
* World Series Baseball 2K2 for the Xbox
* Intellivision World Series Baseball

Auto racing

* Champ Car World Series
* World Series by Renault, formerly called the World Series by Nissan

Card games

* World Series of Blackjack
* World Series of Poker


* World Series Cricket, held from 1977-1979
* World Series Cup, held from 1979-1996

Indoor sports

* World Series of Darts
* The World Series of Beer Pong

Other contests

* IRB Sevens World Series, a series of rugby tournaments
* World Series of Golf
* World Series of Pop Culture
* World Series of Soccer
* World Series Wrestling


* World Series of Rock, a concert series

ee also

* World cup
* World championship
* List of world cups and world championships

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