DFM Engineering

DFM Engineering
1.3 meter aperture DFM telescope at United States Naval Observatory Flagstaff Station in Arizona, with a wide field view and main mirror by Kodak and Corning

DFM Engineering is an American telescope and optics manufacturer. [1] DFM Engineering was founded in 1979 by Dr. Frank Melsheimer. DFM makes medium size Cassegrain telescopes and their associated systems including telescope optics, control systems, and mounts. A range of pre-designed telescopes are made, as are various custom installations. In 2005 the base DFM 16"(40 cm) telescope system cost roughly 95 thousand USD. [2]

Major designs offered include

    • 16" - 0.4M CCT [3]
    • 20 & 24" - 0.5 & 0.6M CCT
    • 32" - 0.8M CCT
    • 40" - 1.0M CCT
    • 50" - 1.3M CCT and larger

DFM produced a 1.6 m solar telescope for the Big Bear Solar Observatory‎. [4] The United States Navy purchased a 1.3 m (51-inch) DFM telescope for the United States Naval Observatory Flagstaff Station in Arizona, USA. [5]

DFM installations include many Universities and Institutions, including: Alfred University, Appalachian State University, Chabot Center, Clay Center-Dexter School, College of Charleston, College of Southern Idaho, Colorado University, Dickinson College, Emory University, Florida Institute of Technology, Johns Hopkins University, Lewis & Clark College, Middlebury College, PARI / UNCA, Rowan University, University of Alabama, University of Calgary, University of Michigan, University of Montreal, University of Wyoming, Valdosta State University, Virginia Military Institute, Williams College and University of the Free State.


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