Creative Commons-licensed content directories

Creative Commons-licensed content directories

Creative Commons is maintaining a content directory wiki of organizations and projects using Creative Commons licenses.[1] On its website CC also provides case studies of projects using CC licenses across the world.[2] CC licensed content can also be accessed through a number of content directories and search engines.

  • Creative Commons' Search Page
  • Creative Commons' Content Directories
  • Yahoo's Creative Commons Search
  • Google Advanced Search - select an option under Usage Rights, to search for CC content.
  • Common Content - now offline (accessed 16 November 2007).
  • Mozilla Firefox web browser with default Creative Commons search functionality
  • The Internet Archive - Project dedicated to maintaining an archive of multimedia resources, among which Creative Commons-licensed content
  • Ourmedia - Media archive supported by the Internet Archive
  • ccHost - Server web software used by ccMixter and Open Clip Art Library
  • Open Game Art - Sound and graphics repository intended for use in free software video games.
  • - Audio, visual, translation and education repository for use in software, media and education.

Audio and music

  • Gnomoradio
  • Starfrosch Community MP3 Blog with a huge Creative Commons Section
  • Dogmazic - Archive of free music based in France, one of the main actor of free music movement in Europe.
  • Jamendo - An archive of music albums under Creative Commons licenses
  • Phlow - Magazine that picks Creative Commons music and music from the Netlabel Community on a daily basis
  • CCMixter - A Creative Commons Remix community site.
  • Electrobel - A Creative Commons Community for Belgium, France, Netherlands, UK, Italy.
  • Newgrounds Audio portal - All the music submitted to the Newgrounds Audio portal is free to use under BY-NC-SA 3.0.

Photos and images


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  2. ^ Creative Commons Case Studies

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