LNWR Webb Coal Tank

LNWR Webb Coal Tank

Infobox Locomotive
name = LNWR Webb Coal Tank

caption = The only survivor of its class, No. 1054 in steam at the Rainhill Trials 150th anniversary calvacade, May 1980.
designer =
builder =
builddate = 1881
totalproduction =
whytetype = 0-6-2
gauge =
leadingsize =
driversize =
length =
weight = 43 tons 15 cwt
fueltype = coal


cylindercount = 2
cylindersize = 17"x24"
firearea =
boilerpressure = 150 psi
tractiveeffort = 16,530 lb
The London and North Western Railway (LNWR) Webb Coal Tank is a class of 0-6-2T steam locomotive. They were called "Coal Tanks" because they were a side tank engine version of Webb's standard 17in Coal Engine, an 0-6-0 tender engine for slow freight trains.

The design was introduced in 1881 by Francis Webb had the same cheaply produced cast iron wheels and the H-section spokes. A trailing radial truck supporting the bunker was added also with two similarly cast iron wheels. Three hundred were built between 1881 and 1899.

They were given the power classification 2F by the LMS. Fifty locomotives passed into British Railways ownership in 1948 and they were numbered 58880-58935 (with gaps).


One, LNWR no 1054, has survived to preservation on the Keighley and Worth Valley Railway.


* LMS/BR Power classification, 2F
* Locomotive weight, 43 tons 15 cwt
* Boiler pressure, 150 psi
* Superheater, No
* Cylinders, 17"x24"
* Driving wheel diameter, 4' 5½"
* Tractive effort, 16,530 lb
* Valve gear, Stephenson (slide valves)

For terminology, see Steam locomotive components

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* * [http://www.lnwrs.org.uk/GoodsLocos/Loco05.php Goods Engines of LNWR]

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