Drill Sergeant Mindstrong

Drill Sergeant Mindstrong
Drill Sergeant Mindstrong
Drill Sergeant Mindstrong Coverart.png
Developer(s) Xseed Games
Publisher(s) Xseed Games
Platform(s) Wii (WiiWare)
Release date(s)
  • JP April 14, 2009
  • NA June 22, 2009
  • PAL February 19, 2010
Genre(s) Party
Mode(s) Single-player, Multiplayer
Media/distribution Download

Drill Sergeant Mindstrong (Brain Cadets in the PAL region) is a military recruit training-themed party video game developed by Xseed Games for WiiWare. It was released in Japan on April 14, 2009, in North America on June 22, 2009[1] and in the PAL regions on February 19, 2010.



Players compete against each other in a series of edutainment-orientated minigames led by the titular drill instructor. These minigames include shooting numbers to complete a math problem or swinging the Wii Remote in rhythm to a march.

If players make mistakes during each minigame, it increases the anger level of the drill sergeant. Players who make four mistakes will then be forced to complete a separate "punishment" minigame before they can continue. Extra points are given for successive correct answers, and after each round each player is given a "a brain power rank" based on their performance ranging from Private to Field Marshal.


Nintendo Life thought the game had a few interesting ideas, but were put off by the simplistic gameplay and mediocre presentation.[2] Wiiloveit.com praised the "more competitive nature", making it stand out from other brain training games. The reviewer felt there should've been more activities, and was also slightly put off by the "gloomy" presentation, but still found it to be a "moderately-fun party game".[3]


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