Composite C1

Composite C1
Composite C1
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Stable release 2.1 / March 11, 2011; 7 months ago (2011-03-11)
Development status Active
Written in C# / JavaScript / XSLT
Operating system Microsoft Windows / Windows Azure
Type Web content management system
License Mozilla Public License

Composite C1 is a free open source .NET-based web content management system [1].



Composite C1 development began mid 2007, it reached 1.0 in January 2009 and until September 2010 is was sold as a commercially licensed product primarily to customers in northern Europe.

September 29th 2010 Composite released Composite C1 2.0 as free open source software under the Mozilla Public License, pledging to continue development on the free core and providing paid services [2].

October 2010 Composite C1 was added to the .NET 4 enabled parts of Microsoft's Web App Gallery (Web Platform Installer 3 and WebMatrix).

March 2011 Composite C1 2.1 was released making SQL Server support part of the open source project[3].

Source Code and Community Ratings

The source code, issue tracker and forum for Composite C1 is hosted at - the CodePlex site also contain user ratings and reviews that can not be moderated.

Modules (C1 Packages)

  • Content versioning
  • Newsletters
  • Extranet
  • Page comments
  • Issuu reader
  • RSS / Twitter / YouTube feed readers
  • XML to SQL Server migration
  • Google Search (CSE) integration
  • Microsoft Search Server integration
  • Package Creator
  • Data Forms Renderer
  • ASP.NET MVC Player
  • (this list is not exhaustive)



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