Maximo (wrestler)

Maximo (wrestler)
Ring name(s) Corazon de Dragon
Pepe Rous
Brazo, Jr.
Brazo de Platino, Jr.
Billed height 1.70 m (5 ft 7 in)[1]
Billed weight 92 kg (200 lb)[1]
Born November 8, 1980 (1980-11-08) (age 30)
Mexico City, Mexico[1]
Resides Mexico City, Mexico
Trained by Shadito Cruz[1]
Brazo de Plata[1]
El Hijo del Gladiador[1]
Memo Díaz[1]Franco Columbo
Debut 02000-04-02 April 2, 2000

José Christian Alvarado Ruiz[1] (Born November 8, 1980) is a Mexican Luchador or professional wrestler best known under the ring name Máximo (Spanish for "Maximus"), who has worked for the Mexican professional wrestling promotion Consejo Mundial de Lucha Libre (CMLL) for many years. Alvarado is the son of José Alvarado Nieves, who wrestles as Brazo de Plata, the grandson of Shadito Cruz and part of an extended wrestling family. Alvarado wrestles as an Exótico character, a character that appears to be homosexual but he is married to wrestler India Sioux and together they have a son.



José Christian Alvarado Ruiz was born on November 8, 1980 son of professional wrestler José Alvarado Nieves (Brazo de Plata), into an extended family of wrestlers. The young José Christian grew up watching his father and his uncles wrestle all over Mexico and wanted nothing more than become a professional wrestler himself.[2][3] He was trained for his professional wrestling debut by his grandfather Shadito Cruz and his uncle Brazo de Plata.[1] He would later on receive further training by El Hijo del Gladiador, Shocker, Memo Díaz and Franco Columbo.[1]

Professional wrestling career

Alvarado made his professional wrestling debut in April, 2000 under the ring name Corazon de Dragón ("Dragonheart") and later worked as Pepe Rous. After gaining a bit of experience he took the name "Brazo, Jr." – since his older brother was wrestling as Brazo de Plata, Jr. he played a character that was supposed to be the son of El Brazo. The two sons of Brazo de Plata teamed up with the son of Brazo de Oro who wrestled as Brazo de Oro, Jr. to form the next generation of "Los Brazos". After a few months Alvarado changed his name from Brazo, Jr. to Brazo de Platino, Jr. primarily because El Brazo's own son was training to become a wrestler himself.[2] The Junior Brazos began working for Consejo Mundial de Lucha Libre (CMLL) in 2003 before the Alvarez family decided that their sons should create characters of their own instead of being the "Junior Brazos". Brazo de Oro, Jr. became La Máscara, Brazo de Plata, Jr. became Kronos (and later "Psycho Clown" in AAA's Los Psycho Circus).[4]

José Christian Alvarado was repackaged as Máximo ("Maximus"), a character inspired by the Roman era and was supposed to team up with Los Romanos (Caligula and Mesalla) but instead he was turned into an Exótico character, a character that skirts the gender definitions and appears to be more homosexual than heterosexual. Máximo retained the "toga" look that came from his original idea but turned to pinks and purple colors to boost the Exótico image. CMLL did not have any other Exótico characters at the time, making Máximo stand out. On October 7, 2005 Máxmio won his first professional wrestling championship when he teamed up with El Sagrado and El Texano, Jr. to defeat Pandilla Guerrera (Spanish for "Gang of Warriors"; Sangre Azteca, Doctor X and Nitro) to win the Mexican National Trios Championship.[5] Over the next 569 days Texano, Jr., Sagrado and Máximo defended the Trios title against teams such as Danger, Infierno, Magnum; deposed champions Doctor X, Nitro, Sangre Azteca and the team of Arkangel, Doctor X and Misterioso II.[5] On April 29, 2007 the team lost the Mexican National Trios Title to the Los Perros del Mal ("The Evil Dogs") faction of Mr. Águila, Damián 666 and Halloween. The title change was facilitated by El Texano, Jr. turning on his partners mid-match, giving Los Perros an easy victory.[6] Not long after turning Rudo (the Lucha Libre term for heel, or villain) Texano, Jr. joined Los Perros del Mal and began a long-running, on again, off again, feud with Máximo. The storyline between Máximo and El Texano, Jr. finally ended om March 15, 2009, almost two years after it began, when Texano, Jr. defeated Máximo in two straight falls in a Lucha de Apuesta match, forcing Máximo to have all his hair shaved off after the match.[7]

Following the match Máximo stated that he was going to leave CMLL and become a freelance wrestler, stating that he was not happy that CMLL's booking team was "too focused on a single wrestler".[8] After the interview the CMLL Booking team and Máximo came to an agreement as he returned to CMLL only a short time later.[9] In the fall of 2009 Máximo began a feud with Japanese wrestler Okumura as part of a longer running "Mexico vs. Japan" storyline. Okumura and Máxmio faced off several times, usually as part of trios matches and each time the tension between the two wrestlers built. On November 5, 2009 the two faced off in a Lucha de Apuesta match, which saw Okumura win his first ever Apuesta, leaving Máximo bald in the process.[10]

In early 2010 Máximo was entered in the first ever Parejas Incredibles Nacional tournament, a tournament where CMLL teams up a Tecnico and a Rudo for a tournament where the teams represent the region they trained in. Máximo teamed up with Mr. Niebla, forming a team that was quickly nicknamed La Peste con Amour ("the Love Plague") born from Mr. Niebla being part of La Peste Negra ("the Black Plague") and Máximo's Exótico ring character. In the first round Niebla and Máximo defeated the team of Blue Panther and Misterioso II. La Peste con Amour won when Máximo kissed Panther, distracting him long enough for Mr. Niebla to sneak up behind him to roll him up for the pinfall. In the second round the team faced Atlantis and Mascara Dorada but were defeated when Máximo tried to kiss Atlantis to distract him, but ended up kissing Mr. Niebla instead, making him susceptible to a roll-up and pinfall.[11][12] Following their exit from the Parejas Incredibles tournament Máximo and Mr. Niebla continued to team up blending both of their comedic styles together for a very entertaining team.[13] La Peste con Amour stopped teaming in mid-March when Mr. Niebla reportedly suffered a knee injury. In late May, 2010 Máximo began a feud with Taichi, centered around Taichi's distaste over Máximo's homosexual ring character. The tension rose when Máximo kissed Taichi during a match, resulting in Taichi retaliating by kicking Máximo in the groin.[14] The two met in a Lucha de Apuesta, hair vs. hair match on June 6, 2010 in the main event of CMLL's 2010 Sin Salida show, which Máximo won two falls to one.[15]

The Alvarado wrestling family

José Christian Alvarado is part of a very large family of professional wrestlers all descendants of Shadito Cruz, most of who use or have used a variation of the name "Brazo" ("Arm") in their ring name. José Christian's father is José Alvarado Nieves, who wrestles as "Brazo de Plata" and he is the brother of wrestlers Psycho Clown (who used to wrestle as Brazo de Plata, Jr.), Brazo de Plata, Jr., Brazo Metallico and female wrestlers Muñeca de Plata and Goya. He is the nephew of Jesús Alvarado Nieves (Brazo de Oro), Juan Alvarado Nieves (El Brazo), José Aarón Alvarado Nieves (Brazo Cibernetico), Martín Antonio Alvarado Nieves (Super Brazo) and Daniel Alvarado Nieves (Brazo de Platino). Several of José Christian's cousins are professional wrestlers as well including La Máscara, El Brazo, Jr., Super Brazo, Jr., Robin Hood, Jr. and Andrea Alvarado.[2][3][4]

José Christian Alvarado is married to professional wrestler India Sioux and together they have a son (born August 18, 2009). India Sioux had to retire from wrestling for them to get pregnant and has not yet returned to the ring after giving birth though a Caesarean section. Alvadardo has stated that "Being a father is harder than being a wrestler".[16] India Sioux also comes from a wrestling family, including her father Hombre Bala, her brothers Hombre Bala and Corsario, Jr. her uncles Pirata Morgan, Verdugo and La Marquesa. She's the cousin of Pirata Morgan, Jr., Hijo de Pirata Morgan, Barba Roja, Perla Negra and Rey Bucanero.[3][4]

In wrestling

  • Finishing moves
  • Signature moves

Championships and accomplishments

Lucha de Apuesta record

Wager Winner Loser Location Date Notes
Hair Máximo Conde 2000 Pachuca, Hidalgo 02005-07-05 July 5, 2005 [1]
Hair Máximo César Dantés Guadalajara, Jalisco 02005-10-10 October 10, 2005 Cage Match that also included Brazo De Oro, El Texano, Jr., Máscara Mágica, Mazada, Okumura, El Terrible[1]
Hair Máximo Destroyer Acapulco, Guerrero 02006-03-15 March 15, 2006 [1]
Hair Máximo Sexy Piscis Torreón, Coahuila 02006-04-08 April 8, 2006 [1]
Hair Máximo Loco Max Mexico City, Mexico 02006-06-05 June 5, 2006 [1]
Hair Máximo Mr. Mexico Puebla, Puebla 02006-08-08 August 8, 2006 [1]
Hair Máximo Emilio Charles Jr. Mexico City, Mexico 02006-10-29 October 29, 2006 [1]
Hair Máximo Rambo Querétaro, Querétaro 02008-01-15 January 15, 2008 [1]
Hair Máximo Police Man Puebla, Puebla 02008-08-11 August 11, 2008 [1]
Hair El Texano, Jr. Máximo Guadalajara, Jalisco 02009-03-15 March 15, 2009 [7]
Hair Okumura Máximo Mexico City, Mexico 02009-11-15 November 15, 2009 [10]
Hair Máximo Taichi Mexico City, Mexico 02010-06-06 June 6, 2010 At the 2010 Sin Salida[15]
Hair El Texano, Jr. and El Terrible Brazo de Plata and Máximo Mexico City, Mexico 02011-03-18 March 18, 2011 Main event of CMLL's Homenaje a Dos Leyendas show.[17]


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