Ossip Runitsch

Ossip Runitsch
Ossip Runitsch
Born Osip Fradkin
Russian Empire
Died April 6, 1947
Johannesburg, South Africa
Other names Ossip Runitch
Osip Runich
Giuseppe Runitsch
Occupation Actor,director,producer
Years active 1914-1947
Spouse Nina Pavlishcheva (1925-1947)
(his death)

Ossip Iliych Runitsch (Russian: Осип Ильич Рунич ) was a Russian silent film actor,producer and stage director.

He was one of the biggest stars of Russian silent cinema and one of the first iconic figures of Russian cinematograph. In 1915-1919 he starred in some successful silent films of that time as "Molchi, grust... molchi" and "Posledneiye tango" with other film stars as Vera Kholodnaya, Vitold Polonsky and Pyotr Chardynin.

Runitsch was a long time admirer of his co-star Kholodnaya and after her tragic death in 1919 during Russian Civil War, he fled Russia and left for Italy where he took part in a number of films.Later, he moved to Germany where he starred together with Emil Jannings and other famous German actors.

In 1925 he married Nina Pavlishcheva,a courtier ballet dancer.

By the late 1930s, he was living in Riga, Latvia,where he played in the troupe of Russian Drama Theatre.Apparently, when he realised that the World War II was inevitable, he accepted an invitation to tour South Africa from his local Jewish friends. He stayed in South Africa and became a founder of one of the first professional Jewish theatre companies in a country. Besides, he produced operas for the State Theatre in mid-1940s.

Died in 1947.


  • Война и Мир (Voyna i mir) (1915) as Nikolai Rostov
  • Песнь торжествующей любви (Pesn torzhestvuyushchey lyubvi) (1915)
  • Обожженные крылья (Obozhzhenniye krylya) (1915)
  • Истерзанные души (Isterzannye dushi) (1917) as Ingenieur Karin
  • Человек-зверь (Chelovek - zver) (1917)
  • Живой труп (Zhivoy trup) (1918)
  • Женщина,которая изобрела любовь (Zhenshchina, kotoraya izobrela lyubov) (1918)
  • Молчи, грусть… молчи… (Molchi, grust... molchi) (1918) as Zaritskii, a barrister
  • Последнее танго (Posledneiye tango) (1918) as Joe
  • Die Bestie im Menschen (1920) as Jacques Lantier
  • L'orchidea fatale (1920)
  • Lord Bluff (1920)
  • La catena (1920)
  • L'automobile errante (1921)
  • Danton (1921) as Desmoulins
  • Das Spiel mit dem Feuer (1921)
  • Dubrowsky, der Räuber Ataman (1921)
  • Die höllische Macht (1922)
  • Marie Antoinette - Das Leben einer Königin (1922)
  • Psicha, die Tänzerin Katherina (1923)
  • Der Puppenmacher von Kiang-Ning (1923)
  • Düstere Schatten, strahlendes Glück (1924) as F. C. Morland
  • Frühlingsfluten (1924)
  • Prater (1924) as Graf Rynon
  • Das goldene Kalb (1925) as Leibgardist
  • Tagebuch einer Kokotte (1929) as Hoteldirektor Lambert
  • Sensation im Wintergarten (1929) as Zirkusdirektor
  • Das Donkosakenlied (1930) as Basmanoff

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