Dvaita Forest

Dvaita Forest

Dvaita Forest or Dvaitavana (द्वैतवन) was situated to the south of the Kamyaka Forest. It contained within it a lake called the Dwaita lake, abounding with flowers, and delightful to look at, and inhabited by many species of birds, elephants and many trees (3,24). It was on the south-western outskirts of Kurujangala and thus the whole of the Kuru Kingdom. It was situated near the borders of the desert (northern extension of the Thar desert into Haryana) (3,176). It also lay on the banks of the Saraswati River (known there as the Bhogavati) (3-24,176). The holy fig, the Rudraksha, the Rohitaka, the cane and the jujube, the catechu, the Shirisha, the Bel, the Inguda, the Karira, the Pilu and Sami trees grew on the banks of the Saraswati (3,176).


The Pandavas' stay in the Dvaita Forest

First time

The Pandavas during the initial years of their 12 year exile to the forests, came to the Dvaita Forest from the Kamyaka woods, to avoid frequent visits from the people of Kurujangala. It was the close of summer at that time (the 1st time) (3,24). They then went back to Kamyaka again (3,50).

Second time

After their pilgrimage, and after the return of Arjuna from the northern Himalayas, they came back to the Dvaita Forest for a second time (3,176). Then Duryodhana came to see the Pandavas living in distress at Dwaita. He camped 4 miles away from the Dwaita lake (3,237). He came there in the pretence of inspecting the cattle-stations of the Kauravas in the vicinity. When he reached the Dwaita lake, the Gandharvas imprisoned him; he was released by the intervention of the Pandavas (2,244).

Third Time

Owing to the decline of the deer population, the Pandavas again shifted to the Kamyaka Forest (3,256). They came again to the Dvaita woods (for a 3rd time) during their last (12th) year of exile and forest life (3-176,308). Then they asked their followers to leave the forest and themselves left for the Matsya Kingdom to spend their 13th year of exile anonymously (3-313)

Balarama during his pilgrimage along the Saraswati River had visited the Dvaita lake (9,37).

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