Tier 2 network

Tier 2 network

A Tier 2 Network is an Internet service provider who engages in the practice of peering with other networks, but who still purchases IP transit to reach some portion of the Internet.

Tier 2 providers are the most common providers on the Internet as it is much easier to purchase transit from a Tier 1 network than it is to peer with them and then attempt to push into becoming a Tier 1 carrier.

The term Tier 3 is sometimes also used to describe networks who solely purchase IP transit from other networks (typically Tier 2 networks) to reach the Internet. The majority of Tier 3 networks are usually single rather than multi-homed and therefore are vulnerable to depeering disputes.

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List of large or important tier 2 IPv4 ISPs

  • Vodafone AS3209 (formerly ARCOR AG Germany) (buys transit from Level3/AS3356, GBLX/AS3549)
  • Virgin Media/ Virgin Media Business
  • PCCW Global AS3491 (formerly Beyond the Network Access (BTN)) (buys transit from GBLX/AS3549)
  • France Télécom AS5511 (buys transit from Verizon/AS701, possible paid peering from Sprint/AS1239)
  • Tele2 (formerly SWIPNet) AS1257 (buys transit from Sprint/AS1239)
  • tw telecom/as4323 (Sprint Nextel Corporation/as1239 transit)
  • nLayer AS4436 (buys transit from GBLX/AS3549)
  • Internap
  • Interoute AS8928 (buys transit from Sprint/AS1239 and Tinet, formerly Tiscali International Network/AS3257)
  • MZIMA AS25973 (buys transit from Level3/AS3356 and GBLX/AS3549)
  • Comcast AS7922 (buys transit from Level3/AS3356)
  • Sling Broadband AS33724 (buys transit from Level3/AS3356) and Cogent/AS174)
  • Spirit Communications AS2711 (buys transit from GBLX/AS3549 and Tinet/AS3257)

The ASxxx refer to each network's IANA-assigned AS number.