State Investigation and Protection Agency

State Investigation and Protection Agency
State Investigation and Protection Agency
Državna agencija za istrage i zaštitu
Државна агенција за истрагу и заштиту
Agency overview
Formed 2002
Preceding agency Information and Protection Agency
Headquarters Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Agency executives Mirko Lujić, Director
Marko Dominković, Deputy Director
Anđelko Hrgić, Associate Director
Mirza Lišinović, Associate Director

The State Investigation and Protection Agency (SIPA) (Bosnian, Croatian, Serbian: Državna agencija za istrage i zaštitu, SIPA Cyrillic script: Државна агенција за истрагу и заштиту, СИПА) is the official state police agency of Bosnia and Herzegovina.[1] SIPA is under the direct administration of the Ministry of Security of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BIH MIS). SIPA is vital to the security of Bosnia and Herzegovina because most other police forces are divided among ethnic lines.



In accordance with the Law on State Investigation and Protection Agency and in accordance with other regulations, this Agency performs tasks within its jurisdiction throughout the state of Bosnia and Herzegovina. SIPA is the basic tool of stability and the tool for making the people of Bosnia and Herzegovina feel safe.

The facts about SIPA tell all about its successfulness; these facts include the arrests of the persons suspected of committing war crimes, successful investigations of money-laundering activities, of organized crime and terrorism, of provision of witnesses with protection and support, of the formation and development of a special unit. All of these are just some of the examples that illustrate how successful an agency SIPA is and has been ever since it was founded till the present day.


SIPA started off with just three employees, whereas today it has over 850 employees working in 11 organizational units at the headquarters of the agency and in 4 regional offices- in Sarajevo, Tuzla, Banja Luka, Mostar. Through the activities they carry out, the employees of the Agency provide hope in the better and safer future for all the citizens of B&H.


Through its activities, SIPA provides a safer environment and opportunities for a normal life for all the citizens of B&H. By working together with colleagues from other security agencies and also with partners from international community, SIPA does all in its power to make B&H, Europe and the whole world a much safer place to live.


SIPA Units are equipped like most couter-terrorist units around the world- a vast array of specialized firearms including Yugoslavian-made 7.62 mm and 5.56 mm assault rifles such as AK74 and AK74u, M4 rifle, Heckler & Koch MP5, H&K G3, G36, various sniper rifles, CZ 99, Glock 17, riot control agents, stun grenades, specialized equipment including heavy body armor, entry tools, night vision optics, Hummer, BRDM-2, Iveco LMVs, Toyota Land Cruisers, VW Golf, VW Transporter and Mercedes-Benz G-270 vehicles. For aerial insertion the main mode of transport are 3 Jet Ranger, 2 Bell 212 twin, 1 Mil Mi-8, 4 Soko Gazelle Gama and 1 UH-1H.

International stance

Because they recognized the importance of the agency, many ambassadors and representatives from international organizations visited SIPA. Some Embassies even donated equipment and other material and technical support. SIPA cooperates, on regular basis, with EUPM and ICITAP, the result of which are the tasks performed in accordance with international standards and also the staff trained at some of the most renown police institutions throughout the world.


  • SIPA is a government agency within the Ministry of Security of B&H. It has operational independence; it was founded for the purpose of doing police work. The head of SIPA is its Director.
  • SIPA works on the basis of professionalism, without representing, protecting or undermining the interests of any political party, or any registered organization or society, any constituent peoples or any other peoples in B&H.
  • After adopting the following set of laws in 2004, out of the Agency for Information and Protection SIPA turned into a police body:
    • Law on State Investigation and Protection Agency,
    • Law on Police Employees,
    • Law on Prevention of Money Laundering,
    • Law on the Protection of Threatened and Endangered Witnesses,
    • Law on Witness Protection Program in B&H, etc.

Within the area of its legally determined jurisdiction, SIPA deals with prevention, detection and investigations of organized crime, terrorism and illegal trade - ABHO, war crimes and acts punishable according to the international war and humanitarian law, people trafficking, as well as all other crimes within the jurisdiction of the Court of B&H.

SIPA provides help for the Court and the Office of the Prosecutor of B&H, it deals with physical and technical protection of people, of buildings and other property protected under the Law on SIPA; it also deals with witness protection, prevention of money laundering as well as other tasks determined by law and by other regulations.

Future priorities

  • the fight against organized crime
  • investigations of terrorism and terrorist activities
  • money laundering and financing of terrorist activities
  • investigations of war crimes and arrests of the persons suspected of committing war crimes


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