Dnipro (magazine)

Dnipro (magazine)
Dnipro magazine
Dnipro magazine logo
Editor Mykola Lukiv
Categories Literature
Frequency monthly
Circulation 5500 copies
First issue 1927
Company Editorial board of the Dnipro magazine LLC
Country Ukraine
Based in 38-44 Degtyarivska St., Kyiv
Language Ukrainian
Website dnipro-ukr.com.ua
ISSN 0130-321X

Dnipro — monthly color reader’s belles-lettres magazine.



1927the Molodniak Magazine started its publication in Kharkiv. The founder is — CC LCUYU (Lenin Communist Union of Youth of Ukraine; Ukrainian: ЦК ЛКСМУ).

1935 — The first issue of magazine in Kyiv.

1937 — The magazine was renamed into Molodyi Bilshovyk.

1944 — Got its well-know title — Dnipro.

The magazine gained its authentic fame in sixties. At that time its pages included the literary works of Lina Kostenko, Ivan Drach, Borys Oliynyk, Ivan Svitlychnyi, Ivan Dzuba, Grygoriy Tyutyunnyk, Volodymyr Drosd — those, who because of their beliefs suffered from oppressions and repressions, but still were faithful to their ideas.

The Editors-in-Chief of the magazine were such famous Ukrainian figures as P. Usenko, A.Malyshko, M. Rudenko, O. Pidsukha, D. Tkach, I. Statyvka, U. Mushketyk, V. Brovchenko, V. Kolomiets. Among them there were three Heroes of Ukraine: Mykola Rudenko, Borys Oliynyk, Yuriy Mushketyk.[1]

1984 — The Editor-in-Chief of editorial board of the Dnipro Magazine became a well-know Ukrainian poet, lyricist, writer, prizewinner of many All-Ukrainian and international artistic awards – Mykola Volodymyrovych Lukiv.[1][2]

1990 — The magazine is issued with the support of Ukrainian Fund of Culture.

1994 — The editorial board of the Dnipro Magazine prints Ukrainske Slovo, 4-volume reading book, which consists of works of Ukrainian literature and critique of XX century.

Since 2009 — the magazine has been issued by the "Editorial board of the Dnipro magazine" LLC.

File:Dnipro 2011.jpg
The Dnipro Magazine in 2011

Nowadays, The Dnipro Magazine is the periodical of twentieth- and twenty first-century of Ukrainian literature. Throughout its history, the magazine has positioned itself as the youth publication. Such editorial policy has been maintained until the present day. It was the first magazine which changed the view of the format of the literary periodicals.

Specialization of edition

The magazine focuses on the tastes of the contemporary reader. It presents the following rubrics:

  • Prose (fantasy, mysticism, incredible love stories, erotic, adventure materials, detective stories, humor);
  • Contemporary poetry (poetry contests are held, encouraging the poets to look for the new and surprising themes);
  • Drama (modern Ukrainian plays, along with the articles that highlight the latest trends of the Ukrainian theatrical process; interviews with the significant dramatists, producers and actors; articles dedicated to the drama theory, genre classification and reviews of the current theatrical festivals);
  • Molodniak (history of the formation not only the periodical itself, but the creation of the whole rich Ukrainian literary heritage, interesting historical events, description of the lives of Ukrainian outstanding artists, poets, writers);
  • Critique (reviews of the literary competitions, analytical articles on different subjects, topical outlines, analysis of one work of art published in the magazine);
  • "Do VUS" (witty and apt Ukrainian synonyms);
  • Nobelivka (creative work of the best artists of world literature).

Authors and works published in the magazine

The Dnipro Magazine gives the opportunity to realize creative potential and make oneself known in the literary circle. These days, the periodical publishes the works of the well-known contemporaries and young writers, such as O. Iranets (critique of In Search of the Castaways ), B. Oliynyk, O. Zabuzhko (Off-site poem etc.), M. Kidruk (Class city narration, Moe pershe kuliove poranennia (My first bullet wound), Valeriy and Natalia Lapikury (detectives from the series of Inspector i kava (Inspector and coffee) ), I. Pavlyuck (Rezervatsiya (Reservation) novel), A. Kokotiukha, critical article Ukraina u poshukah detektyvu (Ukraine in search of detectives), fantast Oleksiy Tymoshenko (Hudozhnyk (Artist) narration).

In its time it was the Dnipro Magazine which published the poetry of Pavlo Tychyna, Maksym Rylsky, Andriy Malyshko. This periodical was the first to issue the narrative Molodist (Youth) by O. Boychenko, the novel Narodzheni bureyu (Born of the Storm) by O. Ostrovskiy (in Ukrainian). Dnipro included the works of V. Sosiura, A. Golovko, P. Panch, M. Bazhan, V. Sobko, O. Donchenko, V. Zemliak. O. Gonchar, U. Zbanatskyi, I. Drach appeared on the pages of the magazine and the works of such artists as M. Vingranovskyi, E. Gutsalo, B. Oliynick, V. Drozd etc. were published.

Also, Ivan Sanchenko, Mykola Rudenko, Mykhailo Rudenko, Mykhailo Girnyk, V. Kucher, V. Zemliak, M. Nagnybida, K. Zhurba, Pavlo Zagrebelnyi, V. Tkachenko, V. Babliak, A. Horunzhyi, A. Dimarov were the authors of the magazine.

Dnipro printed the works of the Ukrainian Soviet writers that were not published at the time of repression of the 20th -30th and stagnation at the end of the 60th – beginning of the 80th: narrative Liubov and Kreshchatyk (Love and Kreshchatyk) by I. Sanchenko, poetical tragicomedy Zmova v Kyevi (Plot in Kyiv) by E. Pluzhnyk, play Arkhitektor Shalko (Architect Salko) by Ya. Mamontov, poetry of V. Sosiura, V. Mysyk, B. Antonenko-Davydovych, V. Stus, diaries of O. Dovzhenko, V. Symonenko.

The magazine published the novel Zhyva Voda (Live water) by Yuriy Yanovskyi, narrative Zemlya gude (Earth drones), essay Charivnyk slova (Magician of word) by Oles Honchar, movie-essay Poema pro more by Oleksandr Dovzhenko, novel Volyn by B. Harchuk, excerpts from the diary Dumy moi, Dumy moi by Ostap Vyshnia, outline Molod’ ide vpered (Youth steps forward) by G. Snegiriov, and also the poetry of Lina Kostenko, Vasyl Symonenko, Borys Oliynyk, M. Klymenko, V. Luchuk, R. Bratun’ etc.

Dnipro contains the investigations of D. Yavornytskyi about I. Sirko, articles by Symon Petliura, works Vidrodzhennya natsii (Renascence of Nation) by V. Vynnychenko, Necropol’ Ukrainy (Necropolis of Ukraine) and Istoriya Rusiv (History of the Rus) by M. Kutynskyi, Avtobiographiya (Autobiography) by M. Kostomarov etc., and works of the writers of Ukrainian Diaspora.

For the first time all literary works of Oleksandr Dovzhenko were published in Dnipro, and the author had been collaborating with the magazine until his last days. Dnipro printed the last novel of Mykhailo Stelmakh Chotyry Brody (Four fords) which highlighted the events of Holodomor in 1932-33.

Dnipro helped to bring back to Ukraine the writers, who were repressed and whose names were forgotten, who had been writing outside Ukraine, but in Ukrainian - Olena Teliga, Ivan Bahrianyi (novels Sad Hetsymans'kyi (Hetman’s garden), Tyhrolovy and Liudyna bizhyt’ nad prirvoyu (Human runs beyond the abyss), Ulas Samchuk, (novel Volyn, reminiscences Na bilomu koni (On the white horse)), Yevhen Malaniuk, Yuriy Klen, L. Mosendz, Vasyl Barka and many others.

Due to the publication results, the magazine published 4-volume reading book of twentieth century Ukrainian literature and literary critique Ukrainske Slovo (Ukrainian Word) with the total circulation of 600 thousands of copies that were sent to the libraries of schools and higher educational establishments of Ukraine.

Literary critique

The articles by Ivan Dziuba, V. Ivanysenko, Ivan Svitlychnyi appeared at the end of the 50th - in the 60th ; they inspected the current literary process and the creative works of particular writers. An interesting discussion took place on the pages of the magazine between I. Dziuba, M. Stelmakh and I. Boychak about the creative work of V. Zemliak.

In 19801990, the Dnipro prints the articles of V. Fashchenko, Lada Fedorovska, Galyna Gordasevych, V. Bazylevskyi, V. Yaremenko, M. Shalata, V. Chuiko etc. The magazine published the works Sobor i navkolo niogo… (Cathedral and round it….), Sprava Vasylia Zakharchenka, (Case of Vasyl’ Zakharchenko) Davaite pogovorymo vidverto… (Let’s speak frankly…), Sprava V. Ivanysenko (Case of V. Ivanysenko) by V. Koval. The magazine printed the article called Phenomen doby (Phenomenon of age) by V. Stus, poems Z taborovogo zoshyta (From the exercise-book of camp), non-published works of V. Symonenko, poem from the archives of KDB Atomnyi tsvyntar (Atom cemetery) by M. Rudenko.


The magazine includes the illustrations and reproductions from the works of such painters as I. Ostafiychuck, I. Marchuck, A. Antoniuk, M. Dakhna, V. Lopata etc.

In 2010 the magazine became fully colored and illustrated; it opened new perspectives and possibilities for the presentation of fiction texts to the readers, being focused on the tastes of the contemporary reader.

Awards, competitions

The chain of works, first published in the magazine, later was honoured with the Lenin Prize (Poema pro more (Poem about see) by O. Dovzhenko), by USSR state prize after T. G. Shevchenko (novel Chotyry brody (Four fords) by V. Stelmakh, ambilogy Lebedyna zgraya (Swan bevy) and Zeleni mlyny (Green mills) by V. Zemliak).

The magazine was awarded by the Order of the Badge of Honour in 1977.

There was established Malyshko Award by the regulation of the secretariat of CC LCUYU in 1982, which was awarded in recognition of the best works highlighting the present civil subjects that were published on the pages of the Dnipro Magazine.



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