List of Allied forces in the Normandy Campaign

List of Allied forces in the Normandy Campaign

This is a list of Allied forces in the Normandy Campaign between 6 June-25 August 1944. Primary combat units are listed here; unit articles may contain a complete order-of-battle.


See: U.S. Divisions Active in the Normandy Campaign


Free Norwegian Forces

Approximately 1,950 Norwegian military personnel took part in the Normandy Campaign in separate Norwegian units or as part of other Allied units in addition to 45 civilian ships [Berg 1997: 136] with approximately 1,000 men from Nortraship. The Norwegian units operated under British command and were therefore primarily employed in the Gold, Sword and Juno sectors.

Some of the participating units:
*Air Force
**331 Squadron
**332 Squadron
**10 ships
***HNoMS "Stord"
***HNoMS "Svenner"
***HNoMS "Glaisdale"
***HNoMS "Acantus"
***HNoMS "Eglantine"
***HNoMS "Rose"
***HNoMS "Nordkapp"
***The Motorlaunches 128, 213 and 573

Free Polish Forces


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*, Oslo 1997 ISBN 82-993545-2-8 no icon

* [ OdB and history of units having taken part to the Falaise pocket battle at] (en/fr)
* [] (French/English)
* []
* []
* [ U.S. Army official site]


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