Beryl (disambiguation)

Beryl (disambiguation)

Beryl is a mineral.

It may also refer to:


* Beryl, West Virginia, in the USA

Given name

* Beryl (given name)


* Beryl Bainbridge
* Beryl Bryden
* Beryl Burton
* Beryl Cook
* Beryl Goldwyn
* Beryl Ingham
* Beryl Markham
* Beryl Potekin
* Beryl Smalley
* Beryl Reid

Fictional Character

* Beryl is described in the novel Lord of the Rings as being a green gem that is precious to the elves.
* Beryl the Peril
* Queen Beryl, from "Sailor Moon"
* Beryl (Dragon), a fictional dragon from the "Dragonlance" series of novels.


* Beryl (window manager), a compositing window manager forked from Compiz


* Tropical Storm Beryl
* Kbs wz. 1996 Beryl, a Polish assault rifle
* Metropolitan-Vickers Beryl, a jet engine

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