Air sign

Air sign

In astrology, the air signs consist of Gemini, Libra and Aquarius. They are often called "sweet" in comparison with the "bitter" fire signs.


According to astrological theory, air signs are the dreamers and communicators of the zodiac. Typically they are supposed to be free spirited, philosophical, intellectual and open-minded – able to discuss and debate just about any topic. Air signs are also the masters of social graces. They are often seen as so idealistic that they are unable to be practical and realistic. Air signs are like gypsies, so changeable that they cannot stand one place for too long before their need for change and adventure takes over. Air signs can be extremely restless so they have trouble with serious concentration on any single job they might be required to carry out. But when need be, they are capable of tapping into their hidden willpower and putting their whole self into what they feel needs to be done. Air signs are unpredictable like the air and wind, itself. One day, they can be quite obsessive, scattered and radical, and then change in an instant to a carefree, spacey attitude. Air signs' role is seen as providing the ideas that make the future different from the past, whereas fire signs carry out the actions necessary for this. Air signs continually thirst for interaction and view every experience as a potential opportunity for adventure, learning, individuality, and growth as a person.

In human relationships, air signs are said to be gregarious and extroverted, often attracting friends very willingly and easily with their mysterious charm and open nature. However, air signs are believed to be lacking in certain passion and dedication to form strong, lasting relationships; astrologers believe few air sign people are able to have a single marriage, for they are said to be as apt to try out new people as new ideas. However, they're usually good at compromising time and space, and given enough leeway from their partners, this helps to keep them from feeling 'trapped' in an old relationship. They are also thought to be extremely emotionally aloof because they tend to intellectualize their feelings and generally want to avoid difficult obstacles that might be needed to hold a partnership together.

Air is generally laid back and a lover of life, but can be crafty, underhanded and ingenious when it comes to evil -- though not prone to physical violence. Chief fault is manipulation, when need be, they can become very convincing liars in order to get what they want. At their worst, Air can be fault-finding and mean-spirited. Air is swift to express opinions and is more opinionated than most. Air can often use their words like daggers, whereas physical violence is not their way of expressing their frustrations.

Relations with other element signs

Air signs are seen as complementary to fire signs because they provide the ideas that allow the fire signs to carry out their action. However, it is often thought that fire signs are too flagrant and impatient for the air signs to tolerate permanently. Air signs more or less understand earth signs because they share the same basic rational and objective nature. However, whilst air signs admire earth signs' will to achieve, they find them too timid, pessimistic, undemonstrative, and cautious; the earth signs, though attracted by the air signs' unique thoughts, find them overwhelmingly unrealistic and flippant. Water signs are believed to be much too passionate and emotionally deep for air signs' flighty, flirtatious nature; indeed, astrology suggests that air signs hate water signs for being too subjective, secretive, illogical and lose respect for them when they come to the belief that the Water signs are unintelligent, and later become astounded by their deductive powers. For their part, water signs supposedly deride air signs as emotionally shallow, excessively concerned with worldly pleasure, and uncaring towards others, though sometimes an air sign can balance out the traits of a water sign (thus creating a great friendship). Air signs will find themselves most compatible with fire signs, who share similar traits of being positive, extroverted, outgoing, and fun-loving. Fire signs may not be as objective as air signs, as air signs may not be as passionate as fire signs, but they can generally adapt to each other's ways, and find they have a lot of different traits to offer in fulfilling one another.

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