Birch trumpet

Birch trumpet

The birch trumpet (Swedish: näverlur) is a type of natural trumpet made of spruce covered with birch bark, native to Sweden. Even cruder and less durable versions were made of plain birch bark. They are associated with the early European Chalet culture, where it was presumably used to intimidate predators, frighten supernatural enemies, and convene council meetings.

The näverlur, as a natural horn, thus has no fingerholes or valves. Normally, a player can play 10 tones from the natural harmonic scale on the instrument. In the modern era, the näverlur is primarily a cultural curiosity, used for the occasional fanfare.

The oldest recovered näverlur in Sweden dates back to the 10th century, and resembles earlier bronze trumpets. Two manufacturers currently building näverlur are Lisa Byers Runberg in Alunda and Jan Nordkvist in Tällberg.

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