Further-eastern European Time

Further-eastern European Time
Time zones of Europe:
blue Western European Time (UTC+0)
Western European Summer Time (UTC+01:00)
light blue Western European Time (UTC+0)
red Central European Time (UTC+01:00)
Central European Summer Time (UTC+02:00)
yellow Eastern European Time (UTC+02:00)
Eastern European Summer Time (UTC+03:00)
orange Further-eastern European Time (UTC+03:00)
light green Moscow Time (UTC+04:00)
Light colours indicate countries that do not observe summer time: Algeria, Belarus, Iceland, Russia, Tunisia.

Further-eastern European Time (FET) (Kaliningrad Time in Kaliningrad Oblast in Russia, Minsk Time in Belarus) is since September 2011 defined as three hours ahead of UTC (UTC+03:00). It was established as the official time for the Russian Kaliningrad Oblast and then followed by Belarus.


Until 2011, Further-eastern European Time was identical to Eastern European Time (UTC+2; UTC+3 with daylight saving time). However, on 27 March 2011, Russia moved to the so called "year-round daylight saving time"[1], so that clocks would remain on what had been the summer time all year round, making Kaliningrad Time permanently set to UTC+3, peculiarly placing its time ahead of countries to its east during winter. Belarus followed Russia on September 15, 2011[2], and the same decisions was made by the Ukrainian parliament on September 20, 2011[3]. After strong criticism from the mass media, on 18 October 2011 the Ukrainian parliament cancelled its previous decision[4]. Transnistria, a breakaway territory from Moldova on the Dniester river bordering Ukraine, followed Ukraine by at first adopting Further-eastern European Time[5] but later cancelling this decision[6].

The name "Further-eastern European Time" seems to have come from work on tzdata, the Unix time zone database.[7][8]

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