Biomedical informatics

Biomedical informatics

Biomedical informatics is the broad discipline concerned with the study and application of computer science, information science, informatics, cognitive science and human-computer interaction in the practice of biological research, biomedical science, medicine and healthcare. Other fields, including bioinformatics, clinical informatics and public health informatics, medical informatics are commonly cast as subdomains within biomedical informatics [Shortliffe EH, Cimino JJ eds. Biomedical Informatics: Computer Applications in Health Care and Biomedicine (3rd edition). New York: Springer, 2006 ] .

ee also

* Biomedical technology
* Biomedical engineering
* Bioengineering
* Bioinformatics
* Computer science
* Informatics
* Health informatics
* Medical informatics
* Molecular genetics
* Molecular modeling


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* [ American Medical Informatics Association]
* [ National Library of Medicine Biomedical Informatics Research Training Programs]
* [ National Centers for Biomedical Computing]
* [ Cancer Informatics]
* [ International Journal of Medical Informatics]
* [ Journal of Biomedical Informatics]

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