Orange and Bronze Software Labs

Orange and Bronze Software Labs

Orange and Bronze Software Labs (O&B) is a privately-owned computer software development company based in the Philippines. The company delivers software consulting, product engineering, and IT training services with a focus on Java technology.[1]

O&B develops software using the Agile software development methods.[2] The company is the first Philippine-based SpringSource partner[3] and listed as a Grails framework development firm.[4]

O&B is a Google enterprise partner, offering solutions for Google productivity solutions, including Google Apps, Google Earth, Google Maps, and Postini.[5][6]

O&B is also an authorized reseller of the Pentaho Business Intelligence Suite.[7]



Orange and Bronze was founded in July 2005 by Calen Martin Legaspi and Renato "Butch" Landingin. Calen Legaspi says that they “wanted to establish a technology-oriented company that Filipinos can be proud of...we would also want to contribute to global programming standards, create new technologies and be with the same level together with globally-respected companies like Google, Microsoft and BoostPro.”[3]

The company started as a two-man consulting firm[8] doing software training for local software companies. Their clients eventually hired them as software consultants, before the company ventured into offshore software development projects. This led to partnerships with Google, SpringSource and Pentaho.[9]

As of March 2011, Orange and Bronze's headcount is at 90 employees.[10]


Calen Legaspi is the co-founder and CEO of Orange and Bronze Software Labs. He co-founded PinoyJUG, or the Assocation of Philippine Java Developers.[11] He is currently part of the Technology Council for the Philippine Software Industry Association (PSIA) as Director for Technology. He is also the official representative to the Commission on Higher Education (CHED) Technical Committee on Computer Science.[12]

Renato "Butch" Landingin is Calen Legaspi's co-founder. He serves as the company's Chief Technology Officer. Butch Landingin has over 20 years of experience in the software industry and spent almost a decade working at Silicon Valley. He has been using Java and Linux even before their respective 1.0 releases. He attended the very first JavaOne conference at San Francisco in 1996.[11] Butch Landingin is the author of Squishdot, which is described as "a web based news publishing and discussion product that allows you to handle threaded discussions with a minimum of configuration and day-to-day management by building a web-based news site." [13]


O&B offers consulting and offshore product development services with a focus on Enterprise Java and Agile software development.[14] This focus is due to co-founder Calen Legaspi’s belief that “other competing technologies have not yet been able to reach the maturity or industry acceptance of Java. This is why companies with huge scalability and security requirements like Google, Twitter, Ebay and LinkedIn use Java for much of their core systems”.[15]

The company also offers software training courses in Java, Agile and Android through its O&B University program.[16]


Through the company’s technopreneurship program, O&B incubated the Google Maps-based real estate search site, in 2010,[17] founded by O&B employees Edge Dalmacio and Lorenzo Dee.[18]

Open source

Orange and Bronze is a proponent of open-source software technologies.[19] The company encourages its employees to contribute to open source projects.

Renato “Butch” Landingin, co-founder and chief technology officer, is the author of an open source application called Squishdot, written in Python and Zope. Squishdot is a news and publishing content management system used by KDE Dot News.[11]

Michael Mallete, the vice president for consulting services, developed open source applications S2PFace, Grails SoundManager Plugin and Robot Framework Maven Plugin.[11]


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