Comparison of development estimation software

Comparison of development estimation software

A comparison of notable Software development effort estimation software.

Software Schedule estimate Cost estimate Cost Models Input Report Output Format Supported Programming Languages Platforms License
AFCAA REVIC [1] Yes Yes REVIC KLOC, Scale Factors, Cost Drivers proprietary, Text any DOS Free
Costar [2] Yes Yes COCOMO II, COCOMO 81, REVIC KLOC, Scale Factors, Cost Drivers proprietary, Excel, CSV any Windows Commercial
ProjectCodeMeter [3] Yes Yes Weighted Micro Function Points, COCOMO II 2000, COCOMO 81, REVIC Automatic Source Scanning, Cost Drivers HTML, Excel, CSV C, C++, C#, J#, Java, PHP, Objective C, JavaScript, UnrealEngine script, Flash ActionScript, DigitalMars D Windows Commercial
Seer for Software [4] Yes Yes SEER-SEM SLOC, Function points, use cases, bottoms-up, object, features proprietary, Excel, Microsoft Project, IBM Rational, Oracle Crystal Ball any Windows Commercial
SystemStar [5] Yes Yes COSYSMO 2005 Components, Cost Drivers proprietary, Excel, CSV any Windows Commercial
TruePlanning [6] Yes Yes PRICE Components, Structures, Activities, Cost drivers, Processes Excel, CAD any Windows Commercial
TSA Metric Studio [7] Yes Yes Function points Function points proprietary, XML, Microsoft Project any Windows Commercial
USC COCOMO II [8] Yes Yes COCOMO.II.2000, COCOMO.II.1999, COCOMO.II.1998 KLOC, Scale Factors, Cost Drivers proprietary any Windows, SunOS Free for personal and educational use


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