Garuda (disambiguation)

Garuda (disambiguation)

Garuda may refer to:

*Garuda, a divine bird in Hindu and Buddhist mythology
*Garuda Indonesia, an airline
*Garud Commando Force, an elite special forces unit of the Indian Air Force.
*The Garuda Valley ("Kyunglung") south-west of Mount Kailash
*"Garuda Blend", a popular blend of coffee beans from Indonesia sold by Peet's Coffee
*The Garuda 1 satellite

In fiction

* the comic book "The Transmutation of Ike Garuda"
** Ike Garuda, the comic book's titular character
*Garuda (Chouseishin), the Ultra-Star God of the Fire Tribe in Chouseishin Gransazer.
* a summon and a server name on the popular MMORPG of Final Fantasy XI
* a fictional race of humanoid avians appearing in the novel Perdido Street Station by China Miéville (see Races of Bas-Lag)
*Garuda (film), a Thai giant monster film made in 2004
* a flying mecha in Godzilla vs Mechagodzilla II
* a flying mecha in the anime Zegapain
* a masked professional wrestler, portrayed by Japanese Tomokazu Morita.
* the name of a fighter in the Street Fighter EX series of games
* a character in the manga series Genju no seiza by Matsuri Akino
* the name of the fictional Emmerian Air Force 28th Tactical Fighter Squadron in
* The name of the character played by actor Vic Morrow ("General Garuda") in the 1978 Sci-Fi film entitled Message from Space

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