Max Delbrück (chemist)

Max Delbrück (chemist)
Max Delbrück

Portrait bust
Born 16 June 1850(1850-06-16)
Bergen auf Rügen
Died 4 May 1919(1919-05-04) (aged 68)

Max Emil Julius Delbrück (16 June 1850 Bergen auf Rügen – 4 May 1919 Berlin) was a German agricultural chemist.


He was born in Bergen. He studied chemistry in Berlin and in Greifswald. In 1872 he was made assistant at the Academy of Trades in Berlin; in 1887 he was appointed instructor at the Agricultural College, and in 1899 was given a full professorship. The researches, carried out in part by Delbrück himself, in part under his guidance, resulted in technical contributions of the highest value to the fermentation industries. He was one of the editors of the Zeitschrift für Spiritusindustrie (1867), and of the Wochenschrift für Brauerei.


He was a brother of Hans Delbrück, and therefore an uncle of the physicist Max Delbrück.