007: Agent Under Fire

007: Agent Under Fire
007: Agent Under Fire
James Bond 007 - Agent Under Fire Coverart.png
PAL region cover art
Developer(s) EA Canada, EA Redwood Shores. Savage Entertainment (Xbox port)
Publisher(s) Electronic Arts, MGM Interactive
Series James Bond
Engine Quake III Arena with Ritual's ÜberTools
Platform(s) PlayStation 2
Release date(s)
Genre(s) First-person shooter
Mode(s) Single-player, Multiplayer

007: Agent Under Fire is a first-person shooter video game based on the James Bond franchise. Developed and published by Electronic Arts, it was released for GameCube, PlayStation 2, and Xbox game consoles.

Agent Under Fire is the fourth Bond game which is not based on a film or book in the James Bond series. It follows Domark's James Bond: The Duel on the 8 and 16-bit Sega systems, Nintendo's Game Boy RPG James Bond 007 and EA's own 007 Racing.


Plot summary

CIA agent Zoe Nightshade, a mole in Identicon Corporation, based in Hong Kong, is discovered and captured. Identicon, a botanical research firm, is a possible front for a weapons-smuggling ring. James Bond infiltrates the facility in an attempt to rescue her, as well as retrieve a suspicious courier case in the same building. After freeing Nightshade from a submarine set to launch, the pair flee the facility with the courier case. Nigel Bloch, the head of Identicon, has his forces chase the agents through the streets of Hong Kong. The two steal a second case of vials from a nearby Identicon factory. They then rendezvous with R, who provides Bond with a gadget-laden BMW Z8. A limousine pulls up, as an assassin inside launches a rocket at the agents, killing Zoe, and steals the case. Bond gives chase, stopping an armored van which contained the stolen vials.

The vials contain nine blood samples, eight of which contained blood of world leaders. One contains the blood of British diplomat Reginald Griffin, serving in Romania, who is obsessed with protecting a room, outside of his jurisdiction, in the embassy. Bond investigates the embassy, finding Griffin dead, before a similar-looking man attacks him. After overcoming him, Bond finds a message from Bloch on Griffin's computer that mentions Malprave Industries, based in Switzerland. Bond takes the information from the computer and escapes.

At Malprave Industries, Bond, posing as a journalist, sees that the CEO is a woman he met at the embassy, Adrian Malprave. After collecting evidence, he makes his escape from the faciilty. Analysis of the computer message from Romania mentions "Defective Mercandise," believed to be a codename for Dr. Natalya Damescu, formerly in the employ of Malprave, now under protection at the British embassy in Bucharest. She also has inside information to offer. Carla the Jackal, an infamous terrorist who also killed Zoe, leads a raid on the embassy. Bond fights the terrorists before running into Damescu. After a confrontation with the Jackal, Bond picks up a data chip on something known as Poseidon, and delivers it to R for analysis.

The chip leads Bond to an oil rig in the South China Sea. After running into Bloch, Bond follows him into Poseidon, an underwater base devoted to clone development. After destroying the lab, he climbs onto a submarine bound for a Royal Navy aircraft carrier in Mediterranean. On the submarine, Bond finds Zoe, who reveals that the woman he "saved" from the Identicon facility was a clone meant to infiltrate the CIA, and that the Jackal intended to kill Bond.

Depending on whether or not the player picked up the verification code, Bond and Zoe are either captured or are taken to the carrier unharmed. In either case, the pair investigate the ship. It is discovered that 8 world leaders have been cloned, and are to be replaced by the clones. Bond destroys the craft carrying the clones, and the pair make their escape. They arrive at Malprave's base in the Swiss Alps, where Bond saves the eight world leaders. Before he can escape the base, however, he encounters Malprave, who has set the base to self-destruct. She reveals Bloch is still alive, and that Bond had killed his clone. After an encounter with him, Bond follows him into the main office and kills him. He manages to escape the base before it explodes.



Starting with GoldenEye 007 and continuing on with The World Is Not Enough, multiplayer support in a James Bond game has become a staple. The multiplayer mode in Agent Under Fire features up to four players, with several unique arenas to host multiplayer battles in.

The Multiplayer games can also be played with one player against an AI player.

Weapons and gadgets

Agent Under Fire features over fifteen different types of firearms as well as other weapons. Each firearm is based on a real firearm, but is given a pseudonym, the same manner as the weapons in GoldenEye 007, and The World is Not Enough. Most of the gadgets are concealed in a mobile phone, including a decryptor, grapple, laser, and remote transmitter. Bond is also provided with a card that disrupts electronic signals, as well as a jetpack.


A early promo screenshot showing the renown Goldeneye healthbar.

EA stated in several gaming magazines that Bond would be going "back to its roots," as the game was originally designed to be a true successor to Rare's 1997 GoldenEye 007. Early promo screenshots of the game reflected this, featuring the renown GoldenEye healthbar.

Agent Under Fire originally started as the PS2 and PC versions of The World Is Not Enough, and was based on a modified Quake III Arena engine. In 2001, the PC version was cancelled, and the PS2 version was remade as Agent Under Fire.[1]


Review scores
Publication Score
1UP.com D+[2]
Game Informer 9 of 10[3]
GamePro 8 of 10[4]
GameSpot 6.8 of 10[5]
GameSpy 65 of 100
IGN 76 of 100[6]
Official Xbox Magazine 8 of 10[7]

Upon release, the game received generally mixed reviews. Many critics praised the game for its technical qualities, with the Game Informer reviewer calling the character models "astounding". Likewise, some reviewers felt that the game was a step up from the previous entry in the series, including The World Is Not Enough and 007 Racing.[8]

However, many also felt that it was far from living up to GoldenEye 007, which is still one of the highest regarded video games of all time.[9] The GameSpot review criticized the game's difficulty, citing the game as too easy and providing little challenge and poor level design.


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