List of magical items in Fablehaven

List of magical items in Fablehaven

This is a list of the magical items in the fictional Fablehaven series.


Secret Artifacts

There are five magical and ancient artifacts that are hidden on the five secret preserves. Since Fablehaven is one of the hidden preserves, the quest in Rise of the Evening Star is to recover the artifact hidden at Fablehaven. The five artifacts are described as:

  • One can heal any ailment. - The "Sands of Sanctity"
  • One has complete control of time. - The "Chronometer"
  • One can bestow unlimited sight. - The "Oculus"
  • One has complete control over space. - The "Translocator"
  • One can bestow immortality. - The "Font of Immortality"

First Artifact: In Fablehaven: Rise of the Evening Star Warren and Kendra retrieve an artifact from the Inverted Tower. Patton Burgess identified it as The Sands of Sanctity. It is in the form of a teapot shaped like a cat, the long curved tail making the spout. This artifact, when charged by Kendra, filled with magical golden dust that heals any physical ailment. It was guarded by a monster cat that killed one character and seriously wounded several others. Once the guardian was defeated, the artifact completely healed those who were still alive, but couldn't bring the dead back to life, nor could it heal the mental wounds caused by Vanessa's bite.

Second Artifact: In Fablehaven: Grip of the Shadow Plague Kendra and Warren learn that the artifact at Lost Mesa was moved to Fablehaven by Patton Burgess. Eventually, Seth finds it in the Abandoned Mansion on the property. It is essentially a golden sphere about a foot in diameter, and covered with various buttons and dials. After Seth pushes a random button, Patton Burgess travels forward in time, and helps Kendra and Seth to overcome the Shadow Plague. He calls the device The Chronometer and explains that this artifact had power over time, and has many functions, but he has yet to discover very many of them. In book 5, Patton Burgess gave instructions on how to make the Chronometer work to send back a few individuals back in time to visit him.

Third Artifact: In Fablehaven: Secrets of the Dragon Sanctuary The Oculus is revealed as the artifact from the secret preserve in Brazil called Rio Branco. It is the artifact that bestows unlimited sight. In appearance is it a multi-faceted crystal sphere small enough to hold in your hand. Kendra personally experiences its power, and is shown incredible things. The effect was dizzying, and it ultimately overpowers the mind of the viewer leaving them in a vegetative state. Kendra is shown everything, which eventually includes the Fairy Queen, who helps her break the connection, saving her from insanity.

Fourth Artifact: In Fablehaven: Keys to the Demon Prison The Translocator is revealed to be located on a remotely located preserve in Australia called Obsidian Waste. It is the artifact that gives power over space. The key to the vault was located in the well guarded Dragon Temple at Wyrmroost. The key was an 80 pound iron orb about the size of a pineapple. The artifact was hidden inside the key. It is described as a platinum cylinder with three sections. The center one can be twisted which will transport three persons to any location the one twisting has ever been simply by thinking of it.

Fifth Artifact: In Fablehaven: Keys to the Demon Prison the final secret artifact, the "Font of Immortality", is located in Living Mirage the fifth and final secret preserve. It is in appearance, a unicorn horn with an enameled alabaster goblet at one end, and a sturdy base at the other end. The Sphinx obtained the artifact centuries before and has been using it to stay alive ever since. He explains that if you sip from the goblet once a week you will stop aging. If he missed a week, he would turn into dust.


Only one wand was used in Fablehaven, and appears in Fablehaven: Rise of the Evening Star. This holly wand is given by Coulter to Seth, as a means to protect themselves against a revenant. Seth was to hold the wand up high, and it emitted a light from the tip. It was not used for spells.


Potions were introduced in Fablehaven by Potion Master Tanu. He demonstrates to Kendra and Seth some potions that manipulate one's emotions. Seth defeats the Revenant with the aid of a Courage potion. Tanu describes other potions that can make the drinker shrink or enlarge. Kendra and Seth use a shrinking potion to sneak into the hijacked house through the brownie doors. Another potion will turn the drinker's body gaseous. Tanu and Seth used this potion to escape hostile beings, and it helped save Warren's life. One potion makes the drinker fire-resistant, and another is an antidote to most poisons. All potions are made from ingredients which are usually by-products of magical creatures. Viola the milch cow provides many ingredients. Tanu is able to collect some powerful ingredients from Agad the wizard, and from dead dragons at the dragon sanctuary.

Magic Silver Ball

To demonstrate the power of a distractor spell, Coulter shows Kendra and Seth a silver ball, about the size of a baseball. With the distractor spell it is very hard to grab because it always redirects your focus to something else. The only people in the book that can retrieve the ball are Kendra and Coulter; Kendra, because ever since becoming fairykind, she is immune to mind control spells, and Coulter because he has practiced concentrating on something next to the ball but keep the ball in the back of his mind. Once he is focusing on something near the ball, and he glimpses the ball, he snatches it before becoming distracted. Distractor spells are used in the books primarily as border protections to magical preserves.

Coulter's Walking Stick

In book 2 before a particularly dangerous adventure Coulter is shown carrying a walking stick with a slingshot at the top. It is unknown if the walking stick is truly magical, but we can assume it is since it belongs to Coulter, a magical artifacts collector and expert.

Magic Cocoon

The Magic Cocoon is another item owned by Coulter. He explains that there is a certain species of pixie in Norway that hibernate in special cocoons in the winter. Properly treated, these cocoons can become valuable items. Biting down hard on the cocoon makes it instantly expand and envelop the biter. It becomes an impregnable shelter, keeping the occupant safe from any outside threat. The inner walls are edible, and enough oxygen filters through to keep the occupant comfortable. Coulter saves Seth's life by giving him the cocoon before the Revenant overtakes them. He is still protected in the cocoon when Olloch the Glutton devours him.

Magic Knots

Magic knots have their first appearance in book 1. These knots keep Muriel the witch and Bahumat the demon captive, but can be untied with a blow upon them, while saying "Of my own free will, I sever this knot". The primary reason anyone would untie a knot would be that once untied, the one held captive by the knot can manipulate the magic that was released from the knot to grant the untier a wish. If all the knots binding a prisoner are loosened, the captive creature is freed.

The Fairy Queen's Shrine

The Fairy Queen's shrine is a statue that is very small, (fairy size) and first appears in the first book. The Fairy Queen tells Kendra to take a bowl by the statue and combine her, (the Fairy Queen's) tears, with milk from Viola the cow and blood from Kendra and Viola, since she was not sure whose to use. This made a potion that allowed her to create an army of human-sized fairies to aid herself in defeating a demon and saving Fablehaven. The statue is also a key figure in Fablehaven: Grip of the Shadow Plague when Kendra again seeks the Fairy Queen's help to defeat the Shadow Plague. The Fairy Queen destroys the shrine and uses its energy to form a pebble filled with light energy that needs to be touched to the nail to stop the plague. Another shrine is found at Wyrmroost during the fourth book. Other confirmed shrines are at preserves called Stony Vale, Living Mirage (though there is a large iron dome on top of it), and Shoreless Island.

Umite Wax Markers and Candles

Umites are sprites that live in the rain-forest in hive-like colonies and make honey and wax like bees. Their wax is used to make candles and markers. If you write with a marker made of their wax, you can't wipe it off, and you can only see what you wrote in the light of properly enchanted candle made from this wax. Vanessa gives a set to Kendra, and they use them to write secret messages to each other as a plot element of the story. Patton Burgess used umite wax markers to write the Journal of Secrets in a secret fairy language and Kendra must use umite candles to read the book.

The Copper Rod

The Sphinx, testing Kendra's new abilities, had her recharge a pair of magical copper rods. Once recharged, they allowed the holders to switch places. The Sphinx used it at the end of "Grip of the Shadow Plague" to escape the Knights of the Dawn.

The Thief's Net

The thief's net is a magical net rigged to spring out and bind a potential burglar. Grandpa uses one to catch someone attempting to steal the artifact key in book 2.

Gravity Rods

In "Rise of the Evening Star" Warren and Kendra reach the end of the inverted tower - an enormous chamber that contains Fablehaven's secret artifact in the middle of the floor. Kendra and Warren enter on a catwalk at the top of the room and discover the Gravity Rods. They essentially change the direction of gravitational pull for the holder. They are made out of ivory with one tip colored black. When holding a rod, if the black tip is up, gravity pulls down, but when the rod is turned so the black tip is pointing down, gravity is reversed and you fall upwards. If the black tip is up slightly, you are only pulled down slightly, and vice versa. If the rod is held horizontally, than the user will be in a state of zero gravity, so he or she is pulled neither up nor down. Kendra and Warren use these rods to defeat the artifact guardian and retrieve the magical artifact.

The Golden Mask

The Golden Mask is used by the captain of the Knights of Dawn. The Golden mask can see through all the silver masks, revealing their identity. It also changes the wearer's voice.

The Rain Stick

The Rain Stick was first seen on top of Lost Mesa, being used by a kachina resembling lean shaggy man with the head of a coyote. He was using it to create stormy weather during the monsoon season. After being attacked by Gavin, the kachina dropped the stick, which was in the form of a long staff with feathers and rattles attached to it. Gavin gave it to Kendra, calling it her 'souvenir'. Back in Fablehaven, Coulter tested the stick and discovered it to truly be a magical weather stick, which can create stormy weather from a clear blue sky just by shaking it. He told Kendra of its power and value. It also plays a role near the end of the fourth book, causing a storm to allow members of the expedition to the dragon sanctuary riding griffins to escape from ambushing dragons.

Dizzy Crystal

Tanu mentions in Book 3 that Coulter has a crystal that causes those around it to become dizzy, (though apparently not its holder). It was used to disorient attacking dark fairies.

Transdimentional Tub

In Book 3 Tanu reports that he placed a special tub on the fallen preserve in Brazil. Coulter describes that it shares the same space as a similar tub in the attic. He demonstrates the tub with two tin cans that have the same magical properties. He drops a quarter in one can, and the same quarter was removed from the other can. The tub was placed in Brazil to hopefully aid Maddox Fisk in escaping from the fallen preserve.

The Revenant's Nail

In Book 2 this dark magical nail is in the neck of the Revenant and the source of its power. Seth pulls it out, destroying the Revenant. However after he pulled it out the nail left a mark on him giving him "powers of the night". After the Sphinx removes him from the Quiet Box, the dragon prince Navarog stole the nail and brought it to Kurisock and Ephira. Once getting the nail, they embedded it into Ephira's tree and used it to create the Shadow Plague that almost destroyed Fablehaven.


In Book 4 Kendra escapes being kidnapped with the aid of a magical knapsack. It contains an extra-dimensional space, a small hidden room accessed though the flap and down a ladder. It is large enough to keep storage, or hold several people at a time. Once inside the knapsack the occupants will feel no movement or jostling. In Fablehaven: Secrets of the Dragon Sanctuary, the knapsack is burned, with Warren still in it, sealing the entrance to the extra-dimensional space. In Book 5, Kendra returns to the knapsack with the help of the Translocater, one of the 5 artifacts, to rescue him.

Unicorn Horn

Unicorns grow three horns and shed them much like baby teeth. The key to Wyrmroost was a first horn shed by a unicorn. Seth stole the only known one from the centaurs at Fablehaven. It turned out to be Bracken's. Its magical properties include purifying all that it touches, such as purging poison and curing infections. All unicorn horns emanate extreme guilt that render a thief incapable of stealing the horn. The final artifact at the Living Mirage preserve, the Font of Immortality, was crafted out of Bracken's third horn. Unicorn horns are what give unicorns most of their power. In the fifth book, Bracken only had minimal magical abilities without his horns.

Magical Figurines

When Thronis, the sky giant, has Seth and his group captive in book 4, he promises to help them and let them go free if they bring back five magical figurines. These figurines are a red stone dragon, a white marble snow giant, a jade chimera, an onyx tower, and an agate leviathan (sea monster). When Seth returns with the figurines, Thronis explains that the red dragon grows into an obedient dragon servant if it is placed in a fire and has the proper magic words spoken over it. The marble snow giant grows into a real snow giant and becomes an obedient servant when placed in snow with the proper magic words. The jade chimera can be transformed in a similar fashion, as can the onyx tower and the agate leviathan. Thronis keeps the dragon, snow giant, and chimera for himself and lets Seth have the tower and leviathan because he would not be able to fit in the tower, and he does not live near the sea.


This super-strong metal is a spell forged, magical alloy that has surprisingly light weight, amazing hardness, and virtual indestructibility. Armor composed of adamant cannot be bent, pierced, or broken in any way. Weapons made with adamant are sharper and more deadly than normal weapons. In book four an adamant sword cuts through dragon scales as if they were made of cardboard, and an adamant breastplate resists the swipe of a dragon claw without a scratch.

Mirav's Chains

In book 5, Mirav the wizard uses magic chains that, like snakes, wind around a person to prevent them from escaping.

Truth Chain

The name of this item was not given, but essentially it is a magical collar placed around one's neck. It is magically programmed to lethally constrict if the wearer tells a lie. The wizard Agad places one of these chains on the neck of Thronis, the Sky Giant. Thronis is unable to remove it, so has accepted his fate to simply never tell a lie. He places similar chains on the necks of the team sent to retrieve the Key from the Dragon Temple, to ensure they also bring to him the five magical figurines.

Tauran Maze

Used by the Fablehaven centaurs to guard Bracken's first horn, this maze is completely invisible. Seth can see it, since he is a shadow charmer. If someone touches the walls, they are struck down and an alarm sounds.

Sage's Gauntlets

These powerful armored gloves give the wearer power to control dragons, though they are very difficult to master. They are heavily guarded in the treasure chamber deep in the Dragon Temple, and nearly any dragon would do absolutely anything without a second thought to protect or regain them.


Also known as the Sword of Light and Darkness, and is one of the six fabled blades of a magical age. It reflects and reinforces the heart and mind of the wielder, which for the Wizard Morisant and his wicked intentions, led to his destruction. The sword can only be given away voluntarily, which is how Morisant gave it to Seth. Once yielded, the sword shone red and blazed with fire in Seth's hand. His emotions and power were magnified, making him, in Morisant's words, "most formidable."

The Bell, Whistle, and Music Box

These items are necessary and magically enhanced to secure passage on the ghost ship Lady Luck. Seth must obtain them from a leprechaun named Cormac at Fablehaven.

Warren's Amulet

Warren is given a magical amulet that protects him by preventing other minds from scrutinizing his. The Sphinx gave it to him along with keys to help him escape Living Mirage.

Homing Canister

The homing canister is a device used to convey secret communications. It will carry a message to the intended recipient by flying to them much like a homing pigeon. The Larsens communicated via homing canister in Book 5.

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