Rise or RISE may refer to:

In music:
* "Rise" (The Answer album), the debut album by Northern Irish rock band The Answer
* "Rise" (Anew Revolution Album), an album by Anew Revolution
* "Rise" (Anoushka Shankar album), an album by Anoushka Shankar
* "Rise" (Bad Brains album), the fifth full-length studio album from Bad Brains
* "Rise" (Building 429 album), full-length studio album by Christian rock band Building 429
* "Rise" (EP), an EP by Army of Me
* "Rise" (Gabrielle album), an album by British Pop artist Gabrielle
** "Rise" (Gabrielle song, an single of this album
* "Rise" (Herb Alpert album), an album containing the eponymous hit song written by Andy Armer and Randy Badazz and recorded by trumpeter Herb Alpert
* "Rise" (in2a0), debut single from 80's group Into A Circle
* "Rise" (Joy Tobing album), an album by Indonesian singer Joy Destiny Tobing
* "Rise" (SPEED album), an album by SPEED
* A 1982 EP by Boyd Rice under the name NON
* The second track on
* The sixth track on "Vulgar Display of Power", a 1992 album by Pantera
* "Rise" (Public Image Ltd. song), a 1986 song by Public Image Ltd
* A type of melodic motion
* Rise Records, a record label

In media:
* "", a breakfast television show in the UK
* "", a 2007 horror/thriller film directed by Sebastian Gutierrez
* "Rise" (Voyager episode), the nineteenth episode of the third season of "Star Trek: Voyager"
* "", often abbreviated as "rise" in promotional material
* RISE Magazine, a high school sports magazine owned by ESPN

In technology:
* RISE-PAK, Relief and Information Systems for Earthquakes Pakistan, an information-sharing web portal developed and maintained by a consortium of experts from American and Pakistani universities
* Rise Technology, a short lived microprocessor manufacturer
* Mitsubishi RISE, Mitsubishi Motors' patented safety body construction system

Rise may also refer to:
* Rise, East Riding of Yorkshire, a village and civil parish in the East Riding of Yorkshire
* , an annual anti-racism music festival held in London
* , an Internet-based virtual world
* The step stage of bread making also called proofing

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