Blacklight (comics)

Blacklight (comics)


caption=Blacklight (2005) - #1
Cover Artist(s): Marc Deering Jon Toledo
real_name=(I) Ted "Eddie" Cleaver
(II) Lina Juarez
publisher = Image Comics under ShadowLine
debut=(I) Jim Valentino's ShadowHawk #1
(II) Blacklight #1 (June 2005)
creators=(I) Jim Keplinger
Carlos Rodriguez
(II) Scott Wherle
John Toledo
alliances=The Pact
powers=Dark Matter|

"This article is about the "Shadowhawk" character. For information on the "Batman Beyond" character, see Kai-ro"

Blacklight is the name of two fictional characters associated with the vigilante Shadowhawk from Image Comics.

Blacklight I

Blacklight, a 1960's "Hippie Hero" awakes out of a 30 year coma and goes looking for his wife Dayglo, who was actually killed by "Firepower" ten years ago. He is lied to by a man in the shadows, thinking ShadowHawk is the son of Firepower. He starts a fight with ShadowHawk, but ShadowHawk sees Blacklight's weakness and kills him.

Blacklight II

Now Blacklight is dead. But the "Dark Matter" that gave him his powers has found a home inside innocent bystander, Lina Juarez, giving her the power to change her life as the new Blacklight. ShadowHawk meets her and looking for a mysterious "Corpse" who is killing people. Blacklight is looking for the origin of her newfound powers. The two team up to bring the vicious monster down -- the first Blacklight, the man Eddie killed.

Later Blacklight, coming to see him, thanks him for her namesake's merciful death and helps Eddie Collins stop Luke Hatfield JR, aka Hawk's Shadow. After Bomb Queen, in disguise, travels to Las Vegas in search of weapon prototype at a gun convention and runs into Blacklight, also visiting LasVegas for a comic convention.

After she and Shadowhawk's girlfriend Rebound face off in New Port City's Bomb Queen.


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