Anzoátegui State Anthem

Anzoátegui State Anthem

VenezuelanState New
name = Anzoátegui

state_motto = Tumba de sus tiranos
( _en. Tomb of its tyrants)

date_creation = 1909
capital = Barcelona
area = 43,300
area_percentage = 4,72
area_percentage_rank =6th
population = 1,440,876
year_estimate = 2005
population_percentage = 5,3
population_percentage_rank =8th
emblematic_tree = Cereipo, or Guatamare
binomial_name = Myrospermum fructescens
ISO_code = VE-B
governor = Tarek William Saab
mandate_start = 2004
mandate_end = 2008
website =
website_name = Estado Anzoátegui
footnotes =|

The anthem of the Anzoátegui State, Venezuela, was written by Enrique Pérez Valencia. The melody that accompains it was composed by César Ramírez Gómez.

Lyrics in Spanish Language

Ayer fuiste pujante y altiva,
en la lucha sangrienta y tenaz;
mas ya, patria te ciñes la oliva;
y hoy tu gloria se funda en la paz.

¡Patria ilustre! tus hijos recuerdan
con orgullo la trágica lucha:
aun parece que en torno se escucha
el tremendo rugir del cañón.
Fue la prueba temible tan larga,
que la sangre a torrentes vertiste,
y en la homérica lid te creciste,
esforzando el marcial corazón.

En los brazos de insignes guerreros,
con Anzoátegui, Freites, Monagas,
arrasaste las bélicas plagas
y te erguiste triunfante doquier;
En la liza feral y gloriosa
contra iberia de heroica porfía,
tuya fue la postrer bizarría;
tuya fue la victoria postrer.


Lyrics in English Language

Yesterday you were strong and haughty,
in the bloody and tenacious fight;
but now, homeland you wear the olive,
and today your glory is founded in peace.

Illustrious homeland! Your sons remember
with pride the tragic fight:
still it seems that it’s heard around
the tremendous roar of the canon.
That the blood in torrents you poured,
and in the Homeric vie you grew,
forcing the martial heart.

In the arms of illustrious warriors,
with Anzoátegui, Freites, Monagas,
you destroyed the belligerent plague
and erected yourself triumphal everywhere;
In the glorious and feral vie
against Iberia of heroic stubbornness,
yours was the hindermost bizarreness;
yours was the ulterior victory.


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*List of anthems of Venezuela

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