List of Pretty Little Liars characters

List of Pretty Little Liars characters
The main characters of Pretty Little Liars. (From left) Troian Bellisario as Spencer Hastings, Lucy Hale as Aria Montgomery, Shay Mitchell as Emily Fields, and Ashley Benson as Hanna Marin

The following is a list of characters from the ABC Family television series Pretty Little Liars, which is based on the series of young adult novels by Sara Shepard. The series follows the lives of four girls — Spencer, Hanna, Aria, and Emily  — whose clique falls apart after the disappearance of their leader, Alison. Later they begin receiving various messages from someone using the name "A" who threatens to expose their secrets  — including long-hidden ones they thought only Alison knew.[1]

The first book, Pretty Little Liars, was released in October 2006.[1] It was followed by Flawless and Perfect in March and August 2007,[2][3] Unbelievable and Wicked in May and November 2008,[4][5] Killer in June 2009,[6] and Heartless in January 2010.[7][8] The eighth installment, titled Wanted, was released on June 8, 2010.[9] A television series based on the novels premiered on ABC Family on June 8, 2010.[10]

Core characters

Alison DiLaurentis

Alison DiLaurentis (Sasha Pieterse) was the former leader of Rosewood's popular clique. Ruling the group with an iron fist, the vicious but charismatic Alison had gone missing during a slumber party. Even after a year, her disappearance was still unsolved. Spencer seemed suspicious, but she had nothing to do with Alison's disappearence. When Aria, Hanna, Spencer, and Emily begin receiving threatening messages from "A" reminding them of their darkest secrets, they suspect that "A" is Alison, in whom they had all confided. But, Alison's body is soon discovered buried in her former backyard. It is revealed (by a video "A" sent the girls on Spencer's computer) that Alison may have had a relationship with Melissa's brand new husband, Ian, and that Ian might have been the one who killed her. It is revealed during a flashback that Ali and Emily kissed. Emily had strong feelings for Ali, but Alison didn't feel the same, saying, "I like boys, Emily. And trust me, if I'm kissing you, it's because It's practice for the real thing." She also pressured the girls into doing things, like going along with her when she exploded Toby's garage. Ali was also with Aria when she saw Meredith and Byron kissing. Alison comforted Hanna when Hanna binged on eating a whole pie. She said, "I can teach you how to make it go away" which meant that she taught Hanna how to make herself throw up. She taunted Lucas, and broke up Noel and his girlfriend, saying that she did it for Aria since she had a crush on him. "I only kill when we need food," she said. "Or when I'm bored." It is later revealed that Alison was in a relationship with Ian after the girls see a tree with "Alison + Ian" carved into it. The girls' therapist suggests Hanna talk to an empty chair and pretend Alison is sitting there. Hanna says "You were the best friend I have ever had, but you were also the worst enemy I ever had." Alison, responds with "I'll always be with you, I'm the only that can make you happy, the only one to tell you the truth, I'm the only one you can count on". Hanna sends her farewell towards the imaginary Alison by saying, "You're gone and I'm so over missing you". After reading Alison's autospy, the girls discover that Alison was attacked from behind and buried alive which is what killed her, and not the head wound.


"A" is the main antagonist in the series. "A" is an unseen extorionist whose identity is a mystery to both the characters and the viewers. From the first episode, "A" sends messages to Aria, Emily, Hanna and Spencer taunting them about knowing all their secrets and plans to make their lives miserable, as Alison and they had made everyone else's lives miserable. At first, the girls suspected Alison as "A", but her corpse was unearthed in her backyard. The most likely suspect is Jenna Marshall, who was a victim of Alison's prank. With Jenna's vindictive tendencies, she could be "A". During the Midseason One Finale, while Ezra and Aria were in the car, Noel Khan wrote "I see you" on the back of Ezra's car, prompting Hanna to believe Noel is "A"."A" has his/her ways of finding out things, so "A" finds out that Hanna knows who the identity is. So to make sure the other three girls don't find out, "A" hits Hanna with an SUV. The girls continually think Noel was "A", possibly but "A" also went to great lengths to destroy any evidence, like cutting down a tree that had "Alison + Ian" carved on it. However, "A" has also done good things for the Liars, such as saving Ezra and Aria's relationship by framing Noel for cheating on midterms and saving Spencer's life. Although "A" did some good, "A" decides to blackmail Hanna into doing things she doesn't want to do, like torture Lucas, become bulimic, and almost ruin Aria and Ezra's relationship. In return, "A" gives her money, to help combat the financial difficulty that she and her mother are going through. In the season one finale "For Whom the Bell Tolls", "A" saves Spencer from dying by pushing Ian off the ledge near the bell in the church while he was trying to push her to her death, prompting Ian to be hung by the ropes of the bell. When the police come, however, Ian's body is nowhere to be found. "A" has taunted Aria about her relationship with Ezra by sending Aria a text about their relationship which led Ezra to break up with her and the fact that she knew about Byron's affair with Meredith, Hanna about the fact that she shoplifts, and was bulimic, Spencer about her flings with Ian and Wren, and Emily about her sexuality, and faking a college acceptance letter.

While the girls went back to the graveyard at night, "A" turned the video of Ian supposedly strangling Alison on with the real ending of Alison getting back up saying "Thank you for coming tonight" to Ian and her walking away. After discovering that Alison was ambushed and buried alive, the girls now think that whoever is "A" must be the real murderer of Alison and framed Ian for Alison's murder. In the season two episode " Touched by an A-ngel", "A" discreetly gives Emily massages when she arrives at a spa appointment to shake her up. Later "A" is seen talking to the Liars therapist. In the episode, "I Must Confess", the girls realize that they have made a crucial error by telling Dr. Sullivan about "A". After "A" sends Dr. Sullivan a message saying, "And I'm the first person you've told about this?", on a loop, Dr. Sullivan then decides to do a little bit of investigating herself, realizing that she knows who "A" is. This then leads to "A" kidnapping her and "A" taking her key to the building, and taking the files about "A's" identity and sessions with Dr. Sullivan, leaving the girls with no evidence about who "A" is. The story is continued in episode "Over My Dead Body". In "The First Secret," we find out that Alison was A's first victim.

Hanna Marin

Hanna Marin (Ashley Benson) is the "it girl" of the group and has taken Alison's place as the most popular girl at Rosewood in Alison's absence. Previously chubby, Hanna became slimmer after Alison's disappearance, and now shoplifts. Rejected by her boyfriend, a distraught Hanna crashes his car into a tree, later working at a burn clinic to pay off her debt. She continues to be harassed by "A", but stays together with the her friends to get through it all. She befriends Lucas, the school nerd who has secret feelings towards her, but is forced by "A" to mess with him, affecting their relationship. In the mid-season finale, Hanna is hit by a car as she runs to tell the girls who "A" is. After recovering from the injuries, Mona throws Hanna a surprise party. Unfortunately, it doesn't go all according to plan and she finds that someone had stolen money that her mother "borrowed" from the bank and that Lucas was the person who had destroyed Alison's memorial. Hanna has a hard time trying to accept the fact that Aria is seeing Ezra. She becomes closer with a known bad boy Caleb, and once discovering that he more or less lives in the school, offers her basement to him. When Hanna's mother almost catches Caleb in their home, Hanna has to jump in a shower with him, making their relationship very awkward. However, they "solve" this problem by making out in the end of the episode, and have a camping trip together and end up making out. In the next episode, they start dating and this fact comes to her mother attention, who finds out that Caleb has been sleeping in the basement and kicks him out. Hanna goes with him to camp somewhere in the forest, and they bond, watching the campfire. Caleb tells her the truth about his parents and later, they sleep together. Things afterward seem to be going perfect, however, once discovering the real reason why Caleb was hanging around her - to spy on her for information for Jenna - she is infuriated and breaks up with him kicking him out of her house and refuses to talk to him. At the end of the latest episode, Aria tells Hanna to go to Caleb who is boarding the bus but she refuses and walks away. Caleb seeing this boards the bus to Arizona. Later on, Caleb calls Hanna but she left her phone on the table so Mona picked it up and Lucas overhears about the letter that Mona did not give to Hanna. So although he wants to be with Hanna he realizes that Caleb will make her happy and in the last episode we see that he is driving in his car and Caleb is in the passenger seat and they are on their way from Arizona to their hometown. Hanna and Caleb make up when Hanna threatens his foster mother into giving him his money.

Spencer Hastings

Spencer Hastings (Troian Bellisario) is the "preppy girl" of the group who strives to be perfect all round because she lives with her family's expectations looming over her head. Spencer's newly-engaged and condescending sister, Melissa, moves into the barn which Spencer had been turning into a loft for herself. Spencer finds herself attracted to her sister's fiancé, Wren, whom "A" warns Spencer not to kiss or "A" will tell. Wren does kiss Spencer and they are caught by Melissa, who insists that Wren move out. Spencer later starts dating a worker at the country club to which her family belongs. And later finds out her mother had been hiding news that she had breast cancer from the rest of the family. Spencer's field hockey coach is her sister's ex-boyfriend, Ian, whom both Ali and Spencer had a crush on. Spencer and Ali were always competing and she was the only one of Alison's friends who would oppose Alison from time to time. For example, Ali was on the Varsity team in 7th grade and Spencer wasn't. In the beginning of the series, Spencer was against Emily hanging out with Toby but eventually grew to like him and has been spending more and more time with him. In the nineteenth episode "Person of Interest", they spend time together in a motel room, as seen as Spencer's parents have a hard time understanding her connection with Ali's murder. Spencer and Toby play scrabble, sleep in the same bed and eventually kiss near the end of the episode. In the following episodes, Spencer, after suspicion continues to take a toll on her, is told to stay away from Toby for her own good. She then makes an arrangement to see him in private at the town's festival, only to be sent a fake text (presumably from "A") telling her to meet Toby in the clown house. When she enters, she is locked into a small space. She is found by Ian, her mother, and her sister and when leaving she sees Toby and almost leaves without speaking to him, but she then rushes to him, hugs him and kisses him in front of her shocked family. Later on, she anonymously tells Ian to meet them in the woods with money as they say that they know his secret. However, Spencer and Melissa get into a car accident and Melissa is stuck in the hospital. Spencer goes to the church to get Melissa's phone as she left it there and Ian is in the church waiting. She starts running upstairs and Ian tries to attack her but a mysterious figure appears and pushes Ian off the side and he falls and dies. The rest of the girls arrive having been to the forest, and see the dead body and they call the police. Later on when the police arrive they go in and the body is not there, leaving the rest of the town to think that the girls are liars. Spencer had a huge fight with Alison ending their friendship by telling Alison "You are dead to me" the night she went missing. Melissa now thinks that Spencer has been texting her as Ian after finding his cellphone in her purse which was planted there by "A.". In season 2, Spencer and Toby are dating. Toby does some yard work for the Hastings and digs up Spencer's old field hockey stick which she gave to Ali before she died. Spencer's father sees this and suspiciously takes the stick, and later burns it. After doing some further investigating, she reads Alison's autopsy results and finds that she was struck in the head with an object similar to a field hockey stick. Spencer later discovers that Wren came back to Rosewood for her. In order to keep Aria away from Jason, Spencer will inform Ezra that they found pictures of his girlfriend Aria in Jason's shed.

Emily Fields

Emily Fields (Shay Mitchell) is a competitive swimmer and the "jock" of the four. She is sweet but quiet. She is also a closeted lesbian at the beginning of the series. She befriends Maya St. Germain, the new resident of Alison's former home, and the two girls grow closer. Emily's mother invites Maya to stay for a while, and she and Emily share a room and a bed. Maya helps Emily become comfortable with her sexuality, and the two date until Maya is sent to a camp called "True North" for smoking marijuana. Then Emily met Paige who sees Emily as a threat. One night Paige shows up in the pouring rain at Emily's front door and gives a tearful apology to Emily before taking off. Paige's father also makes a scene at school when it is learned that Emily has beaten Paige for the anchor relay position - he claims that Emily is getting special treatment because she is gay. From there on out things are more cooled between the two. In the episode "The New Normal", Emily is getting into her car and Paige abruptly appears, kisses her, and says "Don't tell", before running back to wherever she came from. They secretly start going out but once Emily realizes that Paige is not willing to come out, she wants to stay friends, because Emily has no interest in going back into the closet. This helps Paige decides to be more open about her sexuality and she agrees to meet a girl who is part of a Pride group at a neighboring school called Samara during Episode 1.21 "Monsters In The End". She asks Emily to come along for support but Paige does not show up at the meeting. In the end Samara and Emily become friends and Paige is jealous of this. Samara and Emily eventually end up dating. Besides Aria, Spencer, and Hanna, Emily has told Samara about the fake Danby scholarship letter. Emily's mother Pam is thrilled about her daughter's "acceptance." However, due to stressing herself out with swimming, she collapses in school. Later, in the hospital, she finds out that A has been spiking her cream with human growth hormone, which has contributed to the ulcer that made her collapse. She begs Wren, who now works at the hospital to conceal this from her parents. Emily found out that A wrote Ian's suicide note (which is composed of all A's messages he/she sent to the Pretty Little Liars) now A is blackmailing Emily with her lab results.

Aria Montgomery

Aria Montgomery (Lucy Hale) is the "weird girl" of the group who moves back to Rosewood (she moved to Iceland when her best friend, Alison died) with her mother Ella, father Byron, and younger brother Mike after an extended absence in Iceland following Alison's disappearance. Prior to her first day back in high school, she goes to a bar and instantly strikes a conversation with a handsome guy. There is instant chemistry between the two. When she arrives in school the next day, she finds out that the guy who she liked at the bar was none other than her new English teacher Ezra Fitz. She immediately receives a message from "A" taunting her about the secret romance. Aria and Ezra struggle with the forbidden nature of their relationship as Aria is tormented by keeping the secret of her father's past affair from her mother. As she decides what to do with the information, she finds that "A" has beaten her to it in a tell-all letter to Ella. As her family starts falling apart, Aria runs to Ezra's apartment to find him not there. After Ezra leaves, she becomes romantically involved with a student, Noel Kahn. As things turn out great between her and Noel, Ezra returns. Troubles arise as she is caught in a love triangle, with Noel and Ezra. She chooses Ezra and one night while kissing Ezra in his car, Noel sees this and blackmails Ezra for good grades. Once Aria discovers this, she cuts things off with Noel. In more recent episodes, Aria has been having trouble maintaining her relationship with Ezra a secret, especially after accidentally sending a romantic text to her mom meant for Ezra. In the latest episode, Aria leaves Ezra's apartment only to been seen by Garrett who pays Ezra a visit and says, "Let's talk about one of your students..." Luckily, he was only there to talk about Spencer and what's been going on lately with the investigation. Ezra got a transfer to Hollis College so he is no longer Aria's teacher so he says that they can have a public relationship and the couple are ecstatic about this. Until later on, Aria finds out that Ezra did not divulge information that he and his ex-fiancee were going to be teaching together at Hollis College and Aria saw this as a betrayal by omission. However, the two later get back together. Aria also befriends Jason DiLaurentis, Ali's brother, who has moved back to Rosewood. It appears that they may have a romantic relationship at some point and Ezra asks Aria if he should be worried about Jason, which Aria denies. However, Aria still spends time with Jason despite the fact that her friends think that he may have something to do with Ali's disappearance. Soon after Jason kisses Aria without Ezra's consent. She is threatened by A to reveal the secret. Also, Spencer and Emily snuck into Jason's shed and there was a darkroom of pictures, but all the pictures were of Aria when she was asleep. Which led Spencer and Emily to believe that Jason is "A". Aria and Hanna don't know about that yet. More problems might arise in Ezra and Aria's relationship when Aria sees Ezra with his ex-fiancee who Aria tells Ezra still has feelings for him. Aria will be involved in another love triangle with Jason and Ezra. In "Touched By An A-ngel," Ezra tells Aria that it is time for people to know about their relationship, starting with her parents but because Aria's mom saw Spencer in the car with Ezra she starts to think about the rumors that was said to her about Mr. Fitz being in relationships with his students. After the girls are arrested for Alison's murder, Aria calls Ezra telling him "I made a terrible mistake and I need you."

Acquaintances of Aria Montgomery

The following characters are all family members and acquaintances of Aria Montgomery, one of the protagonists of the series.

Byron Montgomery

Byron Montgomery (Chad Lowe) is Aria's father and a history professor at Hollis College. Aria is aware that her father had cheated on Ella a year before and he had asked Aria to keep it a secret from Ella. Byron regrets the affair, and Aria struggles with keeping the secret from her mother to protect her. Ella unknowingly befriends Byron's former mistress, a student named Meredith. The relationship between Byron and Ella is strained after Ella reads a letter from "A" revealing Byron's affair. Bryon goes too far when he thinks that Ezra is going out with his wife to a poetry reading; however he soon finds out that other teachers are going there and he apologizes to Ezra. Byron is unaware that Ezra is dating Aria. In Picture This, we learn that Byron had a brother named Scott who suffered the same thing that Mike is suffering from.

Ella Montgomery

Ella Montgomery (Holly Marie Combs) is Aria's mother who teaches English at Aria's school. Ella unknowingly befriends Byron's former mistress, a student named Meredith. The relationship between Byron and Ella is strained after Ella reads a letter from "A" revealing Byron's affair. Later on in the series "A" makes Hanna give Ella a ticket to an art show in Philly where Aria and Ezra are having a date, but Hanna writes it to her as if they were a thank you present from the PTA. Ella gets to her car to go, but finds it to be broken (because of Caleb after Hanna tells him that she has to stop Ella from going to Philly after feeling guilty about ruining her best friend's relationship) and Byron offers to drive her there. When she is getting out of the car, Byron kisses her and she forgives him for cheating on her before. They eventually end up together again but in a secret affair from their children. In the last episode Aria tells Ella that she needs to make up her mind if she loves Byron or not because it is affecting everyone. Ella decides that she does love Byron. Ella is unaware that Ezra and Aria are dating. Ella tells Byron that he has a brother named Scott and his parents aren't his parents.

Mike Montgomery

Mike Montgomery (Cody Christian) is Aria's younger brother who has some anger issues. He doesn't want to admit that he knows about his father's affair and when his mother finds out, Mike's anger spirals completely out of control. He is also close friends with Noel Kahn who the girls believed to be A once. Mike is also upset that his family will never be the same and starts lying to his family and blackmailing Aria about it. There are reports of missing items from garages in Rosewood and the girls suspect it to be Ian wanting supplies. Jason (Alison's older brother) catches Mike as he is about to break into his house and Mike is forced to tell Aria that it was him who broke into and stole the various items from the garages. He also admits to breaking into Spencer's house and pushing Aria over in the dark. Mike is the one who tells Aria about Garrett and Jenna. It is revealed that Mike is suffering from the same thing that Byron's brother Scott suffered from.

Ezra Fitz

Ezra Fitz (Ian Harding) is the new English teacher in Rosewood who becomes romantically involved with Aria the day before she appears in his class. They try to resist their attraction, but fail. Ezra discovers a text sent to Aria by "A" and breaks up with her thinking she told "A" about their relationship. Their relationship is discovered by Noel Kahn who writes 'I See You' on the windshield of Ezra's car whilst they are kissing. Informed about the affair between Ezra and Aria, Noel attempts to blackmail him by demanding a better grade on an English essay, or taking the relationship to the principal. In one episode he tells Aria that nothing anybody says can change what he feels for her.In the last few episodes of season one, it is revealed that Ezra was engaged last year and the woman broke it off. In the season finale, the woman comes and reveals she is a teacher at Hollis, a college nearby where Aria's dad teaches. Ezra was going to teach there. Aria was thought to have broken off their relationship by saying "Up until now you were the only guy who has never lied to me." In the second episode of season two they make up with a passionate kiss right before he leaves the high school for the last time. Aria currently goes to a pottery class at Hollis mostly because she gets to see him. Ezra and Aria's relationship is at a crossroads because they are trying to figure out how to tell her parents, Byron and Ella Montgomery, and the rest of Rosewood, that they are a couple. More problems will arise in Ezra's relationship with Aria when Aria sees him with his ex-fiancee. Aria accidentally tells Ezra about Jason kissing her. Ezra will attempt to keep his girlfriend Aria away from Jason when Spencer informs him that they found pictures of her in Jason's shed. Aria makes her call to Ezra and tells him, "I made a mistake and I need you" after the girls are arrested for Alison's murder. Ezra comes to the police station for Aria, however, he is met by Ella who tells him that she knows why he is there. He thinks she knows about his relationship with Aria. After confessing his love for Aria, Ella tells Ezra that Spencer's parents will ruin him for being in a relationship with Spencer. It is clear that Ella still believes that the student he is seeing is Spencer.

Meredith Sorenson

Meredith Sorenson (Amanda Schull) was the mistress of Byron Montgomery. Aria and Alison witnessed Meredith and Byron kissing in Byron's car. When she tries to get close to Byron again, Aria warns her to stay away, to which Meredith condescendingly replies that she is "not in high school." In an effort to get close to Byron again, Meredith befriended Ella who she knew was unaware about the affair she had with her husband. In season 2 episode 13, you see a flash back to Meredith lying on Byron's couch, with Aria asking why a student was in his office. She did not know that they were having an affair at the time.

Noel Kahn

Noel Kahn (Brant Daugherty) is Sean's friend. He likes Aria, and briefly dated her, but tried to blackmail Ezra when he witnessed him and Aria together in a car in the woods. Noel attempted to blackmail Ezra with knowledge of his relationship with Aria in exchange for getting a better grade on an English assignment. Ezra refused to change his grade. Before Noel could expose Aria and Ezra's relationship, he was suspended from school for stealing mid-term exams and was seemingly framed by "A." He returns to school at the beginning of season 2, and is revealed to be dating Mona.

Jackie Molina

Jackie Molina (Paloma Guzman) is Ezra's ex-fiance whom Aria feels threatened by. Aria learned about Jackie when she accidentally saw a picture of Ezra and Jackie on his social network page and believed that Ezra had another girlfriend while with Aria. Ezra told her that he and Jackie dated in college and were engaged but they never married and went on their separate ways. Aria physically met Jackie when she came to the faculty party at her house, believing Ezra invited her and never gotten over her. Jackie learned that Ezra and Aria were dating when Aria attended Hollis, becoming jealous of her. Jackie didn't confront Aria about this until Aria threaten her to leave Hollis or she'll reveal her plagiarized article. However Jackie turn the tables and threatens Aria to leave Ezra and not to reveal her plagiarized material otherwise she'll reveal her and Ezra's relationship, which will ruin his career.

Acquaintances of Hanna Marin

The following characters are all family members and acquaintances of Hanna Marin, one of the protagonists of the series.

Ashley Marin

Ashley Marin (Laura Leighton) is Hanna's workaholic mother, who is raising her daughter on her own. Abandoned by Hanna's father, Ashley recognizes Hanna's wild behavior as a cry for attention. Warning her daughter that any indiscretion in their small town can humiliate them, Ashley avoids Hanna being charged for shoplifting by sleeping with the arresting officer. Even though Hanna's father and she are no longer together, Ashley longs to get him back. When Ashley finds that she and Hanna are in debt she steals money from a client at the bank she works for telling Hanna that she is going to replace it by the end of the year; the money is later stolen by "A" at a party at Hanna's house thrown by Mona. Ashley ends up sleeping with her ex-husband Tom after he shows up in Rosewood to spend time with their daughter. Ashley ends her affair with Tom because she believes he hasn't changed and Hanna ends up being angry with her. Hanna wants Tom and Ashley back together.

Mona Vanderwaal

Mona Vanderwaal (Janel Parrish) is a former social outcast who longed to be accepted into Alison's group. In the year since Alison's disappearance, Mona has transformed herself into a popular social leader alongside Hanna, and is therefore afraid when Hanna suddenly acts strange, and insists that she stop before they both become unpopular again. Hanna will always still be friends with Mona, but now is best friends with Aria, Emily, and Spencer, who had all previously gone their separate ways after Alison's disappearance. Mona disapproved of Hanna's relationship with Caleb and when he drops off a letter meant for Hanna, Mona tears it up and throws it in the trash. Hanna finds out and is mad at her. She also starts dating Noel which makes Hanna unhappy.

Darren Wilden

Darren Wilden (Bryce Johnson) is the detective investigating Ali's murder, who continually questions the girls and takes advantage of Hanna's mother, by sleeping with her.

Sean Ackard

Sean Ackard (Chuck Hittinger) is Hanna's love interest throughout the first half of season one. Having crushed on Sean since before Alison's disappearance, and before Hanna's extreme makeover and weight loss, Hanna puts a lot of pressure on their new relationship when they begin dating. Sean's refusal to have sex with Hanna combined with her self-esteem problems lead to a break-up when Hanna drunkenly crashes Sean's car. Afterwards, Sean forgives Hanna and the two continue dating when he explains that he is a member of the virginity club at their high school, "Real Love Waits". During the second half of the first season, Sean and Hanna realize that they will never be able to repair their relationship, in large part because of Sean's treatment of Hanna's friend Lucas.

Tom Marin

Tom Marin (Roark Critchlow) is Hanna's father. He divorced Hanna's mother, Ashley, but Hanna wants them to get back together. Tom is engaged to another woman, Isabel, who Hanna doesn't like because Hanna wants to be a family again with Tom and Ashley. When Tom returns to Rosewood to spend more time with Hanna, he actually ends up spending time with Ashley. They go out to dinner and had a slow dance when he attended the fashion show that Hanna and the other girls were in. Hanna gets angry with her father for spending time with her mom when he is still engaged to someone else, and using Hanna as an excuse for staying in Rosewood when in reality Ashely is the reason why he's staying in Rosewood. Later on, Tom sleeps with Ashley even though he is still engaged to Isabel. The day after, Isabel sends a wedding invitation for Hanna to their house, reminding Ashley that Tom is still engaged to someone else. She tells him to go back to Isabel because she believes he hasn't changed, causing Hanna to get angry with her. Tom ends up leaving Rosewood despite telling Hanna and Ashely that he has problems with Isabel. When Isabel sends him a text message, Hanna deletes it after seeing how happy Tom and Ashley are. In the summer finale, Hanna told Isabel that Tom and Ashley had hooked up while Tom was in Rosewood.

Lucas Gottesman

Lucas Gottesman (Brendan Robinson) is a social outcast who begins to form a friendship with Hanna, for whom he secretly had feelings, until they were revealed while he was visiting Hanna in the hospital after her accident. Lucas tells Hanna that it was him who destroyed one of the memorials dedicated to Ali as a result of anger of all the things Ali had done to him in junior high. Despite her anger with him, Hanna keeps his secret, and still wants to be friends with him. At Hanna's party, Lucas picks a fight with Sean after seeing Hanna with him. Later in the season at the school dance, "A" forces Hanna to torture Lucas by dancing with him making him express his feelings to her, to once again be denied. Emily eventually confronts Hanna about messing with Lucas, but Hanna tries to plead about how she doesn't want to ever hurt Lucas. In the season one finale, Lucas decides to do the right thing and not play Mona's game, finding Caleb and deciding to bring him to Hanna so they can talk. In Season 2, Hanna tries to help Lucas find a new love interest.

Lucas' new love interest Danielle likes him but suspects Hanna still does too and she is trying to make Lucas jealous by hanging out with Caleb on Lucas and Danielle's first date.

Caleb Rivers

Caleb Rivers (Tyler Blackburn), is a 'bad boy' and Hanna's love interest. At first, Hanna seems to find him annoying and "sketchy" but their hatred grows to friendship once Hanna starts getting to know him. Once the school found out he had been living there, Hanna offered for him to take residence in her home. He stayed in Hanna's basement and lived in her home having to hide from her mother constantly. As he started living in Hanna's home, she found herself falling in love with him, their friendship growing stronger. To try and hide the fact that Caleb had been living there, she had to jump into the shower with him when her mother walked into the bathroom. After that awkward moment, Hanna starts avoiding him because she is afraid that he knows her feelings for him. Later, when Caleb is packed to move out of her home after the way she has treated him, they admit their feelings towards each other and kiss. One morning Caleb kisses Hanna on the neck and nearly gets caught by her mother, luckily being able to sneak out and come back in for a few more kisses with Hanna. Not too long after, however, Hanna's mother catches Caleb and her making out in the kitchen and figures out that he has been living in the basement, and kicks him out which makes Hanna furious. Because Caleb has no where else to go he and Hanna camp out and that night Hanna loses her virginity to him. Then, after Hanna yells at her mother the next morning she agrees to let Caleb live in their guest room for a few weeks. However, right after seeing how well Hanna and her mother treat him, Caleb is seen making a phone call where he says "I can't do this anymore, its over, I'm out." In the next episode you find out that Jenna paid Caleb to spy on Hanna and search her house for a key that Alison apparently left behind. When Hanna's friends tell her this she kicks him out, ignoring him when he tries to explain that once he realized that his feelings for her, he quit. He also states that he hadn't known Hanna at the time when he started the job and needed the money since he was homeless and that he is honestly and truly sorry. After failing to get Hanna's forgiveness, he decides to leave Rosewood to go to Arizona, in search of his birth mother who abandoned him at his aunt's house when he was five. Before he leaves, he writes a letter to Hanna saying that he truly loves her, he is sorry and that if she'll forgive him he'll stay in Rosewood. He goes to Hanna's house to give her the letter but instead ends up talking to Hanna's mother who says that he should go find Hanna and give it to her in person. However, at the festival Hanna hides from him and he is left with no other choice but to give his letter to Mona, who rips it up and throws it in the trash never telling Hanna that he tried to say goodbye. In the season one finale, Lucas over hears what Mona did and drives to Arizona to get Caleb and bring him back so that Hanna can be happy. In the second season, Caleb comes back to Hanna's house and waits with her mother until she gets home. When she does, she is shocked to see him and her mother leaves to give them privacy. He tells her about the letter and that he loves her and that he felt alone until he met her. He explains that he left the letter to Mona, and tries to explain that he is truly sorry. She says she believes him but cant forget what he did, and then goes to confront Mona about the letter. When Ian dies and the news about him killing Alison gets out, Caleb comes over to check on her. At first she blows him off, but then realizes he truly means well. Caleb tells her that his foster mom is still getting cheques for him and Hanna gets really upset. Later, Hanna overhears Caleb's foster mom treating him badly and feels the need to help him. She corners his foster mom and threatens to sue her if she doesn't give Caleb his money. After Ian's funeral Caleb goes to Hanna's house to check on her and thank her for the money, they end up kissing. Hanna spies a private investigator trailing him who was hired by Caleb's biological mother to find him because she wants to see him. Caleb later leaves Hanna to go to California to meet with his mother to find out the truth about why she didn't look for him for twelve years.

Isabel Randall

Isabel Randall (Heather Mazur) is the fiancee of Tom Marin and Hanna's future stepmother. Tom left Ashley and Hanna for Isabel after Ashley found out about Tom's affair with her. Isabel had no clue that Tom recently had a brief affair with Ashley until Hanna told her.

Kate Randall

Kate Randall (Natalie Hall) is Isabel's daughter and Hanna's future stepsister until the events in "Over My Dead Body". At first, Kate seemed nice and friendly, but after Hanna insulted her and Isabel but didn't mean for her to hear, Kate's true side came out, threatening to hurt Hanna like a horse. She also managed to get Hanna drunk, and get her to vomit on Isabel's dress for the wedding which caused her dad to tell her to leave.

Acquaintances of Spencer Hastings

The following characters are all family members and acquaintances of Spencer Hastings, one of the protagonists of the series

Melissa Hastings

Melissa Hastings Thomas (Torrey DeVitto) is Spencer's older sister, who in the premiere is engaged to Wren. Melissa is the family's "perfect child", and has no respect for Spencer or her friends and never treats her like a sister. This has possibly caused Spencer to kiss two of Melissa's boyfriends. When Melissa catches Wren (her fiance) kissing Spencer, she demands he move out. Spencer had kissed Melissa's previous boyfriend, Ian during the summer Alison disappeared as well. When Ian returns, Melissa is initially reluctant to see him, but much to Spencer and her parents' shock, she elopes with Ian. The reasons for their sudden marriage appear mysterious. When Spencer accidentally discovers an ovulation kit, Melissa confesses to Spencer that she is trying to get pregnant. When Spencer asks why she wants to be pregnant, Melissa says she always wanted a big family. However, she never mentioned this in her life. Spencer promises to keep the secret, but she tells Hanna when they're at school. Melissa then gets pregnant which worries her sister as she is beginning to believe that Ian killed Alison believing that the two had a relationship. Melissa tells Spencer that she knows that she was seeing Ian after they broke up. In the season one finale, Spencer and Melissa get into a car crash, and doctors are unsure of whether or not Melissa's baby will make it, but it is revealed the baby survived. After being upset at Spencer, she asks her to tell about Ian and tells her sister he 'was excited for them to become parents' and they pick out a name, Taylor. Later, a figure seeming to be Ian contacts Melissa, but when Spencer gets a hold of Melissa's phone, she asks "Ian" what he and Melissa are going to name the baby, to which the person replies Taylor.

Melissa is the one who discovers Ian's dead body in Blind Dates. Melissa apologizes to Spencer for choosing Ian over her and not believing her when she told them that Ian was the one who murdered Alison.

Wren Kim

Wren Kim (Julian Morris) was engaged to Melissa, until he develops feelings for Spencer. Melissa calls off the engagement, and kicks Wren out when she catches him kissing Spencer. He then apologizes to Spencer for making a mess between her and Melissa, and tells Spencer that he wishes that he met her first. As of Season 2 he has been giving pain killers to Melissa for Ian. But Spencer finds out and demands his help. Together, they end up finding Ian dead. In Save The Date, Wren reveals that he came back to Rosewood because he wanted to be with Spencer. Wren kissed Spencer after finding her upset.

Peter Hastings

Peter Hastings (Nolan North) is Spencer and Melissa's father who is all about winning, and being the best. After Ian's suicide note in which he confessed to murdering Alison, Peter ends up apologizing to Spencer for not believing her all along. Peter has been acting suspicious lately towards Alison's mother Jessica DiLaurentis and Alison's brother Jason DiLaurentis.

Veronica Hastings

Veronica Hastings (Lesley Fera) is Spencer's and Melissa's mother. It is revealed in The Perfect Storm that she had breast cancer, leaving Spencer shocked. She is unhappy when revealed that Spencer talks to Toby a lot and then develops a relationship with him.

Alex Santiago

Alex Santiago (Diego Boneta) was Spencer's new love interest, who works at her family's country club. They met when Spencer was practicing playing tennis and the thought she was very powerful and good at it. Spencer asks Alex to homecoming, but ignores him most of the night. Alex leaves early after Melissa tells him that Spencer only invited him to anger their father. Alex forgives her, and they continue their relationship. Later in the series a friend of his from tennis gave him a brochure for a tennis program in Sweden where almost everyone who enters it gets to play tennis at the Swedish Open. When he tells this to Spencer, she tries to persuade him to go but he declines because he's not interested in pro tennis instead he would rather work with his uncle. "A" used the situation to drive a wedge between him and Spencer; he walks out on her after Hanna's homecoming party.

Ian Thomas

Ian Thomas (Ryan Merriman) is Melissa Hastings's former boyfriend, who had kissed Spencer. He elopes with Melissa in the mid-season 1 premiere. He also cheated on Melissa with Alison, when she was still alive. He was in a video shot by Alison before she went missing. "A" managed to show the girls the entire video of Ian apparently choking Alison to death.Once, when "A" assumably trapped Spencer in the funhouse, Ian was the one who found and even saved her after the family went on a search after they realized she was missing. In the season finale he is killed on top of the church bell tower by "A". However, when the police go in to retrieve the body, his corpse is nowhere to be found. From the season 2 episode one It's Alive, it can, however, be argued that Ian is still alive. At the end of the episode (aired on July 5th 2011) Ian was found dead with blood on his head and a gun in his hand, along with a suicide note in which he has confessed to killing Alison. "A" later reveals on the real video that Alison wasn't killed by Ian and both walked away. Garrett later tells the girls that Ian had been dead for about a week therefore he probably died in the church when he fell and was hung by the bell ropes. Ian was also known to have joined the n.a.t club which in English means we see all. Jason and Garrett were also known for joining this unknown club in Rosewood.

Toby Cavanaugh

Toby Cavanaugh (Keegan Allen) is Jenna's stepbrother. Toby is aware that the four main characters were to blame for Jenna's blindness, but took the blame when blackmailed by Alison because she knew that he and Jenna were sleeping together. In the first half of season one, he is interested in Emily and saves her from her boyfriend (Ben)'s attempted rape. The girls, although not Emily, believe that Toby is responsible for Alison's murder and urge Emily to get away from him at a school dance. Emily runs away from him throughout the school and ends up injuring herself and Toby. He drives her to the hospital but leaves her there, knowing the police have evidence against him and that the girls suspect he is the murderer. In the August 10, 2010 summer finale episode Keep Your Friends Close, Toby is wrongly charged with Alison's murder and taken into custody. This is because he was one of the last people to see her alive. He met and thanked her for getting Jenna off of his case and loaned Alison his jacket which was later found with her blood on it. Soon after, the town's district attorney is forced to drop the charges because of tainted evidence. Emily and Toby's friendship cools after Toby realizes that they won't be romantically involved (because of Emily's interest in Maya), and because he believes she is responsible for informing the police to his whereabouts. During the end of season one, Toby becomes close to Spencer. The two bond over accusations in Alison's murder against both of them. They become romantically involved towards the end of season one and into season two, but they're forbidden to see each other. Spencer goes against her parents demands and continues seeing Toby. In My Name is Trouble Spencer buys Toby the truck he was saving up for so he can quit his job with Jason DiLaurentis and get away from his parents. This results in the two of them kissing and pledging their love to each other for the first time. Toby is later seen helping out at the fashion show therefore it can be said that he is starting to lead a normal life again. In the episode Surface Tension, Toby finds Spencer's old hockey stick, which she had lent to Alison prior to her murder. Mr. Hastings acts suspicious upon the finding of the stick, and accuses Spencer of planting evidence to bring attention to herself. Toby has no idea that Melissa' ex-fiance Wren has admitted that he came back to Rosewood to be with Spencer.

Acquaintances of Emily Fields

The following characters are all family members and acquaintances of Emily Fields, one of the protagonists of the series.

Maya St. Germain

Maya St. Germain (Bianca Lawson) Emily's girlfriend. They become friends in the pilot episode. Their friendship gradually develops into romance until they finally share a kiss in a photo booth at Noel Khan's cabin party. Maya then helps Emily come to terms with her sexuality, and they date until she gets sent to a camp for juvenile delinquents called "True North" when Emily's mom finds marijuana in her bag.

Pam Fields

Pam Fields (Nia Peeples) Emily's mother, who at first didn't approve of Emily's sexuality, and believed that Maya had corrupted her daughter and that she caused Emily to want to "ruin her life just to experiment". Because she believes Maya is up to no good, so she looks through Maya's bag to discover marijuana in it. This causes Emily to become ashamed of her mother. Pam then learns to accept her daughter, and stands up for her when she finds out that Paige McCuller's father, Nick, came into the school suggesting that Emily was getting preferential treatment because of her sexuality.

Ben Coogan

Ben Coogan (Steven Krueger) was Emily's boyfriend at the beginning of Season 1. However since Emily had been somewhat avoiding him, he attempted to rape her, but Toby saved her from Ben's assault which ended their relationship. He is seen at Noel's party after this incident and not again until the prequel episode The First Secret in which rumors go around about himself and Emily having sex.

Wayne Fields

Wayne Fields (Eric Steinberg) is Emily's father, currently stationed at Fort Hood, Texas. At the start of the series, he was stationed in Afghanistan. While he was home on leave, Emily came out to him and he met Maya for the first time. He was at first against Emily and Maya's relationship, but he never stopped loving Emily and tolerated it for her sake. He also seemed to have taken a liking to Maya more than Emily's mother. After a few weeks, he got called back to active duty. Pam will join him in Texas and Emily will join them after she finishes the semester at Rosewood High. Once visited Emily when stationed in Texas

Paige McCullers

Paige McCullers (Lindsey Shaw) took over as captain of the swim team in Emily's absence. She becomes jealous that Emily is easily going to take her spot as captain and bashes her with gay insults. When she realizes the error of her ways, she apologizes to Emily in the middle of the night, having a bike accident right after. Her father comes to the school to complain that Emily is being favored on the swim team because she is gay. After this, Paige admits to Emily that her life isn't easy either: she is gay as well. Paige kisses Emily in a car and asks her not to tell, leaving Emily surprised. They secretly start going out but once Emily realizes that Paige is not ready to come out about their relationship, she says to stay friends. Paige goes on a date with Hanna's ex-boyfriend in episode 1.20 Someone To Watch Over Me, but admits to Emily that it felt phoney once he kissed her. She tells Emily that if she says she's gay out loud, everything will change. Paige then kisses Emily who kisses her back. In Episode 1.21 Monsters In The End Paige secures tickets to a sold out concert for the two of them - and another student who she says is 'insurance' to keep her dad from being suspicious. When Emily says she isn't interested in dating Paige while she is still closeted, Paige says she's been looking at websites and support groups to help her. She asks Emily to come with her to meet a student, Samara, from another school's Pride group, but doesn't show up. When she sees Samara and Emily flirting at the Founders Festival, she gets angry and is rude to them both because she's jealous.

Samara Cook

Samara Cook (Claire Holt) is Emily's ex-girlfriend who not yet wants to be exclusive and that almost ends their relationship. And in the episode Picture This Emily is forced by "A" to ask for Samara's friend's number which leads to Samara breaking up with her.

Acquaintances of Alison DiLaurentis

The following characters are all family members and acquaintances of Alison DiLaurentis, one of the protagonists of the series.

Jason DiLaurentis

Jason DiLaurentis (Parker Bagley - Season 1; Drew Van Acker - Season 2) is Alison's brother who is somewhat creepy, and keeps secrets. In If At First You Don't Succeed, Lie, Lie Again it is revealed he used to smoke pot, and hang out with Ian Thomas during the summer. He comes back to Rosewood, but it is unknown why... In the first season Jason attempted to blackmail Spencer by telling her what Alison told him, that Spencer was the one responsible for the incident that happened to Jenna and that Spencer threatened Toby not to tell or else she would uncover the secret Toby and Jenna had been keeping for so long. Jason tells Aria that he is relieved that Ian is dead and that his suicide note confessed to killing Alison because now he knows he didn't. It appears that he has romantic feelings for Aria, causing Ezra, Aria's boyfriend, to wonder if he should think that Jason is a problem. Jason told Aria he has feelings for her and then kissed her after which Aria told him she has a boyfriend. Jason found out that Ezra is Aria's boyfriend and the reason why she's "unavailable" after seeing them kissing.

Jessica DiLaurentis

Jessica DiLaurentis (Andrea Parker) is Alison's mother who will spearhead a charity fashion show in Alison's memory. We don't know if she was aware of the relationship Alison was having with Ian.

Other characters

Jenna Cavanaugh

Jenna Cavanaugh (Tammin Sursok) is Toby's younger stepsister, Jenna lost her sight due to a prank played by Alison, intended for Toby. The girls suspect Jenna to be the mysterious "A." During season 1 she was revealed to have a sexual relationship with Toby prior to losing her sight. Jenna forced Toby to have sex with her or else she would tell their parents he was raping her. One night while she was seducing him, someone videotaped her and the video ended up in Alison's hands. Her vindictive nature doesn't end with the girls, but also Toby as well, for trying to inadvertently assist them. In the episode The New Normal, Toby reveals that Jenna was actually scared of Alison and her posse even though she was always putting up an intimidating face. Toby said she is in love with him still even though he ended their relationship. In Someone to Watch Over Me, she asked Caleb to hack into Hanna's phone, but he did not that as he downloaded 'junk', but Hanna found out and broke up with him. Later in the bathroom Hanna slaps her across the face so badly her glasses came off. Jenna is later seen kissing Garrett Reynolds. Jenna also went to the school for the blind for a while. Alison visited Jenna in the hospital while she was there. Later on in season 2, Jenna takes a pottery class at Hollis College and Aria ends up taking the same class with Jenna. Aria lies about her name so that Jenna won't know it is her but she later on finds out it is Aria. After finding out that Aria is indeed taking the class, Jenna drops the class. Jenna went to Alison's funeral and went to her dedication and said something about Alison. In the episode From Whom The Bells Toll Jenna tells Emily, Hanna, Spencer, and Aria the truth about a lot.

Jenna may be getting her sight (via surgery) back leading the girls to believe that Jenna will come after them with a gun. Hanna admits that Jenna is scary enough with four senses and she might be dangerous with all five. In season 2 episode 13 Jenna is seen when she first arrived to Rosewood and bumps into Alison. They then see each other at the halloween party, both dressed as Lady Gaga but Jenna's is clearly better. Alison asked her whether she wanted to join their group but Jenna refused. You then see Jenna getting friendly with Mona.

Garrett Reynolds

Garrett Reynolds (Yani Gellman) is a police officer investigating the case of Alison DiLaurentises' death. He claims to believe that Spencer is innocent and that he is on the girls side even though he is not allowed to have personal opinions while in uniform. He is supposed to trail Spencer while she is a person of interest in the case. In Monsters in the End, he sees Aria walking out of Ezra Fitz's apartment. In the season one finale, Garrett is revealed to be in a secret relationship/alliance with Jenna Marshall. He warns the girls that the whole town thinks them to be liars due to not finding 'Ian's body' or the being able to prove that Ian murdered Ali. Garrett may or may not be pretending to be on the girls' side while working with Jenna. Aria later discovers from Mike that Garrett is working with Jenna and cannot be trusted.

Anne Sullivan

Anne Sullivan (Annabeth Gish) is the four girls' therapist. She is introduced in Season 2 when the girls parents decide they need help to get over Alison's death. She later finds out who A is and is ready to tell the girls. Then A kidnaps her and gives the girls a day to save her. However, it's revealed that Anne was playing a trick on the girls just to get some information "A" has on her.

Logan Reed

Logan Reed (Tilky Jones) is a mysterious man who appeared in the Season 1 finale. He was "sent" by A to deliver the money to the girls but was immediately arrested by Garrett. Logan reappeared in Season 2 episode The Devil You Know who was working in a mail store. He was recognized by Emily who told her that he found a delivery job online and took it. He tells Emily that he wasn't sent by Ian, but by a mysterious woman who he couldn't recognize. In the end of the episode, Garrett gives Logan money, indicating that he may have worked with Garrett all along.

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