National 99er Pairs

National 99er Pairs

The National 99er Pairs national bridge championship is held at the fall American Contract Bridge League (ACBL) North American Bridge Championship (NABC).

The National 99er Pairs is a one day two-session matchpoint pairs event. The event typically starts on the second Friday of the NABC. The event is restricted to players with fewer than 100 masterpoints.


Winners of National 99er Pairs
Year Winners Runners-Up
1998 1-2. Larry Pack, Rick Wollner; 1-2. Carol Robertson, Eileen Schrampf
1999 Jason Woolever, Qixiang Sun Ross Richardson, Daniel Lawrence
2000 Eileen Aronovitch, Martin Aronovitch Richard Weinberg, Jane Stockard
2001 Tom Morton, Bob Quinlan Carl Bowman, Marilyn Bowman
2002 Jeff Kaldem, MaryBelle Hoenig Robert Lumbert, Jocelyn Krug
2003 David Copi, Sam Copi Jane Murtishaw, Howard Lindsey
2004 Ray Wise, Janet Kay Kim Gilman, Kathy Gilman
2005 Kathy Rolfe, Eric Rolfe Ronald Bunnell, Barbara Bunnell
2006 Shen Wan, Yihan Xiong Douglas Neel, Catherine Hess
2007 Rebecca Anspach, Nicholas Erpelding Philip Scatena, Carl Sutherland
2008 Stephen Drodge, Andrew Rodriguez Sandra Naber, John Naber
2009 Malvina Aljure, Elsa Castillo Bruce Hanson, Barbara Hanson
2010 Pat Grams, Chuck Grams 2-3 Suzanne Batt, Kathleen Smith and 2-3 Will Sutherland, Ann Sutherland


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