The Arctic Fox Center

The Arctic Fox Center

The Arctic Fox Center (Icelandic: Melrakkasetur) is a research center with an enclosed exhibition and café in the municipality Súðavík in the Westfjords in Iceland. It focuses on the Arctic Fox (Vulpus lagopus) which is the only native terrestrial mammal in Iceland[1]. The Center was founded in 2007 by locals who are interested in the arctic fox. It has a strong emphasis on ecotourism. The center is a non-profit-partner of 1% for the planet and a member of The Wild North.

The Arctic Fox Center in Súðavík.


The house

The house is located in the new part of Súðavík, on the land of the former farm Eyrardalur. It was built in the last decade of the 19th century and has been renovated recently by the authorities of Súðavík[2].


The museum consists of two parts. The first part deals with the biology of the Arctic Fox. It contains several stuffed foxes, both blue and white foxes, as well as a beige fox. Basic informations about the distribution, genetics, diets, research, and breeding of the foxes are available in Icelandic, English, and German. The second part of the exhibition is about the Icelandic tradition of fox hunting. Several original items like traps, shotguns and additional equipment are on display. A second room is hosting legendary hunters stories, interviews and pictures[3].

The museum of the Arctic Fox Center.

Research and volunteering

The research focuses on three main fields. The interaction between foxes and tourists, the dissections on carcasses from foxhunters, and the population estimation in the Westfjords[4].

Most of the field work to observe the population and the effect of tourism is carried out in the nature reserve Hornstrandir which is a popular hiking destination. Recently other areas in the Westfjords became also subject of fieldwork. To observe the foxes several volunteers are engaged every year[5]. The aim is to establish a sustainable wildlife tourism, since there is an increasing interest of tourists in the foxes, especially to take pictures. The first studies were already published and they show the necessity to carry on[6]. In addition The Arctic Fox Center is also member of The Wild North and a non-profit-partner of 1% for the planet[7][8].

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