Dolly Varden (costume)

Dolly Varden (costume)
Music sheet cover depicting women wearing Dolly Varden costumes.

A Dolly Varden costume is a woman's outfit that was briefly fashionable from about 1869 to 1875 in Britain and America.



Dolly Varden is a character from Charles Dickens's 1839 historical novel Barnaby Rudge set in 1780. The Dolly Varden costume was a 1870s version of fashions of the 1770s and 1780s.


The term Dolly Varden in dress is generally understood to mean a brightly patterned, usually flowered, dress with a polonaise overskirt gathered up and draped over a separate underskirt.[1] The overdress was typically made from printed cotton or chintz, although it can be made from other materials such as lightweight wool, silk and muslin. A 1869 fashion doll in the collection of the V&A Museum of Childhood is dressed in the Dolly Varden mode; unusually the outfit is in dark colours.[2] The Gallery of Costume in Manchester holds a more typical Dolly Varden dress in its collections, made of white linen with a pink and mauve flowered print.[3]

A Dolly Varden hat as it relates to the dress, is usually understood to mean a flat straw hat trimmed with flowers and ribbons, very like the 18th century bergère hat.

Popular culture

The 'Dolly Varden' fashion fad inspired many popular songs, such as G.W. Moore's Dressed In A Dolly Varden and Alfred Lee's novelty song Dolly Varden (published Cleveland, 1872) which contains the lyrics:

Have you seen my little girl? She doesn’t wear a bonnet.
She’s got a monstrous flip-flop hat with cherry ribbons on it.
She dresses in bed furniture just like a flower garden
A blowin’ and a growin’ and they call it Dolly Varden..[4]

In the 1870s, the Theatre Royal in London presented an entertainment called The Dolly Varden Polka, composed by W.C. Levey.[5]

The fashion led to the naming of the Dolly Varden trout.


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