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Today is the current day, and also the day after yesterday. Western society considers it as the period of time between the previous midnight and the forthcoming midnight, although some informally refer to "today" as the period between their awakening and falling asleep, even if the period spans midnight.

Authoritative English military and naval texts written prior to 1920 use the form "to-day".

In other contexts, today can mean:__NOTOC__

News media


* "Today (Singapore newspaper)" is a newspaper in singapore
* "Today (UK newspaper)" is a defunct newspaper in the United Kingdom
* "Today (Philippines newspaper)" is a defunct newspaper in the Philippines
* "Haynt" (English: Today) is a defunct Yiddish newspaper in Poland


* "Today" (NBC program) is a morning news program on the United States' NBC network also known as "The Today Show"
* The Today programme (also known as "Today") is a current affairs programme on BBC Radio 4
* "Today" (Australian TV program) is a morning TV news program in Australia. "Today" is not to be confused with the NBC program.
* Today FM, an Irish Independent National Radio station
* the Today Network, radio network in Australia



* Today (band) was a New Jack Swing group


* "Today!" is an album released by The Beach Boys in 1965
* "Today (album)" is an album released by Elvis Presley in 1975
* "Today (Statler Brothers album)" is an album released by the Statler Brothers in 1983.
* "Today (Galaxie 500 album)" is a 1988 album by Galaxie 500
* "Today (Junkie XL album)" is an album released by Junkie XL in 2006
* "Today (EP)" is an EP released by Everlast in 1999.
* "Today" is the title of Angela Aki's second Japanese album.
* Today (Superpitcher album), released in 2005


* "Today (Melanie B song)" is the first song of Mel B's album "L.A. State Of Mind", released in 2005
* "Today" is the seventh song on the Intwine album "Intwine", released in 2003
* "Today (The Smashing Pumpkins song)" is the third song on the Smashing Pumpkins album "Siamese Dream", released in 1993
* "Today (Jefferson Airplane song)" is the fourth song on the Jefferson Airplane album "Surrealistic Pillow", released in 1967
*"Today (Chris Andrews song)", a song written by Chris Andrews
* "Today" is a song performed by The New Christy Minstrels
* "Today" was a UK Top 20 hit for Talk Talk in 1982
* "Today" is a song by California Dreamers and Tom Scott
* "Today" A song by TMF Kweekvijver winner Dennis


* The "Today" contraceptive sponge is a brand of female contraceptive
* "T-T-T-Today, junior!" is a well-known quote from Billy Madison.
* Today is the nickname of the catcher in the Abbott and Costello comedy routine, "Who's on First?"

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