National Off-Road Racing Association

National Off-Road Racing Association

The National Off-Road Racing Association (usually abbreviated NORRA) is a desert off-road racing association.


It was founded in 1966 by Ed Pearlman and Don Francisco[1] [2]. At the time it was the first racing sanctioning body devoted solely to off-road racing. The first event, the Mexican 1000 (1967), began in Tijuana, went through Ensenada, and finished in La Paz. NORRA ran this race for nearly a decade. This first event laid the groundwork of vehicle classes and rules that shaped off-road racing in Baja for the next 40 years. The involvement of the Mexican government and other issues eventually transitioned the event to become became the Baja 1000 race and NORRA was dormant for several decades.

In 2010, NORRA was reborn and returned to the Baja peninsula.[3] The race again was called the Mexican 1000, although with a different flavor and structure.[3] The race was now run in a rally style,[3] with racing sections and transit sections, and is focused on historic desert racing vehicles. Racing vehicles must be motorcycles and automobiles from prior to 1998.[4] NORRA is also adding an "alternative fuel" racing class including diesel, electric, ethanol, propane, etc.[4]

A small section of the Mexican 1000 was featured in the seminal motorcycling film On Any Sunday. There famous rider Malcolm Smith is shown racing through Baja desert. An early NORRA sticker can be seen on Smith's helmet at 1:29 into the film.


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