Design World

Design World

The Design World Network is an American trade magazine (Business-to-Business/B2B) published monthly to 40,000 BPA Audited [1] focused on reaching OEM design engineers as well as includes over 25 different websites that cover all aspects of design engineering and renewable energy.

Design World
Editorial Director Paul Heney
Staff writers Leslie Langnau, Laura Carrabine, Miles Budimir, John Gyorki, Randy Frank
Categories business, engineering
Frequency monthly (12x)
Circulation 40,000 BPA Audited
Publisher Mike Emich & Scott McCafferty
First issue October 2006
Company WTWH Media LLC
Country USA
Based in Cleveland, Ohio USA
Language English
Website Design World Online
ISSN 1941-7217

Design World is written by engineers who focus on specific industries including medical, packaging, semiconductor, material handling, & off-highway and have a design focus in motion control, fluid power, sensors, robotics, mechatronics, 3DCAD, advanced materials, test & measurement, energy, fastening and joining, simulation, green engineering, networks, and digital manufacturing / rapid prototyping.

Design World also has a large online communities, managing 20 websites including Design World Online, 3D CAD TiPS, MCAD Central, Design World Podcast, and Engineering Watch. Design World's online communities also includes social media sites, like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and its own its own network Engineering Exchange.

Design World Magazine was first published in 2006. In April 2008, Design World was recognized by FOLIO Magazine in the 2008 FOLIO 40[2] as well as being recognized in 2009 by the Cleveland Plain Dealer in their "Bright Ideas[3]" business department. Design World & Scott McCafferty were also been featured in a FOLIO article (specific interview) where Scott focuses on two major changes in B2B media success: "...1. Media consumption has changed forever, and continues to evolve at an extremely fast pace. 2. Marketers must have increasing ROI to justify marketing investment..."[4]



Design World is published as a monthly magazine and mailed free of charge to a qualified subscriber base. According to a BPA Worldwide audit, 100% of Design World's subscribers are qualified[5]; meaning they have requested to receive the magazine through an approved subscription method. Design World is printed on heavier stock paper than most B2B magazines of its type and does not adhere to the traditional dimensions of most magazines (9"x107/8").

The magazine is organized by using departments. Each issue has an editorial, Insights, written by one of our qualified editors. Every issue also covers a topic on Green Engineering as well as areas of focus in FEA, Software, & Networking. Design For Industry is a department in the front of the magazine that covers various industries and products or services directly related to that industry. Each magazine usually has between four and five feature articles known as Applying the Fundamentals, and one of these is usually picked as the cover story. Design World also covers different product releases in the Product World department as well as any upcoming trade shows, conferences, or exhibitions. The primary audience for Design World Magazine is USA, but some international subscribers opt to pay to have a subscription mailed abroad.


Design World has won awards for design & editorial. In 2008 & 2009 Design World was selected as a Winner in the APEX Awards for Publication Excellence[6]. Art Director & Production Manager, Terri Heuser received the 2009 award. Terri and Design World were also were recognized in 2009 with a ASBPF Regional Design Award for business publications with circulations under 80,000[7].

The Design World Network

The Design World Network is a network of B2B websites and e-newsletters that focus on the engineering, design engineering, key components and software used by modern mechanical and electrical engineers.

RSS & Mobile

The Design World Network uses RSS to syndicate its content where users can use Widgets, RSS readers like Google & Yahoo, or email clients like MS Outlook, Apple Mail, or Mozilla Thunderbird and can reach over 4 million views on a daily basis. The network uses Google's Feedburner to manage subscriptions and broadcast the feeds.

The Design World Network is also becoming more available anywhere you go with their iPhone and iPad apps. One can download the Design World app as well as the Engineering Exchange app in the iTunes Store.


WTWH Media LLC is the company that owns Design World; co-founded by Scott McCafferty & Mike Emich. Currently, WTWH Media LLC has properties that cover: OEM Manufacturing, Semiconductor, Rapid Mfg., & Wind Energy.

In 2009, WTWH Media launched Windpower Engineering[8], a B2B focused multi-media property that focuses on the design, installation, maintenance, policy, and projects related to Wind Power. Windpower Engineering has a magazine that is printed and sent out every other month (odd months).

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