Disconnected EP

Disconnected EP
Profane Omen
EP by Profane Omen
Released October 3, 2007 (2007-10-03)
Recorded 14.5.-20.5.2007 at at Lahti City Hyena HQ and Villvox Studios
Genre Metal
Label Dethrone Music
Profane Omen chronology
Beaten Into Submission
Disconnected EP
Inherit The Void

Disconnected EP is a recording by Profane Omen and it was released on 2007. EP was recorded by Aleksanteri Kuosa and Pekka Mikkola (drums) and Aleksanteri Kuosa and Ville Sorvali (guitars and all that). Album was also mixed by those three and mastered by Minerva Pappi.


Track listing

No. Title Lyrics Music Length
1. "Intro"       2:04
2. "Disconnected"   Näveri Kurki, Kokkonen & Profane Omen 4:26
3. "In Fear"   Näveri Kurki & Profane Omen 3:43
4. "Breed Suffocation, Breed Extinction"   Näveri Kurki & Profane Omen 4:43
5. "Learning To Die"   Kurki Kurki 9:08
6. "Slave To The Grind (Skid Row -Cover)"     Bach, Bolan Sabo 3:26
7. "Wild Child (W.A.S.P. -Cover)"     Lawless, Holmes 4:00
Total length:

Chart positions

Chart (2007) Peak
Finnish Singles Chart[1] 4


Jules Näveri: Vocals
Williami Kurki: Guitar
Antti Kokkonen: Guitar
Tomppa Saarenketo: Bass
Samuli Mikkonen: Drums

Sari Laine: Guest vocals in "Breed Suffocation, Breed Extinction"
Taneli Jarva: Guest vocals in "Learning To Die"

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