Flip tricks

Flip tricks

A flip trick is a type of skateboarding trick in which the skateboard flips in a particular way. In many tricks, the skateboard flips upside down and/or end over end. The most common and well known flip trick is the kickflip, invented by Rodney Mullen. Flip tricks can be executed by 'popping' the boards nose or tail, or by using the foot to lift the board up from underneath (underflip). Basic flip tricks are performed by popping the board with one foot, and using the other foot to flip the raised end. Less common flip variations can be achieved popping the board in an unusual way, where the pop itself makes the board flip. These include pressure flips and toes flips which were more popular in early skateboarding. Flip tricks are usually performed while the skateboarder is rolling, although they may be performed while stationary.

Most tricks have specific names in the system of skateboarding flip tricks. The basic tricks are the kickflip, heelflip, Frontside/Backside 180, and pop shove-it. Though most of the simple combinations have names, such as varial kickflip, hardflip, inward heelflip, varial heelflip, most can be described by using rotation math and the basic name (e.g. frontside 360 heelflip, 360 kickflip). Skateboarding terminology is a sort of 'jargon' as many terms in skateboarding can be used to refer to more than one trick. For example, a "360 kickflip" could mean a 360 pop shove-it with a kickflip, or a "kickflip 360" could mean a 360 body-and-board rotation with a kickflip.

General Terms

The wooden piece of the skateboard. Quality skateboards are normally made out of 7 plies of maple which are laminated/glue together under heavy pressure.
The sandpaper like paper that is placed on top of the deck. Can be colored and/or display a graphic. This is what allows the riders feet to "grip" the deck.
Metal 'axles' that attach the deck to the wheels. commonly used to grind on (i.e 50-50 grind)
Two "rings" of metal, one small, one bigger with 8 metal balls between them. "Normal" bearings have metal balls however, you can also get bearings with ceramic balls. These are much more expensive, however, the ceramic balls are extremely hard and does not ever "bend out of shape" and thus, the ceramic bearings usually lasts 10 or more times longer. Most active street skaters will blow out metal ball bearings 2-3 times a year however, a set of ceramic bearings often last at least 3 years. There are many recorded cases of ceramic bearings lasting much longer than 5 years.
For regular footers, this is a counterclockwise spin. It is the opposite for goofy footers. However, it reverses when riding switch.
For regular footers, this is a clockwise spin. It is the opposite for goofy footers. However, it reverses when riding switch.
For regular footed skaters, their left foot is on the nose and their right foot is in the middle and for goofy footed skaters, their right foot is on the nose and their left foot is in the middle.
A stance where the rider is riding backwards in his switch stance.
A stance opposite of your normal stance(Regular skaters switch stance is goofy and goofy vice versa)
Toeside Edge
Toeside Edge is the edge of the skateboard where the riders toe is on the edge.
Heelside Edge
Heelside Edge is the edge of the skateboard where the riders heel is on the edge.
Gazelle is a 540 shuvit with a 360 body varial(going the same way where the board spins) This is a very advanced trick and you may choose to learn it later on if you want.
Grinds are done by making contact with an object using either or both trucks, and moving along the object 'grinding' across, up, down it etc. Generally no other part of the skateboard should be in contact with said object for it to be a perfect grind. Not to be confused with slides which use the deck (wood) of the skateboard. The most basic grinds include 50-50 (fifty fifty), 5-0 (five O), and nosegrinds. Many difficult variations can be stringed into the grind. (For example, kickflip 50-50, 5-0 360 flip out, or Nollie nosegrind)
Slides are done by making contact with an object using any part of the deck (wood) of the skateboard, including the griptape, and moving along the object 'sliding' across, up, down it etc. Basic slides include the boardslide, noseslide, and tailslide. Tricks can be performed 'into' slides to add difficulty and link tricks together.(For example, Nollie boardslide, or Heelflip noseslide)
Grabs are a skateboarding trick usually done out of bowls/ramps. Grabs are much easier to be done out of ramps because you have a lot of airtime to do so, but it can be done by an initial flatground ollie.
A 180° rotation or a half rotation
A 360° rotation or a full rotation
A 540° rotation or one and a half rotations
A 720° rotation or two full rotations
A 900º rotation or two and a half rotations
Railstand/ Primo
A stance where the board is popped up on its edge. The rider usually balances their weight on the trucks. This is also commonly referred to as "primo."

List of flip tricks

Frontside/Backside Ollie 180
An ollie in which both the skater and the skateboard rotate 180 degrees either frontside or backside. If the skater spins some other multiple of 180 degrees (e.g. 360, 540), the trick is named accordingly.
A fakie (Going in the opposite direction) backside/frontside 180 ollie.
Full Cab / Caballerial 
A fakie backside/frontside 360 ollie. Invented by Steve Caballero.
Nollie Cab / Helipop
Backside/Frontside 360 nollie. Invented by Rodney Mullen.

When a skateboarder flicks off the corner of his nose of the board, if the skater rides regular with his/her left foot first he/she kicks to the left and vice versa for goofy footed skaters. Invented By Rodney Mullen.
Old-School Kickflip
This was the first version of the Kickflip. The rider hooks one foot under the board while rolling and jumps up to create the flipping motion.
Similar to the kickflip, only the board spins toe-side (towards the toes). For a regular skater (left foot in front) the board spins clockwise from a perspective behind the skater. Again, there is a kick as part of the ollie, but unlike the kickflip it is directed forward and outwards away from the rider's toe side (diagonal), so that the last part of the foot to leave the board is the heel, hence the name.[1] Instances of multiple spins are named according to how many spins are completed (e.g. double heelflip, triple heelflip, etc.).
Fakie Kickflip

Kickflip while riding in fakie.
Fakie Heelflip
Heelflip while riding in fakie.
Back Foot Kickflip
Kickflip done using your back foot after an ollie
Nollie Front Foot Kickflip or Nollie Late-flip
The Nollie version of the Back Foot Kickflip. It is a Nollie Kickflip using your front foot after the Nollie.
Pop Shove-it / Shove-it
Popping the tail while also shoving it behind you making it rotate backside 180 degrees under your feet.
360 Pop Shove-it / 360 Shove-it
Popping the tail and shoving it behind you making the board rotate backside 360 degrees under your feet.
540 Pop Shove-it / 540 Shove-it
Popping and shoving the tail behind you so the board rotates backside 540 degrees under your feet.
Frontside Pop Shove-it / Frontside Shove-it
Same thing as a Pop Shove-it except you shove the tail forward so it rotates frontside 180 degrees (behind you) under your feet.
Frontside 360 Pop Shove-it / Frontside 360 Shove-it
Popping the tail and shoving the tail in front of you so the board rotates Frontside 360 degrees under your feet.
Where the board completes one rotation by rolling around the skater's back foot, in much the same manner as spinning a baton with one's hand. It is considered good style to make the board flip as vertical as possible. If the board spins laterally or comes off the back foot, it tends to end up looking more like a 360 pop shove-it. This trick can also be done with the front foot. That is called a "front foot impossible". This trick was invented by Rodney Mullen. He shared the idea of this trick with some of his older friends who told him it would be impossible, hence the name.[2]
Double Impossible
This trick is done when the board does a full Impossible and continues to spin an extra rotation. It was invented by Richard Harter.
The board spins by popping a 360 Pop Shove-it while the rider also does a Backside 180 Body Varial.
Big Forward Flip
A Forward Flip with a Backside/Frontside 180 Body Varial. Invented by Rouven Leonavicius.
A 540 Shove-it while the rider spins 180 degrees in the same direction.
Frontside Bigspin
A 360 frontside pop shove-it with a 180 body varial going the same direction.
A Frontside 360 Pop Shove-it with a backside 180 degree body varial.
FS Antispin
A bs 360 pop shove-it with a fs 180 body varial.
Spin Out
A pop shove it with a bs 360 body varial
FS Spin Out
A fs pop shove it with a fs 360 body varial
Antispin Out

A fs pop shove-it with a bs 360 body varial.

FS Antispin Out
A Pop Shove-it with a Frontside 360 Body Varial.
Twisted Flip
A varial kickflip or heelflip with a 180 Body Varial in the opposite direction.
Levitch Twist
A pressure flip with a body varial.
Varial Kickflip
A Varial Kickflip is a Kickflip combined with a Pop Shove-it.[3]
Nightmare Flip / Varial Double Kickflip
A combination of a Pop Shove-it and a Double Kickflip. It looks similar to a Varial Kickflip, but has an extra kickflip rotation.
Frightmare Flip / Twisted Nightmare Flip
A Nightmare Flip with a FS 180 body varial.
360 Flip / Tre Flip / 360 Kickflip / 3 Flip
A combination of a 360 Shove-it and a Kickflip.
360 Double Flip / 360 Nightmare Flip / Double Varial Kickflip
A 360 Pop Shove-it with a Double Kickflip.
360 triple flip
A 360 triple flip is a 360 backside pop shove-it with a triple kickflip
540 Flip/ 540 kickflip
When the board does a 540 degrees and a kick flip all in one motion
720 Flip/ 720 kickflip
When the board does a 720 degrees and a kick flip all in one motion
720 triple flip
A 720 triple flip is when the board spins 720 degrees wile doing a triple kickflip.
Varial Heelflip
A varial heelflip is a heelflip combined with a frontside pop shove-it.
Laser Flip/ 360 Heelflip/ 360 Heel
A combination of a frontside 360 shove-it and a heelflip. Creator Mike 'Laser Flip' Haze [4]
Double Laser
A Double Heelflip with a FS 360 Shove-it. In other words, a Double Laser Flip.
A frontside pop shove-it with a kickflip. This trick is awkward to execute, and the board sometimes appears to move vertically through the legs.[5]
Double Hardflip (Not to be confused with 360 Double Hardflip)
A fs shoveit with a double kickflip
Triple Hardflip
An FS Shove It with a Triple Kickflip
360 Hardflip
A 360 frontside pop shove-it and a kickflip all in one motion
360 Double Hardflip
A 360 Hardflip with two kickflip rotations
Ghetto Bird
A Nollie Hardflip Late BS 180. Created by Kareem Campbell.
Inward Heelflip
A combination of a backside pop shove-it with a heelflip.
360 Inward Heelflip
A backside 360 shove-it with a heelflip in one motion.
Inward Double Heel
An inward heelflip with two heelflip rotations.
360 inward double heelfip/360 Inward Double Heel
A 360 inward heelflip with two heelflip rotations.
A nose ollie (hence the name "Nollie"). Instead of popping with the tail of the board you pop with the nose while in a switch-fakie stance.
Nollie Kickflip/Heelflip
A kickflip/heelflip performed from the nollie position. These tricks can be performed fakie as well.
Frontside/Backside Heelflip
A heelflip combined with a frontside or backside 180. This trick is also known as a frontside or backside heel.[6]
Frontside/Backside Kickflip
A kickflip combined with a frontside or backside 180 ollie. This trick is also known as a frontside or backside flip.[7][8]
Backside Flip
A backside 180 spin and a kickflip all in one motion.
Backside 360 Kickflip
A 360 flip where the skater spins 360 with the board.
Half-Cab Flip

A fakie frontside or backside 180 with a kickflip.[9]

Backside/frontside 360 heelflip
when you perform a frontside/backside 360 and a heelflip.
Caballerial Flip / Cab Flip / Full-Cab Flip
A combination of a Caballerial (a fakie bs 360) and a kickflip.
Bigspin Flip / Bigspin Kickflip / Bigflip
A 360 flip and with a backside body varial.
A 540 Flip with a 180 degree body rotation.
Frontside Bigflip
A 360 hardflip with a frontside 180 body varial.
Inward bigflip
A 360 inward heelflip with a 180 body varial in the same direction
Big Heelflip/FS Bigspin Heelflip/FS Big Heel
Laserflip with a FS 180 body varial
Grape flip
A hardflip with a fs 360 body varial. [Invented By Donovan Strain].
Double Grape Flip
A double hardflip with a fs 360 body varial . [Invented By Donovan Strain with help from George Smart].
Late Flip
A kickflip or heelflip performed (usually) by the backfoot.
Late Shove-it
A shove-it, either frontside or backside, performed by the backfoot at the highest point of the ollie.
Flipping the board by using one foot that is under the board and flipping it in the kickflip or heelflip direction.[10][11]
Pop Shove-it late Kickflip
Pop Shove-it to a late Kickflip
Pop Shove-it Underflip
Is a shove-it with a late underflip, performed by the back foot
Banana Flip
Do a bs shove-it and underflip (by backfoot) with fs 180 body varial
Fs shove it body varial
Do a front shove it and a bs 180 body varial
Casper Flip (flatgroud)
using pressure as you would do to get into Primo position but instead keep one foot under the grip tape so the board is not completely i n Dark position (see Dark Casper) Place the other foot on the graphic side of the tail when the board is upside down. use the foot beneath the board to scoop the board up and round. jump to land on the board in its original position.
Dark Casper Flip (flatground)
A flatground trick performed with out touching the floor. start in a normal stance and use the backfoot to pressure flip the board into the Dark position. this is when the board is upside down with the griptape on the floor, standing on the graphic side of the til and nose with either foot. then in one swift movement the skater applies pressure to the toe side of the board with either foot lifting upo the opposit and other side of the board. the skater then uses the other foot to scoop the board over and round while jumping to land back o the right side of the board.
Hospital Flip/Casper Flip
A half kickflip which is caught upside down with the front foot under the front trucks, then flipped back over heelflip-style with a popshove combined. The only difference between a casper flip and a hospital flip is that the casper flip has the back foot briefly rest on the tail and assist in the board flipping back over in the same manner. With a hospital flip the back foot makes no contact with the board once it is upside.
Casper heel/Hospital Heel/Scissor Flip
A half heelflip, the front foot catches the board upside down and does a front side shove-it with it.
Anti casper flip/Baby Glove Flip
A casper flip but back foot goes under the board and flips it back around instead of the front
Big Hospital Flip/ Big Casper Flip/Alpha Flip
A bigspin hospital flip
Disco Flip/Sex Change
A Heelflip with a backside 180 body varial or a kickflip with a fs 180 body varial
A fingerflip requires the skateboarder to flip the board in any direction using their fingers on the nose or tail.[12]
Dolphin flip/Frosty flip/Murder flip/Forward flip/Stanton Flip
Usually performed by ollying and sliding the front foot directly off the nose of the board instead of off one of the sides causing it to flip vertically between the riders legs. The rotations of this trick could be described as an inverted vertical varial kickflip or an ollie late nollie hardflip.[13] Invented by Darrell Stanton
360 Dolphin flip/360 FORWARD flip
The same thing as a forward flip except it has 2 rotations
Dolphin heel/porpoise flip/Forward Heelflip
A forward flip with a heelflip instead, like an ollie later nollie inward heel
1/2 cab impossible
a half cab with an impossible
Unward flip
An unward flip flips in the same rotation as an "inward heelflip", but is flipped from under the board with the front foot.

This is trick is easiest in the nollie position, and is considered the complete opposite of a "nerdflip". This trick can be considered an advanced trick because of the extremely awkward foot positioning an unward flip demands. Invented by Rodney Mullen.

Gazelle flip
A 540 flip with a body rotation of 360 degrees in the same direction.
Gazelle Spin
A 540 shove-it with a body rotation of 360 degrees in the same direction. Fs/Bs/. Fakie Fs/Bs. Nollie Fs/Bs. Switch Fs/Bs.
Kickback Flip
The board does a half pressure kickflip rotation, then it is brought back up and thrown in the heelflip direction, making it a half pressure kickflip to a late one and a half helflip.[14]
Plasma Spin
Frontside bigspin with a pressure Impossible.
Pressure flip
Any flip trick that gains its rotational and flip direction from the same foot that popped the nose or tail.[15] Pressure flips are executed using a scooping technique. Nate Sherwood is well-known for his extensive array of pressure flip tricks. Most Pressure Flips are performed like Inward Heelflips, because they are much easier than the Hardflip version.
Kiwi Flip
fs shove-it late under flip
Kiwi Spin
a kiwi flip with a body varial in the same direction
360 PressureFlip
A Pressure Inward HeelFlip/hardflip going 360 degrees
A Pressure Varial Kick
360 ToeFlip
A Pressure 360 flip
A quarter kickflip late back foot varial heelflip. Invented by Rodney Mullen.
Storm Flip
A Nollie Backside flip with a late kickflip. Invented by Jerry Hsu.
A BS 720 Gazelle NerdFlip - the main way people do this trick is Nollie. Invented by Robby Williams.
Bull Double Flip
A 'Bullflip' with an extra flip. Created by Bo Polite.
Sigma Flip
A Half Nightmare flip to an anti Casper flip in one motion
Haslam Flip
A Half Varial Kick to a half late heelflip in one motion
HangTen Flip/ Gingersnap
When you go in a HangTen then you pop down making it do a pressure nollie hardflip through your legs.
Handstand Flip (Handstand Fingerflip/Handstand Handflip)
Can be done rolling or stationary. The skater can either be on the board or start out on the ground (if the board is rolling, they usually hop off then perform it). They put their hands on the board and then quickly pull the board's edge up, causing it to flip, and then land on it with their feet. If they're good, they roll away smooth.
Rail Flip
When you stand on the side of the board and use your back foot to flip the board using pressure.
Shove-it late shove
A BS shove-it kick it back to a FS shove-it.
Nerd Flip
Perform a regular BS shove-it, but dip your back foot below the board when it is suspended. when the board is on its way to straighten, lift your back foot up in a flick motion, causing the board to kickflip. Known as a BS shove-it, to Underflip. Invented by Robby Williams.
Half Wrap Kickback Flip
Perform by doing half an impossible and once your front foot is under it you kick it back like the second half of a kickback flip. You then land.
Half heel half kick
opposite of half kick, half heel can be front foot or back foot.
Heelside kickback
Do a quarter heel flip than kick it back so it does a rotation like a kickflip and land it.
A bunt is when rolling up to a ledge or stair set and quickly tapping the top of the object with the middle of your deck and then ollieing out of it and down the obstacle
360 Double heelflip/360 Daydream flip
A front side 360 shove it and double heel flip mixed, or in other words, a laserflip with two heelflips.
Frontside/Backside 180 north
180 where you slide the front foot off the board. An ollie where you slide your front foot off is an 'Ollie north' but isn't listed here due to it not being a flip trick but a freestyle trick.
No comply flips
A No Comply is where you foot plant and then use your back foot and knee to lift the board off the ground. It is a freestyle trick but you can do pressure flips, finger flips, and spins from it.
Shifty tricks
Perform an ollie shifty or an ollie where you land in the same stance but move right or left. You can do flip tricks like this but they're very difficult and usually are done as late flips. Shifty tricks can be frontside or backside. It can be only done with a heelflip or kickflip, backside or frontside.
Half wrap Half Heel
Half an impossible but you put your front foot forward and once it goes half way kick it back with your heel and land.

A nollie(could be done in fakie)720 gazelle underflip, hardly anyone can do this very advanced trick.

Kosten Flip
A Nollie Inward Heelflip With A Nollie BS 180 Combined Together.
No-comply Pressure Flip

A trick where the front foot is planted on the ground, and a pressure flip is performed in one motion. It usually involves running and catching the board with front foot.


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