Gato Eveready

Gato Eveready
Gato Eveready
Ring name(s) Morfo
Billy Jean
Jimmy Boy
Gato Eveready
El Gato
Billed height 1.74 m (5 ft 8 12 in)[1]
Billed weight 79 kg (170 lb)[1]
Born July 23, 1975 (1975-07-23) (age 36)
Mexico City, Mexico[1]
Trained by El Picudo
Debut April, 1998

Víctor Manuel Soto Flores (born July 23, 1975) is a Mexican Luchador or professional wrestler currently working under the ring name Alan and also under a mask as the enmascarado Drago. Soto is best known by his previous ring name Gato Eveready or simply El Gato, under which he was an unofficial member of the wrestling group Real Fuerza Aérea. He is also known for his time working as "Alan", one third of a group called Los Barrio Boys. He has worked for the majority of his career for the Mexican professional wrestling promotion Asistencia Asesoría y Administración (AAA).


Professional wrestling career

Victor Soto made his professional wrestling debut in April, 1998 on an Asistencia Asesoría y Administración (AAA) show, under the name Morfo. Later on his ring name was changed to "Jimmy Boy" and he was teamed up with Billy and Vangelis to form a Boy band inspired group called Los Spice Boys. At TripleMania VII Jimmy Boy, Billy and Vangelis defeated Los Payasos (Coco Amarillo, Coco Rojo and Coco Verde) in one of the undercard matches.[2] At the 2000 Guerra de Titanes event Los Spice Boys lost to Los Vatos Locos (Espiritu, Nygma, Picudo and Silver Cat).[3]

Los Barrio Boys

In 2001 his gimmick was changed to Alan and he was made part of a group called Los Barrio Boys along with Billy Boy (formerly known as "Spice Boy" Billy) and Decnis. The team worked extensive storyline feuds with Los Diabólicos (Ángel Mortal, Mr. Condór and Marabunta) and with AAA trainer Gran Apache to help the young team improve their in ring skills, especially the storyline with Gran Apache would shape the development of Los Barrio Boys over the years. On September 16, 2001 Los Barrio Boys made their first major show appearance as they wrestled the team of Milano Collection AT, Oyanagai Nitohei and an unknown partner to a draw at Verano de Escandalos.[4] A few months later Los Barrio Boys teamd with Ice Cream to defeat Los Diabolicos and Police Man in the opening match of Guerra de Titanes.[5] On December 12, 2002 Los Barrio Boys teamed up with Oscar Sevilla to defeat Los Vatos Locos to win the Mexican National Atómicos Championship.[6] The team had one successful title defense, defeating Hator, Monje Negro, Jr., El Potro and Ben Hur on April 6, 2003[7] On July 18, 2003 the team lost the Atómicos title back to Los Vatos Locos but would regain them under a month later when they defeated Los Vatos Locos on August 8, 2003.[6] Sevilla and Los Barrio Boys successfully defended the Atómicos title against Los Exoticos (Pimpinela Escarlata, May Flowers, Polvo de Estrellas and Sexy Francis) on October 26, 2003.[7] Their second, and final run with the Mexican National Atómicos title ended on August 20, 2004 when they were defeated by The Black Family (Chessman, Ozz, Cuervo and Escoria, ending their combined reigns at 606 days in total.[6] On December 5, 2004 Los Barrio Boys won a four way match against The Black Family, Los Kumbria Kids and Los Espantapajaros at Guerra de Titanes.[8]

By 2007 Los Barrio Boys feud with Gran Apache led to both Alan and Decnis turning against Billy Boy, attacking him and turning Rudó (bad guy or Heel in wrestling terms). Alan and Decnis even sided with Gran Apache for a while. After a few months Decnis decided to join a group called Guapos VIP, leaving Alan alone. Once the storyline with Billy Boy ended Alan turned tecnico (good guy or Face) and formed a new Barrio Boys group. Alan began teaming with Kevin, Javi and Ricky. The team only worked in opening matches and soon after Alan left the group all together.

Gato Eveready / El Gato

In 2008 Victor Soto began working as Gato Eveready, a masked character sponsored by the Eveready Battery. Originally another wrestler worked under the mask but Alan took over in the spring of 2008 and plays the character to this day, while occasionally working as Alan as well. Soto's first verified appearance as Gato Eveready came at AAA's 2008 Reina de Reina show, teaming with Aero Star, El Ángel and Pegasso in a loss to Los Piratas (Pirata Morgan, Pirata Morgan, Jr. El Hijo de Pirata Morgan and Barbe Roja).[9] As Gato Eveready Soto often teams up with members of group Real Fuerza Aérea, although he has not yet officially been announced as a member of the group. On October 24, 2008 Gato Eveready was one of thirteen men participating in the annual Copa Antonio Peña tournament at the 2008 Antonio Peña Memorial show but was eliminated by Histeria in the first match of the Copa.[10] In 2009 Gato Eveready has spent most of his time losing to Los Psycho Circus (Murder Clown, Monster Clown and Psycho Clown) in random six-man tag team matches or in a storyline where Exotico Pimpinela Escarlata made several advances towards him. In February 2011 Soto's ring name was simplified to El Gato, after Eveready Battery ended their sponsorship deal with AAA.[11][12]


On April 20, 2011, Soto debuted under a new character Drago and was given a major push as a tecnico fighting for AAA in the war against La Sociedad and Los Bizarros.[13][14] Drago then joined forces with La Parka, Dark Cuervo, Dark Espíritu and Dark Ozz to form El Inframundo ("The Underworld").[15] On October 9 at Héroes Inmortales, La Parka turned rudo and jumped to Los Perros del Mal, effectively dissolving El Inframundo.[16]

In wrestling

  • Finishing moves

Championships and accomplishments

Luchas de Apuestas record

Wager Winner Loser Location Date Notes
Hair Alan Tony Cirio Unknown Unknown  
Hair Vangelis Alan Huamantla 02002-08-13 August 13, 2002 Cage Match with Los Warriors (Kevin, Brandon, Vangelis) vs Los Barrio Boys (Alan, Decnis, Billy Boy)


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