1932 in film

1932 in film


*Katharine Hepburn's film career begins
*Shirley Temple's film career begins
*Disney released "Flowers and Trees" their first cartoon in three-strip Technicolor film.

Top grossing films

#"Shanghai Express"
#"The Kid from Spain"
#"Grand Hotel"
#"Tarzan the Ape Man"
#"Movie Crazy"
#"Strange Interlude"
#"As You Desire Me"
#"The Beast of the City"
#"The Saddle Buster"

Academy Awards

*Best Picture: "Grand Hotel" - MGMNote: Prior to 1933 awards were not based on calendar years, which is how there are no 'Best Actor' or 'Best Actress' awards for 1932 films. The 1931-32 awards went to 1931 films.

Films released in 1932

*"20,000 Years in Sing Sing", starring Spencer Tracy and Bette Davis
*"American Madness", starring Walter Huston, directed by Frank Capra
*"As You Desire Me", starring Greta Garbo
*"Back Street", starring Irene Dunne and John Boles
*"The Beast of the City", starring Walter Huston, Jean Harlow and Wallace Ford
*"The Big Broadcast", starring Bing Crosby
*"Big City Blues", starring Eric Linden and Joan Blondell
*"The Big Stampede", starring John Wayne
*"A Bill of Divorcement", starring John Barrymore -(film mentioned in article)
*"Bird of Paradise", starring Dolores del Rio and Joel McCrea
*"Das Blaue Licht", starring and directed by Leni Riefenstahl
*"Blonde Venus", starring Marlene Dietrich
*"Broken Lullaby", starring Lionel Barrymore
*"The Cabin in the Cotton", featuring Bette Davis
*"Call Her Savage", starring Clara Bow
*"The Dentist", a W.C. Fields short subject produced by Mack Sennett
*"Emma", starring Marie Dressler
*"A Farewell to Arms", starring Gary Cooper and Helen Hayes
*"Flowers and Trees"
*"Freaks", directed by Tod Browning
*"Grand Hotel", starring Greta Garbo, Lionel Barrymore, John Barrymore, Joan Crawford, Lewis Stone and Jean Hersholt
*"Horse Feathers", starring the Marx Brothers
*"I Am a Fugitive from a Chain Gang", starring Paul Muni
*"If I Had A Million"
*"Impatient Maiden"
*"Love Me Tonight", starring Maurice Chevalier and Jeannette MacDonald
*"The Most Dangerous Game", starring Joel McCrea, Fay Wray, and Leslie Banks
*"The Mouthpiece", starring Warren William
*"Movie Crazy", a comedy starring Harold Lloyd
*"The Mummy", starring Boris Karloff
*"Murders in the Rue Morgue", starring Bela Lugosi, Sidney Fox and Leon Ames
*"The Old Dark House", starring Boris Karloff
*"One Hour with You", starring Maurice Chevalier, Jeanette MacDonald, Genevieve Tobin and Charles Ruggles
*"One Way Passage", starring William Powell and Kay Francis
*"Pack Up Your Troubles", starring Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy
*"Red Dust", starring Clark Gable and Jean Harlow
*"Red-Headed Woman", starring Jean Harlow
*"Scarface", starring Paul Muni
* "Shanghai Express", starring Marlene Dietrich, Clive Brook, Anna May Wong and Warner Oland
* "The Sign of the Cross"
*"Smilin' Through", starring Norma Shearer
*"Tarzan the Ape Man", starring Johnny Weissmuller and Maureen O'Sullivan
*"Three on a Match", starring Joan Blondell, Ann Dvorak and Bette Davis
*"Tiger Shark", starring Edward G. Robinson
*"Trouble in Paradise", starring Herbert Marshall, Kay Francis and Miriam Hopkins
*"Two Seconds", starring Edward G. Robinson
*"Unheimliche Geschichten" remake w/ sound of the 1919 film
*"Union Depot", starring Douglas Fairbanks, Jr. and Joan Blondell
*"Vampyr", directed by Carl Theodor Dreyer
*"Virtue", starring Carole Lombard and Pat O'Brien
*"White Zombie", starring Bela Lugosi


*"The Airmail Mystery"
*"Detective Lloyd"
*"The Devil Horse"
*"Heroes of the West"
*"The Hurricane Express", starring John Wayne
*"The Jungle Mystery"
*"The Last Frontier"
*"The Last of the Mohicans"
*"The Lost Special"
*"The Shadow of the Eagle", starring John Wayne

hort film series

*"Buster Keaton" (1917–1941)
*"Our Gang" (1922-1944)
*"Laurel and Hardy" (1921-1943)

Animated short film series

*"Flowers and Trees" (1933)
*"Aesop's Film Fables" (1921-1933)
*"Krazy Kat" (1925-1940)
*"Oswald the Lucky Rabbit" (1927-1938)
*"Mickey Mouse" (1928-1953)
*"Silly Symphonies" (1929-1939)
*"Screen Songs" (1929-1938)
*"Talkartoons" (1929-1932)
*"Looney Tunes" (1930-1969)
*"Flip the Frog" (1930-1933)
*"Terrytoons" (1930-1964)
*"Merrie Melodies" (1931-1969)
*"Scrappy" (1931-1941)
*"Tom and Jerry (Van Beuren)" (1931-1933)
*"Betty Boop" (1932-1939)
*"Pooch the Pup" (1932-1933)


*January 3 - Dabney Coleman, actor
*January 4 - Carlos Saura, director
*February 6 - François Truffaut, French film director (d. 1984)
*February 13 - Susan Oliver, actress, pilot
*February 18Miloš Forman, director
*February 23 - Majel Barrett, United States actress
*February 27 - Elizabeth Taylor, actress
*April 4 - Andrei Tarkovsky, Russian movie director (d. 1986)
*April 10 - Delphine Seyrig, French actress (d. 1990)
*August 2 - Peter O'Toole, actor
*September 29 - Mehmood, Indian actor, director, producer (d. 2004)
*October 20 - William Christopher, United States actor
*November 15 - Petula Clark, British actress/film composer

Film debuts

* Kate Smith
* Mae West


*February 15 - Minnie Maddern Fiske, stage star made silent films
*August 1 - Rin Tin Tin, canine actor
*September 1 - Peg Entwistle, actress
*November 2 - Evelyn Preer, actress, singer

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