Biomedical technology

Biomedical technology

Biomedical technology involves the application of engineering and technology principles to the domain of living or biological systems. Usually "biomedical" denotes a greater stress on problems related to human health and diseases. Biomedical engineering combined with Biotechnology is often called "Biomedical Technology" or Bioengineering. It has two wings: Biomedical Engineering (dealing more with the Biophysics), and Biotechnology (dealing more with the Biochemistry).

Biomedical technology involves:

* Biomedical science
* Biomedical informatics
* Biomedical research
* Biomedical engineering
* Bioengineering
* BiotechnologyBiomedical technologies:

* Cloning
** Therapeutic cloning

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* [ Biomedical Technology Guidelines]
* [ Resource centers in the USA]
* [ Human Motion Analysis, Introduction of Biomedical signals and systems]

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