The Bachelor (TV series)

The Bachelor (TV series)

:"For the 1999 movie The Bachelor starring Chris O'Donnell, see The Bachelor (film)."Infobox Television
show_name = The Bachelor

caption =
format = Competitive reality show
camera =
picture_format =
runtime = 60 minutes (including commercials)
creator = Mike Fleiss
developer =
executive_producer = Mike Fleiss
Lisa Levenson
starring = Chris Harrison (host)
Alex Michel
Aaron Buerge
Andrew Firestone
Bob Guiney
Jesse Palmer
Byron Velvick
Charlie O'Connell
Dr. Travis Lane Stork
Prince Lorenzo Borghese
Andy Baldwin
Brad Womack
Matt Grant
Jason Mesnick
narrated =
opentheme =
endtheme =
country = USA
network = ABC
first_aired = March 25, 2002
last_aired = Present
num_episodes = 90 (As of September 2007)
website =
imdb_id = 0313038
tv_com_id = 11490/

"The Bachelor" is an American reality television dating game show debuting in 2002 on ABC. The series has been renewed through spring 2008. Chris Harrison has hosted all of the show's seasons. The show airs on Mondays at 10pm eastern/9pm central. Reruns are currently airing on VH1.

About the Show

The series revolves around a bachelor courted by 25 women. The show follows the bachelor as he goes on a series of dates with the women, some of them group dates, some one-on-one dates. On each episode women are eliminated, generally during the rose ceremony at the end of the episode, but sometimes on the dates (during what are called "elimination dates"). The process culminates towards the end of the season with a few of the women going on overnight dates and meetings between the bachelor, the women, and their respective families. At the end of the show, the bachelor is to pick one woman with whom he would like to continue a relationship. Sometimes he proposes marriage and sometimes other levels of commitment.The runner-up from the first season, Trista Rehn, later starred in "The Bachelorette", a spin-off program in which the format was gender-reversed. In light of the fact many of the couples formed during previous seasons later ended their relationships, the premise of finding true love has proven difficult to sustain. To maintain interest, producers added an assortment of "twists" to the format. The fourth season featured Bob Guiney, popular comic relief from the first season of "The Bachelorette". The fifth season featured NFL player Jesse Palmer. The sixth season had yet another new twist, as the women of the house were forced to choose between two eligible bachelors. They chose fisherman Byron Velvick; he ultimately ended up with none of the original women, as season four contestant Mary Delgado returned to the show and became his final choice. The show has been heavily criticized for not having a Bachelor who is a minority in its twelve seasons and thirteen potential Bachelors, and for having an extremely limited amount of minority women, especially African-Americans, in its pool of potential Bachlorettes. Only one African-American woman has made it past the third rose ceremony, (Marshana in season 12 made it to week 5) and only one Latina, Mary Delgado, has ever been to the final rose ceremony (which she won).

The Elimination Process

According to the summary on, each new Bachelor episode contains a rose ceremony where one or more contestants are eliminated. Eliminations are based upon date performance, which is how the ladies relate to the bachelor on the dates. The bachelor must follow a process of elimination where his bachelorettes are narrowed down week to week by presenting the women he wishes to keep with a single rose. The catch to the show is that at any point during the process if a woman decides she is no longer interested in the bachelor, although he may still be interested in her, she may leave. A few have actually done so over the course of the show. It is typical for each of the final four women to have the chance to bring the bachelor on a visit to her hometown to meet her family, though this is not always the case. It is also typical for each of the final two women to visit the bachelor's hometown and meet his family. In the end, the bachelor selects one lady and gives her the final rose. He may or may not propose to her at this final rose ceremony.


Solid ratings throughout the eighth completed editions have resulted in an average audience of nearly 10 million viewers, with some decline in the series' more recent seasons. While much of the series has aired on Wednesday nights, its ratings slide reversed somewhat with a move to Mondays in January 2006.

eason 5

The season featured professional football player Jesse Palmer, formerly a back-up quarterback with the Giants. During the first rose ceremony, Jesse forgot a woman's name. He meant to give his final rose to Karen but accidentally called the name of another bachelorette, Katie. Jesse had to reveal his mistake to the group, but both Katie and Karen were allowed to stay on, as the producers allowed Jesse to give an extra rose. During this season, one of Jesse's best friends (Jenny) acted as a spy and posed as one of the bachelorettes. Jenny met with Jesse secretly throughout the season to provide him with information about the other bachelorettes. At the end of the season, Jesse gave his final rose to Jessica Bowlin. He did not propose to her. They are no longer a couple.

eason 6

This season featured a new twist. The ladies chose between Jay Overbye, a real estate agent from New York City, and Byron Velvick, a pro fisherman from Nevada. They eventually chose Byron Velvick as the new bachelor. In addition, Byron also lived in the Ladies villa. The show did not allow group dates and Byron got to pick the ladies for the dates. Byron chose Mary Delgado, who was arrested in November 2007 on a charge of domestic battery for punching him in the face. They still plan to wed November 2008.

eason 7

eason 8

The show was renewed for an eighth season and first ran on January 9, 2006. The season was set in Paris, France, and featured bachelor Dr. Travis Lane Stork, a 33-year-old emergency medicine resident from Nashville, Tennessee and a graduate of Duke University and University of Virginia. In the final episode that aired on February 27, 2006, Stork gave the final rose to fellow Nashvillian and kindergarten teacher Sarah Stone, a 26-year-old University of Tennessee alumna. [ [ 'The Bachelor: Paris' ends with Travis Stork selecting Sarah Stone - Reality TV World - News, information, episode summaries, message boards, chat and games for unscripted television programs ] ] Just more than a week after the airing of the finale, and nearly four months after the eighth season wrapped, Stork and Stone announced they were no longer a couple in a joint interview with Nashville's daily newspaper, "The Tennessean". [ [ 'Bachelor' couple Travis Stork and Sarah Stone admit they've split up - Reality TV World - News, information, episode summaries, message boards, chat and games for unscripted television programs ] ] Both cited contractual post-production obligations to remain apart as a major reason the relationship failed. In a season fairly free of wild behavior, one of the more memorable moments of the show involved bachelorette and fellow doctor Allie Garcia-Serra, who angrily confronted Travis after she was not given a rose in the first episode [ [ Ousted 'Bachelor' bachelorette Allie Garcia-Serra: "That's so not me" - Reality TV World - News, information, episode summaries, message boards, chat and games for unscripted television programs ] ] .

Dr. Travis Stork appeared on Dr. Phil on 1/14/08.

eason 9

"", the official title of "The Bachelor's" ninth season, began airing on October 3, 2006. This season was set in Rome, Italy, and featured the bachelor "prince" Lorenzo Borghese, a 34 year-old pet cosmetic entrepreneur who was born in Milan but has resided in Manhattan since 1987. The show had a new twist this season: two beautiful Italian women, Agnese and Cosetta, were suddenly added to the cast of twenty-five, adding new tensions. Agnese stayed on the show until after the group dates, when Lorenzo eliminated her because of their communication barrier. Lorenzo picked Jennifer at the final rose ceremony on November 27, 2006, leaving Sadie with a broken heart. On January 17, 2007, it was reported that Lorenzo and Jennifer were no longer seeing each other. He and Sadie went on a few dates when she moved to New York, but a relationship reportedly did not blossom.

As of the recent Bachelor special "Where Are They Now?" He was named America's least favorite Bachelor. [ [ Report: Lorenzo Borghese dumps Jennifer Wilson for Sadie Murray - Reality TV World - News, information, episode summaries, message boards, chat and games for unscripted television programs ] ]

eason 10

"", the official title of "The Bachelor's" tenth edition, premiered Monday, April 2, 2007. [ [ ABC's tenth 'The Bachelor' edition to debut April 2, be supersized - Reality TV World - News, information, episode summaries, message boards, chat and games for unscripted television programs ] ] The season starred Andy Baldwin, a triathlete and U.S. Navy doctor who graduated from Duke University, [ [ ABC confirms 'The Bachelor' renewal, reveals identity of next bachelor - Reality TV World - News, information, episode summaries, message boards, chat and games for unscripted television programs ] ] and ended with Baldwin proposing to his final bachelorette in the last episode which aired May 21, 2007. [ [ New 'Bachelor' Andy Baldwin reveals he proposes to his final woman - Reality TV World - News, information, episode summaries, message boards, chat and games for unscripted television programs ] ]

On May 9, 2007, the New York Post correctly reported in advance of the finale that Tessa was the final rose recipient, but incorrectly reported that she had declined his marriage proposal.

According to an article published on August 16, 2007 on, Andy Baldwin and Tessa Horst have called off their engagement. Baldwin tells In Touch, "When the fantasy wore off and the reality set in, we both realized that we weren't ready to be engaged. We're very much in love and are hopeful for the future."

Recent reports have indicated that Andy and Tessa are no longer together.

As of the Bachelor special "Where are they now?" He was named America's Favorite Bachelor.

eason 11

"The Bachelor 11" premiered on September 24, 2007. The Bachelor was Brad Womack, 34, a successful, self-made entrepreneur. [ [ Big Brother 10 Spoilers ] ] Womack lives in Austin, Texas and co-owns four bars (two of which, The Chuggin Monkey and The Dizzy Rooster were popular with the cast members) with his brothers, both of whom are married. [ [ Big Brother 10 Spoilers ] ] . During the course of the series, Brad stated, "The ultimate outcome is me at the end, getting on a knee and giving her a ring and moving back to this beautiful city and having fun." [ [ National Ledger - The Bachelor: Brad Womack Shows Off Body, Talks 'Settling Down' ] ] With the two remaining finalists, Deanna and Jenni, awaiting Brad's decision, the season finale, which aired on November 19, 2007, revealed that Brad could not commit to either of them and in doing so made history in the TV series by becoming the first bachelor not to choose either of the two remaining finalists. The Bachelor 11's finale broadcast concluded with Brad sitting on the edge of the final Rose Ceremony altar and staring at the unused engagement ring he had selected earlier that day.

Despite having her heart broken, Deanna reported believing in the concept of meeting Mr. Right and agreed to become the new Bachelorette, which premiered May 26, 2008.

Jenni is now engaged.

eason 12

"", the official title of The Bachelor's twelfth edition, premiered on March 17, 2008. The identity of the season's bachelor was revealed on on Monday, February 4. His name is Matt Grant, a global financier, from London. [ [ British native Matt Grant to serve as ABC's new 'The Bachelor' star - Reality TV World - News, information, episode summaries, message boards, chat and games for unscripted television programs ] ] In the concluding episode, Matt picked Shayne Lamas (daughter of actor Lorenzo Lamas) over Chelsea. He proposed on the island of Barbados. Matt moved into Shayne's condo briefly after the show aired, but recently moved out into his own condo in the LA area. He stated that he needed to establish himself in LA and build his own group of friends, but the couple remained together at that point. [ [ Bachelor Matt Grant Moves Out of Fiancée’s Pad - PEOPLE TV Watch ] ] However, the two broke up in July 2008. [,,20214906,00.html]

eason 13

Jason Mesnick, the runner-up of the season 4 of "The Bachelorette", will be the Bachelor for this season. The season will premiere in January 2009. [ [ 'Bachelorette' reject gets second chance at the final rose!] ]

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