Full-screen writing program

Full-screen writing program

In computing, a full-screen writing program[1] or distraction-free editor[2][3][4] is a text editor that occupies the full display with the purpose of isolating the writer from the operating system (OS) and other applications. In this way one should be able to focus on the writing alone, with no distractions from the OS and a cluttered interface.[5][6][2][7] Often distraction-free editors feature a dark background and a text field, which is only about one third the width of the screen. The font is then in a brighter colour like green. However, most distraction-free editors include customisable user interfaces.[8] Some editors support rich text editing.


List of full screen editors


Name Operating system support Notable aspects, references
CodeRoom Linux, Mac OS, Windows Supports syntax highlighting, written in C++ using Qt[9]
FocusWriter Linux, Mac OS, Windows Highly customisable[10]
KoalaWriter Linux, Mac OS, Windows Clone of OmmWriter[11]
Marave Linux Similar to OmmWriter, CreaWriter; supports syntax highlighting[12]
PyRoom Linux, Mac OS Written in Python[13]
QuiEdit Linux, Windows Written in Python; supports spell checking (through Hunspell) and basic text formatting.[14]
RubyRoom Linux Written in Ruby[15]
TextRoom Linux, Mac OS, Windows Supports rich text[16]
gedit Cross-platform
LightWrite Web based Written in Python/Django. Features save online, export to file and 2 color modes. Free and Open Source.[17][18]


Name Operating system support Notable aspects, references
DarkRoom Windows Clone of WriteRoom for Windows .NET[19]
JDarkRoom Linux, Mac OS, Windows Clone of DarkRoom written in Java[20]
Q10 Windows
Writemonkey Windows
ZenEdit Windows Portable, consists of only one binary file[21]


Name Operating system support Notable aspects, references
CreaWriter Windows Clone of OmmWriter for Windows; has limited free version[22]
OmmWriter Mac OS Supports images as backgrounds, and a player for ambient music[23]
Sublime Text Linux, Mac OS, Windows customisable, for programmers,[24][25] has free trial version[26]
WriteRoom Mac OS Simple[27][28][29]
Xiosis Scribe Windows
ZenWriter Windows Simple, with background images and ambient music[30]


Rich text support

Some distraction-free editors support rich text editing. These include CreaWriter, TextRoom, and WriteRoom.[22][31][16] In some cases, this feature turned off per default and must be set by a user.[31]

Syntax highlighting

Currently, only a few distraction-free editors support syntax highlighting. CodeRoom is an open source project with the purpose of creating a distraction-free code editor with customisable highlighting schemes.[9] The latest version of Marave supports syntax highlighting.[12] Sublime Text supports a distraction-free full-screen view.[24][25]

Aids to writing

Word count is a common feature in these editors. Other aids can include spell checkers, auto-corrections and quick text templates.[32]

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