Hip (disambiguation)

Hip (disambiguation)

Hip may refer to:

*Hip (anatomy), a bone
*Hip (slang), a slang term
*Rose hip, the fruit of the rose
*Hip (roofing), a component of a roof
*The Tragically Hip, a Canadian rock band
*"Hip" (album), by the Danish band Steppeulvene
*Mil Mi-8 "Hip", a Russian helicopter
*Hip Records, a record label

HIP used as an abbreviation may refer to:

*Healthy Indiana Plan, a health plan in Indiana that was established by Governor Mitch Daniels
*Highams Park railway station, England; National Rail station code HIP
*A prefix for a star in the Hipparcos catalogue
*Historically informed performance, a practice of performing European classical music on period instruments
*Home Intelligence Platform, a home automation term
*Home Information Pack, a set of documents about a United Kingdom residential property
*Human interaction proof, a Captcha
*Home Improvement Programme in Singapore
*Human Instrumentality Project from the anime "Neon Genesis Evangelion"
*Host Identity Protocol, a computer protocol
*Hot isostatic pressing, a heat and pressure treatment applied to metals and alloys
*HIP (architecture), a "hypothetic computer" architecture

HIPS used as an abbreviation may refer to:
* HIPS, a host-based intrusion-prevention system
* HIPS, high-impact polystyrene (see Polystyrene#Copolymers)

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