SAR or Sar may refer to:



  • SAR Records, an American record labels
  • Scholars at Risk, a network of academic institutions organized to support academic freedom
  • School for Advanced Research, an anthropological/archaeological research center in Santa Fe, New Mexico
  • Sigma Alpha Rho, a high school fraternity, in West Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  • Sons of the American Revolution, a genealogically-based community service organization
  • SAR Academy, a modern Orthodox yeshiva in Riverdale, New York
  • SAR High School, the high school of SAR Academy


  • South African Railways, a former state-controlled rail transport company in South Africa
  • South Australian Railways, a former railways operator in South Australia
  • Saudi Railway Company, a railway company in Saudi Arabia
  • Savage Alberta Railway, a former short line railway in Alberta, Canada

Science and technology

  • Sodium Adsorption Ratio, a measure of the suitability of water for agricultural irrigation
  • Sulfuric Acid Recovery (or Regeneration), a common hydrocarbon processing application
  • Synthetic Aperture Radar, an active microwave remote sensing technology
  • Successive Approximation Register
  • SAR-21 (Singapore Assault Rifle - 21st century), used by the Singapore army
  • SAR-87, the Sterling Assault Rifle - 1987
  • Semi-automatic rifle, a type of rifle
  • Submarine Advanced Reactor, naval nuclear reactor, developed for radar picket submarine Triton
  • IPCC Second Assessment Report
  • Sar (astronomy), a period of 9 years 5 days, used to predict eclipses

Medicine, psychology, and biology

  • SAR supergroup (taxonomy), a proposed supergroup containing the Chromalveolata and the Rhizaria, standing for the three largest groups within these: Stramenopiles, Alveolata, Rhizaria
  • SAR11 (microbiology), a naming convention for uncultured bacteria first found in the Sargasso Sea
  • S/MAR, a scaffold attachment region
  • Seasonal allergic rhinitis
  • Sexual Attitude Reassessment
  • Specific absorption rate, a measure of the rate at which RF-energy is absorbed by the human body
  • Structure-activity relationship, in pharmacology, medicinal and computational chemistry
  • Systemic acquired resistance, a "whole-plant" resistance response that occurs following an earlier localized exposure to a pathogen


  • Search and Replace, a feature of text editors
  • Segmentation and Reassembly of data packets in a computer network
  • Service Archive (.sar), a file format for the JBoss Java application server computer program
  • sar (Unix), a Unix/Linux command to display various system loads
  • Storage Aspect Ratio of a digital image

Law enforcement

  • Nationwide Suspicious Activity Reporting Initiative
  • Suspicious activity report (banking), filed with the U.S. government by financial institutions
  • Suspicious Activity Report (justice and homeland security), filed with local and federal law enforcement agencies to prevent crime and terrorism



Other uses

  • Student Aid Report, sent to applicants of US federal financial aid for college
  • Sample of Anonymised Records, based on the UK Population Census
  • Search and rescue, sometimes "Sea Air Rescue", search for and provision of aid to people who are in distress or imminent danger

See also

  • Saar (disambiguation)
  • SARS

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