Ward 5 (Mississauga)

Ward 5 (Mississauga)
Map of the Ward within Mississauga

Ward 5 is a municipal ward located in the northeast corner of Mississauga, Ontario. The ward's seat on Mississauga City Council and Peel Regional Council has been vacant since the election of its former councillor, Eve Adams to the Canadian House of Commons on May 2, 2011. A by-election is set for September 19, 2011.

The ward contains the communities of Malton, and that part of Hurontario (the community of Britannia) north of Eglinton Avenue.

Lester B. Pearson International Airport is located within the ward.



According to the Canada 2006 Census, the total population of the ward was 75,415.

The leading racial group in the ward is South Asians who make up 39.3% of the population. 28% of the population is White, 11.4% Black, 6.2% Chinese, 3.3% Filipino, 3.3% Southeast Asian, 1.8% Latin American, and 1.7% Arab. The leading ethnic group in the ward is East Indian, which 31% of the ward identifies as. The ward has the highest percentage of visible minorities in the city.

English is the largest mother tongue in the ward, with 40.4% of the ward speaking it as their native language. Punjabi is spoken by 16.5% of the ward.

The median individual income of the ward is $23,141.

Election results


Candidate Votes %
Frank McKechnie 4,072 58.46
Roy Willis 1,824 26.19
Veerendra D. Adhiya 629 9.03
Howard Baker 440 6.32


Candidate Votes %
Cliff Gyles 2,458 27.85
Roy Willis 1,762 19.96
Carole Berry 1,574 17.83
Harry Singh Dhillon 1,202 13.62
Y. S. Dhaliwal 909 10.30
Colin McKechnie 864 9.79
Devinder Singh Bassi 57 0.65


Candidate Votes %
Cliff Gyles 6,050 52.69
Ripsodhak Singh Grewal 2,730 23.77
Roy Willis 1,945 16.94
Ranjit S. Chahal 387 3.37
Mel Kell 371 3.23


Candidate Votes %
Eve Adams 3,793 30.66
Rick Falco 2,282 18.45
Roy Willis 1,089 8.80
Karam Singh Punian 1,082 8.75
Harji Bajwa 898 7.26
Cliff Gyles 572 4.62
Jim Sahdra 508 4.11
Frank Perrotta 420 3.40
Michelle Meghie 333 2.69
Nasir Majeed 294 2.38
Thomas Thomas 290 2.34
Sarbjit S. Bhatia 193 1.56
Gurjit Singh Bhatti 173 1.40
Sajjan Singh Sidhu 94 0.76
Fernando Tagalog 71 0.57
Chris Collier 70 0.57
Said M. Aldajani 67 0.54
Meena Hardatt 59 0.48
Greg Dell 34 0.27
James A. Girvin 30 0.24
Jay S. Kang 18 0.15

Two time councillor Cliff Gyles was defeated in the election by Eve Adams; the incumbent placed a distant sixth. The election was held November 10, roughly two months after Gyles was sentenced to 2.5 years in federal penitentiary for accepting $35,000 in bribes.[1]

During the 2003 election, Eve Adams' husband, Peter Adams, and her brother, Imre Harvath, were charged with stealing election signs belonging to two of her opponents. In a plea bargain struck with Crown prosecutors, the charge was dropped last year in return for the defendants' donation of $1,200 to a charitable organization.


Candidate Votes %
Eve Adams 5,704 45.77
Karman Singh Punian 2,352 18.87
Sydney Weir 1,369 10.99
Ricardo C. Francis 861 6.91
Frank Perrotta 528 4.24
Rana Ahmad 490 3.93
Sam Hanna 442 3.55
Brad MacDonald 441 3.54
Stephen Largy 203 1.63
Said M. Aldajani 71 0.57


Candidate Votes %
Eve Adams 9,795 66.75
Simerjit Kaur 2,678 18.25
Ilyas Shaikh 849 5.79
Jagjit Grewal 514 3.50
David Brenn 453 3.09
Mahmood Malik 385 2.62

2011 by-election


Name Age Occupation Experience, campaign Ward of residence
Abraham, Shirley Ward 8 (Perivale Rd)
Adams, Peter 47[2] Principal, GETUS Corporation Husband of former councillor Eve Adams. ward 5
Ali, Mobeen[3] 37 Early childhood educator Fluent speaker of English, Urdu, Hindi and Punjabi, can read Arabic. Ward 5
Barnes, Glenn[4] 42 Accessibility consultant Accessibility Advisory Committee, Strategic Plan Community Advisory Group
Bator, Steve[5] 46 Tool and die maker Ran unsuccessfully in 2010 municipal election for Dufferin-Peel Catholic District School Board. Ward 9 (Tisler Cres)
Bertic, Vlado 54 Two undergraduate degrees in Electrical Engineering (1979) and Economics (1986). Masters of Science in Economics (1989). Owns a financial planning and investment consulting practice in Mississauga. Ward 5
Crombie, Bonnie
Cashin, Mark[6] 46 Owns a business in Ward 3. Brampton
Daid, Kulvinder Bobbie[7] Entrepreneur Has an MBA. Ward 5
Dheer, Jake[8] 49 Rogers Television station manager 2005 Mississauga Citizen of the Year, one-time chair of the Mississauga Board of Trade. Had an amicable relationship with Parrish for "30 years", calling her Auntie Carolyn.[9] Community volunteer Jake Dheer, who insiders say is McCallion’s favoured candidate for the job, announced his candidacy last week with a stinging attack on Parrish, a former outspoken MP whose term on council was characterized by stiff criticism of the mayor’s firm grip on city hall. “If elected, Parrish will continue to be a polarizing figure on Council and bring things to a standstill while carrying out a personal vendetta against the Mayor and her opponents,” Dheer’s statement said, acknowledging Parrish as the front-runner in the race.[10] A series of endorsements include a former councillor, Maja Prentice.[11]
Dookie, Jamie
Douglas, Dianne 53 Executive Assistant in Ward 5 office, on an unpaid leave of absence to run for Councillor Dianne Douglas earned her B.A. in English, and Certificate of Religious Studies at the University of Windsor. She has served for well over 4 years in the Ward 5 office as the Executive Assistant and therefore knows well the issues and challenges of the Ward. She is also a proud resident of Ward 5 for 15 years. Dianne is a youth advocate and tireless volunteer in the community, . By appointment of the Council of the City of Mississauga, Dianne is the City's representative to the Humber Watershed Alliance of the Toronto and Region Conservation Authority, currently in her fourth appointed term. She remains a dedicated member of the Malton Community Festival Committee, has been elected to the Board, and represents Ward 5 at Board meetings. She is a founding member, and led for over twelve years as an executive member of H.O.P.E (Helping Other People Everywhere), Toronto, Inc., a registered Canadian charity. Dianne is also a member, elder, senior youth leader and Clerk of Session at St. Mark's Presbyterian Church. Ward 5 (Dwiggin Ave)
Ghimery, Jimmy[12] 35 Investment broker, realtor Volunteers for unlisted organizations in the ward. Ward 10
Isaac, Grant Lawyer
Kaur, Simmer[13] Real estate agent Finished second to Adams in the 2010 Ward 5 election. Ward 6 (Mersey St)
Keselman, Paul
Khan, Mo
Parrish, Carolyn 64 Carolyn Parrish is a former federal Member of Parliament. Adams invited Parrish to a dinner, to ask her to drop out; Adams claims he told her his intentions weeks before.[14]
Patara, Sandeep
Perrotta, Frank[15] - Former City of Toronto Employee Executive board of the Mississauga East Cooksville Ontario PC Association. -
Rodricks, Cheryl[16] 47 Former publicity director for the Malton Community Festival Twice ran unsuccessfully as a Trustee English Separate candidate. Ward 5
Siddiqui, Waqar
Soplet, Catherine[17] 52 Member of Peel Poverty Action Group. Has campaigned for a community health centre in Malton.
Steele, Olive Rose[18] 64 City of Mississauga Traffic Safety Council member. Held several positions, including president, with the National Council of Jamaicans and Supportive Organizations in Canada, is a past director of the Canadian Ethno-cultural Council. Board treasurer, acting chair of Mississauga Halton Community Care Access Centre. Former 15-year employee of the Ontario government. Steele told the News: "I'm not one of those people who enter city politics as a springboard to other levels of government."
Tabuno, Barbara Hazel[19] 24 Student, part-time at Toronto General Hospital Chairperson 2010-2011, Mayor's Youth Advisory Committee,[20] increased membership from 40 to 160. Member of City of Mississauga committees for Mississauga Celebration Square, Healthy City Stewardship Centre and Living Green Master Plan. Her middle name is indeed derived from Hazel McCallion.[21] Ward 5
Williams, Rick Peel District School Board Ward 5 trustee Williams is a past president of the Malton Black Development Association, past director of Malton Neighbourhood Services, and founder of Malton Action Committee.[22] School board chair Janet McDougald said, should Williams win, the board would have to determine what to do with his vacant seat. Options include another by-election.
Young, Cecil[23] 55 Principal, computer consulting business Candidate, 1991 municipal election for Ward 8; sought Liberal nomination in Mississauga-Streetsville, 2008


Name Start End Campaign Endorsement
Kapeleris, Carmela Rita 2011-07-19 2011-08-04 Bonnie Crombie[24]
Singh, Ramandeep
Soproney, Robert 2011-08-02 2011-08-03 When some volunteers dropped off, and he didn't have time to replace them, Soproney quit the campaign.[25] Bonnie Crombie[24]
Thomas, Thomas[26] - - Real estate office manager, Dufferin-Peel Catholic District School Board trustee, Ward 5. He lived in Ward 4 at the time. Bonnie Crombie[24]
Vaithilingam, Rajes 2011-07-27 2011-08-04


  • July 27 - Carolyn Parrish and Jake Dheer debate on Newstalk 1010 program Beyond the Mic with Mike Bullard.[9]


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