The Cleveland Show (season 2)

The Cleveland Show (season 2)
The Cleveland Show Season 2
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DVD box
Country of origin United States
No. of episodes 22[1]
Original channel Fox
Original run September 26, 2010 (2010-09-26)[2] – May 15, 2011 (2011-05-15)
Home video release
DVD release
Region 1 September 27, 2011 (2011-09-27)[3]
Region 2 January 30, 2012 (2012-01-30)[4]
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List of The Cleveland Show episodes

Season 2 of The Cleveland Show, an American animated television series created by Seth MacFarlane, began airing on September 26, 2010[2] and ended after 22 episodes on May 15, 2011.[5] Fox ordered a second production series of 22 episodes (2APSxx)[6] in October 2009.

This season included the return of Kanye West for an additional episode after he aired in the first season episode Brotherly Love. The article has The Cleveland Show co-creator Rich Appel stating he hopes there is even more to come and then goes on to say "He could not have been more collaborative or easier to work with. We're excited, because his character has become a recurring character in our universe… He'll become our Sideshow Bob!".[7]

The DVD was released as a "Complete Season" featuring all of the aired episodes, in Region 1 on September 27, 2011 and is scheduled to be released in Region 2 territories on January 30, 2012 [8]




The number in the "№" column refers to the episode's number within the entire series, whereas the number in the "#" column indicates the episode's number in that particular season.

# Title Directed by Written by U.S. viewers
Original air date Prod.
22 1 "Harder, Better, Faster, Browner" Ian Graham Matt Murray 6.60[9] September 26, 2010 (2010-09-26) 2APS06
When Cleveland destroys Rallo and his friends during their basketball game, he reminisces about his childhood playing days including beating a kid named Barry Obama whom Donna informs him is now President Obama. Cleveland takes the news hard, wondering what he has done with his life. When he runs into Kenny West dropping his daughter Candice off at Rallo's school, he invites him to drop her off for a play date which Kenny agrees to do that afternoon as he has other business to attend to. When Kenny brings Candice over, Rallo is thrilled to see her. When Cleveland forgets that Kenny will pick Candice up, Candice shows Cleveland where he works, as a server in a rap-themed restaurant. Cleveland also finds out they have been living in Kenny's car and invites them to move into the garage in a gesture intended to show up Barack Obama. 
23 2 "Cleveland Live!" Ken Wong Jonathan Green & Gabe Miller 6.65[10] October 3, 2010 (2010-10-03) 2APS01
Cleveland tells the boys they are staying with Robert Tubbs so that Cleveland and Donna can celebrate their anniversary. Roberta announces she is going to a friends house and an unseen stagehand yells that Cleveland is fat. At Robert's house, they hear a knock on the door and Robert believes is people he is scammed come after him. Robert shows Cleveland his secret stash of guns and Cleveland shoots the stagehand, not realizing the gun has real ammunition. Cleveland arranges for Robert to stay at Tim and Arriana's where Robert seduces Arianna. 
24 3 "How Cleveland Got His Groove Back" Oreste Canestrelli Julius Sharpe 5.63[11] October 10, 2010 (2010-10-10) 2APS05
When Lester builds a drag racer, Cleveland nominates himself to be the driver. Despite Lester's objections, Tim and Holt back Cleveland. Disgusted with Cleveland's bragging at The Broken Stool, Lester challenges Cleveland that he could strike him out, although it's later revealed that Lester is incapable of throwing a baseball. At the strikeout challenge, Kendra becomes angered at everyone teasing Lester and reminds him of how he used to throw rocks at skunks. Pretending that Kendra's catcher's mitt is a skunk, Lester strikes out Cleveland and supplants him as a hero in the eyes of the guys. Depressed, Cleveland tries to find a new group of friends without luck. After his confidence is shattered, Cleveland spends several days in bed until Cleveland vows to find his mojo again, and decides that a family vacation to Africa will do the trick. 
25 4 "It's the Great Pancake, Cleveland Brown" Ron Rubio Aseem Batra 6.68[12] November 7, 2010 (2010-11-07) 2APS04
After giving candy to a trick-or-treater, Cleveland Jr. decides to go trick-or-treating anyway. He puts on his pancake suit and goes out. The Browns get back from trick-or-treating, they see that their house had thrown toilet paper on it. A pumpkin told them that Cleveland Jr. left. Later on, Cleveland discusses to Cleveland Brown Jr. about what happened. Cleveland and Donna go into Jr's room and sees that he is giving away all of his childhood toys. Donna suggests that he should stop Jr. from getting rid of what defines him. Later on, Cleveland changes Jr's personality and appearance to make him like a rapper. He acts differently, which makes Donna believe that Jr. is not happy. In bed, Jr. looks at his old pictures of him and his stuffed animals, and said that he missed his old self. Cleveland Jr. starts hanging out with a kid at school, Oliver Wilson. He attends a party that Jr's sister is going to. Cleveland drives to the party to check on Jr. He saw him pouring drinks all over his shirt. Jr. was glad that no one was messing with him around Cleveland and Donna. 
26 5 "Little Man on Campus" Anthony Agrusa Kevin Biggins & Travis Bowe 6.66[13] November 14, 2010 (2010-11-14) 2APS03
When the Stoolbend High School Growler's baseball team goes on a winning streak, the entire town starts looking forward to the State championships. But after Cleveland's old rival, Chet Butler, rubs his nose in costing him the championship game, when they were in high school. Cleveland panics when his star pitcher, Oliver Wilkerson, is mauled by the mascot. Dejected, Cleveland is ready to throw in the towel until Holt proves to be an excellent pitcher and members of the baseball team mistake him as a kid due to his size. Cleveland decides to pass Holt off as a transfer student named Colt Koufax. The team continues its winning streak through to the championship but the gang find they have to hide Holt's role from Tim who wants his boy Raymond to play. 
27 6 "Fat and Wet" Matt Engstrom Kirker Butler 5.07[14] November 21, 2010 (2010-11-21) 2APS02
While Cleveland shows off the new pool he bought, Cleveland Jr. and Kendra sit out high and dry rather than be embarrassed wearing swimsuits. When everyone's attention is focused on Roberta, Rallo hits Cleveland with a football but when he tries to recover it from the pool, Donna panics and orders him away. Jr.'s snoring at night keeps everyone awake until Dr. Fist prescribes a mask to help his breathing. Despite Cleveland' misgivings, Jr. wears it at school where he is teased about his weight. While drowning his sorrows over a pizza, he is joined by Kendra and they decides to push to make fat jokes illegal. While Donna goes out, she asks Cleveland to keep an eye on Rallo and keep him away from the pool. Rallo promptly falls in and nearly drowns, until Cleveland pulls him out. A grateful Rallo wants to tell Donna about Cleveland being a hero but Cleveland wants to keep it a secret and manages to convince Rallo not to tell Donna. However, Rallo quickly realizes Cleveland's intent and starts blackmailing him. Cleveland then sends Rallo to the river to learn how to swim. 
28 7 "Another Bad Thanksgiving" Mike L. Mayfield Clarence Livingston 7.39[15] November 28, 2010 (2010-11-28) 2APS08
Donna’s show-off and bossy sister, Janet, and her unruly children come to town to celebrate Thanksgiving with the Browns. Cleveland, still bruised by their past, wants nothing to do with her this Thanksgiving and attempts to drive her out. However, his plan backfires when Janet and Holt fall in love and run away to Las Vegas to elope, saddling Cleveland and Donna with the responsibility of Janet’s kids. Donna, Cleveland and the kids immediately head to Vegas to confront Janet and save their family Thanksgiving. While in Vegas, Rallo and Cleveland Jr. stumble upon a winning slot machine and find a woman of age to cash it in for them in exchange for an “escort” to dinner. 
29 8 "Murray Christmas" Ken Wong Kirker Butler 6.97[16] December 5, 2010 (2010-12-05) 2APS09
While performing in a class choir at the Stoolbend Rest Home, Rallo observes one of the residents not paying attention, whose name is Murray and gets into a verbal battle of wits with him. When the home supervisor suggests they get to know each other better, Rallo’s teacher forces him to spend the weekend at a retirement home to get to know the senior citizens during the holidays. Murray teaches him about Hanukkah. In an attempt to rekindle Murray’s holiday spirit, Rallo helps him escape, but when his new friend’s health begins to suffer, Rallo has to decide whether or not to bring Murray back to the home. Meanwhile, Cleveland Jr. sees a picture of his dad with a black eye at Christmas and finds out how his grandfather spends "Boxing Day", by forcing his son to box with him for his gifts to toughen him up. Donna trains Cleveland for a boxing match against his father, which ends with Cleveland landing a surprise blow that triggers a heart attack in Freight Train. 
30 9 "Beer Walk!" Jim Shellhorn Aaron Lee 5.96[16] December 5, 2010 (2010-12-05) 2APS07
Donna, frustrated by her husband’s laziness on the weekends, nags Cleveland to help her around the house and to do something more with his life. Donna brings up her charity work prompting Cleveland to prove to Donna he can be as charitable as her. After coming up with the idea of pledging money to charity for each beer that they drink, Cleveland recruits his buddies from Quahog and Stoolbend to participate in the First Annual Charity Beer Walk. Pleased with himself, Cleveland decides to show off drunkenly, but when Donna gets injured at the event, Cleveland has to take over the housework. Cleveland soon finds himself in over his head taking care of the kids and Donna. After seeing what Donna has turned Cleveland into, the guys decide to pay her a visit where Holt exposes her charade. Donna admits her ploy but threatens the guys if they let the cat out of the bag. After a night of reflection, Tim returns and calls Donna's bluff, reminding her that he is a bear and can maul her. Donna comes clean to Cleveland but the next day finds him still taking care of the house. Depressed because Cleveland seems to not need her, she goes out drinking with the guys until she decides to take her rightful place back. 
31 10 "Ain't Nothin' But Mutton Bustin'" Matt Engstrom Courtney Lilly 7.38[17] January 9, 2011 (2011-01-09) 2APS10
When Cleveland spends "Take Your Kid to Work Day" with Cleveland Jr., Rallo feels left out. At Donna's suggestion, Cleveland and Rallo start spending more time together. After a disappointing day of shopping and bowling, they end up at the County Fair. Seeing some sheep they believe to be part of a petting zoo, they find out about "mutton bustin'", or sheep riding. Rallo turns out to be a natural and becomes hooked. Donna believes it is too dangerous and tells them that there will be no more mutton bustin'. Rallo and Cleveland decide to start sneaking off together to continue riding and Cleveland Jr. becomes jealous of Rallo and Cleveland's new relationship. Determined to find out their secret, Cleveland Jr. ransacks Rallo's room until he finds his trophy case and pieces together the truth. Jr. plots to replace Rallo's sheep with himself in order to ruin him but passes out in a portable toilet while changing into a sheep costume. Meanwhile, Rallo finds out that the sheep are destined to become food after their riding days are over. 
32 11 "How Do You Solve a Problem Like Roberta?" Anthony Agrusa Aaron Lee 5.52[18] January 16, 2011 (2011-01-16) 2APS12
At a school carnival, Cleveland wins two tickets for a weekend at a spa and Rallo wishes himself to be invisible which he believes in as he pulls pranks in the nude. When Roberta and Donna grow apart, Donna reaches her wits end. After Cleveland criticizes her parenting skills, Donna lets him deal with Roberta by himself and takes off with Kendra for the spa weekend Cleveland had won. Cleveland tries to get on Roberta's good side by letting her spend time with Federline only to find out she broke up and is dating an older boy, Diego. When Cleveland forbids her from going out with Diego, he tries to make up for it by hosting a party at their house instead. 
33 12 "Like a Boss" Ron Rubio Matt Murray 5.19[19] January 23, 2011 (2011-01-23) 2APS11
Cleveland looks forward to his big Superbowl party. At work during supervisor Tom's anniversary party after 25 years with Waterman Cable, he drops dead. At the funeral, Cleveland tries to convince Terry Kimple into taking the job so they could both benefit. Donna convinces Cleveland to try for the promotion himself and not play second fiddle to Terry. Mr. Waterman surprises them both by giving the position to Tim who quickly proves to be a taskmaster. To try to snuff out the flames of revolt, Tim fires Chad who discussed shooting up the office while demanding everyone else go on a work retreat which takes place during the Superbowl weekend. Nervous that Cleveland will show him up, Tim insists on them being partners during a scavenger hunt. When Cleveland refuses to help out, Tim panics when he finds that neither of them have a map to get back. It turns out that Tim is actually afraid of the woods which is why he lives in the city. 
34 13 "A Short Story and a Tall Tale" Ian Graham Julius Sharpe 4.75[20] February 13, 2011 (2011-02-13) 2APS14
Dismayed at finding himself always looked down on because of his diminutive size and age, Rallo finds a kindred spirit in Marty Barty (voiced by Kevin Michael Richardson), another short person with a fierce independent streak at the grocery store. Rallo starts hanging out with Marty who takes him to the track and lets him drive his car. Enjoying Marty's lifestyle, Rallo fails to notice that Marty is actually a diminutive mobster. Marty asks Rallo to take out his unattractive sister Trish (voiced by Alex Borstein). After meeting at Cheese E. Charlie's, Rallo agrees to marry Trish but blows off the wedding to play with his friends. Upset at having been disrespected by Rallo, Marty gathers his mobsters and vows to kill Rallo. During their friendship, Rallo claims that his real first name is "Montclair", suggesting that Rallo is just a nickname. 
35 14 "Terry Unmarried" Ken Wong Aaron Lee 5.43[21] February 20, 2011 (2011-02-20) 2APS17
When he discovers that Donna has been lying about loving his special coffee blend, a hurt and angry Cleveland demands to know what else she has been hiding from him. She reveals that she never finalized her divorce. Cleveland realizes that this means he is technically still single so he and friends Holt, Lester and Tim the Bear make plans to go drinking at a new bar. They quickly learn that they are in a gay bar. After initially panicking, the four begin dancing and having fun. As they head for the exit they see two men kissing; the men turn out to be Cleveland's best friend Terry Kimple and Terry's boyfriend Paul. Terry and Paul suggest that Cleveland and Donna come to their house for dinner. 
36 15 "The Blue, The Gray and The Brown" Oreste Canestrelli Jonathan Green & Gabe Miller 4.80[22] March 6, 2011 (2011-03-06) 2APS13
After attempting to take the family out for a drive-in movie, Cleveland discovers the drive-in is set to be demolished. Cleveland fights to save the town’s drive-in movie theater, winning over the town council with a song. His efforts to preserve the town’s history is noticed by the Stoolbend Preservation Society and he is invited to attend a private dinner party at the home of the great-great-grandson of the town’s founding father, B. Emerson Plunkett V. The society uses Cleveland's enthusiasm to save a park and statue of the town father from being turned into a parking lot, only to find that he has been duped into protecting the legacy of a slaveholder. When he attempts to confront Plunkett, he finds he is in preparation for a civil war reenactment of The Battle of Stoolbend, one of the battles in which the South won. Cleveland and most of his friends vow to turn the tables on Plunkett except for Lester who embraces his Southern heritage. On the battlefield, Cleveland and the guys find the battle is not going their way so they rush off to the library to find out how the battle turns out. They rush back and take over from Wally Farquhare who is leading the Northern army. Changing the battle plan, they manage to eliminate all of the Southern army except Plunkett. 
37 16 "The Way the Cookie Crumbles" Jim Shellhorn Chadd Gindin 4.64[23] March 13, 2011 (2011-03-13) 2APS15
After Cleveland learns that his friends own his old stuff, he confronts his father, who is selling his childhood items. Cleveland buys his stuff back, but Donna tells Cleveland that there is no room in their home for the items. He puts it all in a storage are, where he finds out his parents are now living. They explain that they were selling his stuff because a con artist took advantage of LeVar and they lost all of their money. Cleveland delights in his father's humiliation, but feels sorry for his mother. Cleveland then invites them to live in his house, where he works his father ragged and humiliates him relentlessly. When LeVar storms out after an angry outburst at the dinner table, Evelyn reveals she was the one who fell for the scam. She explains that a con artist got her involved in a fake modeling agency. Cleveland apologizes to his father and they come up with a plan to get back at the con artist, with the help of Cleveland's friends. They dress in drag, knowing the con artist's targets are ugly middle-aged women, and confront the scam artist at the mall but he immediately sees through them. LaVar angrily beats the con artist, until the con artist buys his way out by offering them a deal involving Rallo. Cleveland accepts, only to be scammed again. 
38 17 "To Live and Die in VA" Seung Cha Mehar Sethi 5.45[24] March 20, 2011 (2011-03-20) 2APS16
After another day stuck in traffic, Cleveland hits on the idea of running a beer truck to dispense beer to those waiting in traffic. When Lester hesitates to invest, he decides to take the issue up with Kendra resulting in his being teased by the guys. Kendra shoots him down but he decides to invest their funds anyways. Cleveland's idea, despite earning a great sum, causes a major pile up due to all the drunk driving, which turns into a bust and Lester loses his life savings, resulting in their possessions being foreclosed. When Kendra leaves him to go to her mother's, Lester becomes so upset that he decides to take his own life by driving Cleveland's beer truck over a cliff. After the funeral, Cleveland and Donna offer to let Kendra stay with them temporarily and to their horror she takes them up on it. When Kendra sends Cleveland off to the Fluvanna County Mall in search of kevlar pantyhose, Cleveland discovers Lester is alive and well. Lester admits he faked his death in an attempt to free himself from Kendra and declares he will never go back. 
39 18 "The Essence of Cleveland" Matt Engstrom Jonathan Green & Gabe Miller 4.81[25] April 3, 2011 (2011-04-03) 2APS18
After a close call with bank robbers, Cleveland discovers that Donna knows very little about him. While killing time with the guys by attending an open house, Cleveland discovers he has a secret admirer. After tricking the real estate agent into revealing the name of the house owner, Cleveland learns it is Patty Donner. When he informs Donna, she is amused to remember that Patty was known as "Fatty Patty" in high school. Despite his disappointment, Cleveland heads off to Patty's to find she had lost a lot of weight and is now attractive. Boding, Patty reveals that Cleveland was the only one who had shown her kindness in high school. Cleveland laments on how Donna does not known him. At Donna's suggestion, Cleveland invites Patty to dinner where Donna is shocked at Patty's new appearance. However, after Donna suffers from some not-so subtle insults, Donna forbids Cleveland from seeing her again. 
40 19 "Ship'rect" Ken Wong Teri Schaffer & Raynelle Swilling 4.93[26] April 10, 2011 (2011-04-10) 1APS15
Cleveland and his friends prepare to enter Stoolbend's annual regatta, but when Cleveland's celebrity idol Barry Shadwell moves to town, Cleveland makes it priority to befriend him. Barry invites Cleveland to join his sailing team and Cleveland eagerly abandons his friends. Following a dinner out at which Cleveland gets very drunk, Barry drives Cleveland home and kisses him. The next day Cleveland withdraws from Barry's sailing team because of Barry's homosexuality. When Cleveland later expresses his fear to Donna that people will think he is gay, she upbraids him for being homophobic, which she says is as bad as being racist. A chastened Cleveland returns to compete with Barry. They win the race but Barry, citing the awkwardness between them, decides to leave town. 
41 20 "Back to Cool" Anthony Agrusa Kevin Biggins & Travis Bowe 4.61[27] April 17, 2011 (2011-04-17) 2APS19
The episode starts out when Cleveland, who is reading the newspaper, but gets stopped by Rallo and Roberta's fighting. A while after, Robert comes by to get his alimony check from Donna, taken in cash. The kids fighting end up with Cleveland getting hit, then as Robert tries to leave, Cleveland stops him and says that if he still wants to get more alimony checks, he will have to take his kids for a day. Robert takes them along, leaving Cleveland to finally alone time, then as Cleveland get relaxed, Cleveland Jr. comes and annoys him, so Cleveland wrestles him into Robert's car to go with Rallo and Roberta. Next, with Cleveland and Donna alone, they go on their computers. 
42 21 "Your Show of Shows" Oreste Canestrelli Story by: Carl Reiner
Teleplay by: Aseem Batra & Matt Murray
4.70[28] May 8, 2011 (2011-05-08) 2APS21
When Rallo and his pals Bernard and Theodore perform in the school talent show, their rap about fiscal responsibility is not well-received by their classmates. Meanwhile, after Cleveland gets his own Public-access television television show, the reviews are less than positive so he takes some tips from the most successful daytime talk shows that appeal to women. 
43 22 "Hot Cocoa Bang Bang" Ian Graham Kirker Butler 4.93[29] May 15, 2011 (2011-05-15) 2APS22
Over breakfast Cleveland shows off his dream comic book "Waderman" inspired by an incident when he was younger when Donna fell into a fountain. Cleveland proposes to take the entire family to Comic-con in an attempt to sell his comic book, “Waderman”. Despite Donna's initial reservations, Cleveland manages to convince her to let them go. While there, Donna is horrified to find out that Robert Rodriguez is screening a Blaxploitation film that she starred in when she was younger. After paying for Rallo's silence, Donna stalks off to cancel the screening. Trying to drum up attention for his comic book, Cleveland hires Rallo to be his sidekick "Squirt" although just as they start to attract some attention, the conventioneers are drawn off by a display from FOX. 

DVD release

The Complete Season Two
Set Details Special Features
  • 22 episodes
  • 4-disc set
  • Widescreen: 1.78:1 ratio video[30]
  • Languages:
    • English (w/ subtitles)
    • Spanish subtitles
    • French subtitles
  • Audio Commentary
  • Deleted Scenes
  • Featurette: "Guest Star Showcase"
  • Featurette: "Hot Cocoa Bang Bang Trailer"
  • Featurette: "Cleveland at Comic Con"
Release Dates
Region 1 Region 2
September 27, 2011 January 30, 2012[31]

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1:Justin Timberlake goes gay for 'The Cleveland Show'

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