Molchi, grust... molchi

Molchi, grust... molchi
Molchi, grust...molchi
Be silent, silent

Paula and Zaritskiy
Directed by Pyotr Chardynin
Written by Pyotr Chardynin
Starring Vera Kholodnaya
Pyotr Chardynin
Ossip Runitsch
Vitold Polonsky
Vladimir Maksimov
Studio Kharitonov Trading House
Release date(s) 1918
Running time 81 minutes
Country Russia
Language Silent film (Russian intertitles)

Molchi, grust... molchi (Russian: Молчи, грусть...молчи, English: Be silent, silent) is Russian silent drama film directed by famous director Pyotr Chardynin and starring several big Russian silent film stars as Vera Kholodnaya, Ossip Runitsch, Vitold Polonsky and Vladimir Maksimov. This film consisted of two parts,but survived just a 44 minutes long episode from the first part.However,the film is very famous now due to star cast.


Paula is a circus performer married to clown-actobat Lorio.Lorio is drinks heavily and eventually he is critically injured when he performs drunk.The crippled Lorio and Paula are forced to become street musicians.

A group of wealthy young men who saw Paula at the circus before,decide to invite the two to perform at their private "bachelor" party,at which Paula is the main attraction. The young men vie for her attention,give her an expensive necklace and offer Lorio money to turn her over to them.Outraged Paula leaves and refuses to return to the streets to perform.But when they are truly destitute,she returns to offer herself to one of the gentlemen,the artist Volyntsev.

As Lorio sinks deeper into poverty,Paula enjoys her life as a rich man's mistress-for a while.Eventually her lover becomes too possessive for her taste and temperament.He also tired of her.When Volyntsev attempts to offer her to a younger rival Telepnev,she pridefully departs to another young man-Zaritskiy,who is deeply in love with her.Zaritskiy is an inveterate gambler and playing against Telepnev he has lost a huge sum of money.Desperate,he devises a plot to steal a check he gave to Telepnev.While Paula unwittingly serves as decoy,distracting the party by singing for guests,her lover sets off alarm as he attempts to break safe.Telepnev didn't recognised Zaritskiy in the dark room and shot him.

Here we met the end of the first part.The second part is considered as lost.


  • Vera Kholodnaya - Paula,a circus artiste
  • Pyotr Chardynin - Lorio,a clown-acrobat
  • Ossip Runitsch - Zaritskiy, a barrister
  • Vitold Polonsky - Telepnev, a rich gentleman
  • Vladimir Maksimov - Volyntsev, an artist
  • Konstantin Khokhlov - Olekso Presvich, a hypnotist and illusionist
  • Ivan Khudoleyev - Prakhov, a merchant
  • M. Masin - Innokentiy, Prakhov's valet
  • Yanina Mirato - A lady of the demi-monde
  • Olga Rakhmanova - Volyntsev's mother

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