List of Tales of Symphonia characters

List of Tales of Symphonia characters
From the left to right, Raine, Genis, Lloyd, Zelos (Top), Colette (Bottom), Regal, Presea, and Sheena
Featuring the Main Characters and returning Characters. In the center from left to right is Marta, Emil and Richter.

This article lists the characters in Tales of Symphonia, a video game released on the Nintendo GameCube and PlayStation 2 console systems and Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World release on the Wii. The characters were drawn and designed by Kōsuke Fujishima. In Tales of Symphonia, several characters strive to save the intertwined worlds of Sylvarant and Tethe'alla. In its sequel Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World, two new characters strive to restore the worlds environment and mana by the awakening of Ratatosk.

In the world of Sylvarant, the story follows Lloyd Irving and his friend Genis Sage who travel together with the Chosen, Colette Brunel and her guardians Kratos Aurion and Raine Sage on her quest for world regeneration. World Regeneration is a quest to re-fill Sylvarant with mana, the source of all life, and to seal away the Desians,[1] an evil organization that captures humans and locks them in like prisons where they are hosts to objects known as "Exspheres".[2] Exspheres are objects that are able to bring out ones potential abilities;[3] they can also be used to power machines.[4] During the story, they meet Sheena Fujibayashi, someone from a world parallel to Sylvarant known as Tethe'alla. The main characters learn from her about the truth of the world regeneration journey and Lloyd vows to find a way to end the system. Along the way, they meet three more Tethe'allans, Zelos Wilder, Regal Bryant, and Presea Combatir and together attempt to re-unite the two worlds and solve the mana by awakening the Great Seed by germinating it into the New World Tree. If the current mana provider the Great Seed was to germinate, it would provide much more mana ending the mana crisis; to do this the world must be re-united which could only be done if they have the powers of the Eternal sword, the sword which controls time and space and was used to split the world in two.[5] To use its power, they need to form a pact with its maker, Origin, creator of the Eternal Sword.[6]

The side story, Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World takes place two years after the reunification Sylvarant and Tethe'alla which caused extreme climate change causing many natural disasters.[7] Tensions rise in Sylvarant as the Sylvaranti fear the Tethe'allans' united economy and modern technology. This results in the creation of the Vanguard, a Sylvaranti group whose goals are to destroy the Tethe'allans. After a slaughter at Palmacosta in Lloyd's name, known as the Purge of Blood, Emil Castagnier who was at Palmacosta at the time finds his parents murdered by Lloyd. Emil Castagnier, the protagonist of Dawn of the New World, now lives in Luin and one day is drawn to Lake Sinoa from a monster's howl. On the way, he meets Richter Abend and later, Marta Lualdi. Emil's journey begins when he witnesses Richter trying to kill Marta for her Ratatosk Core, an egg that contains the summon spirit Ratatosk, who will re-balance the world's mana and restore the environments to what they were before. Emil saves Marta and then forms a pact with Tenebrae, a centurion and a servant of Ratatosk, and becomes a Ratatosk Knight. With Ratatosk's power and help from Marta and several returning cast from Tales of Symphonia, Emil seeks his vengeance on Lloyd Irving as well as the resurrection of Ratatosk.


The protagonists from Sylvarant began their journey with the goal of world regeneration, a quest which was to refill the land with mana, a necessary substance to live. Lloyd, Genis, Kratos, and Raine were helping Sylvarant's Chosen, Colette, unlock four seals around the world in order to reveal the Tower of Salvation, the location of the final seal. On the way, they met up with Sheena from Tethe'alla, a world parallel to Sylvarant. She revealed that if the party completed the regeneration process, her world would fall into decline like Sylvarant. They learn the World Regeneration quest was simply reversing the flow of mana between the two worlds; one flourishes while the other declines.[8] They then travel to Tethe'alla in an attempt to find a way to solve the mana crises. There, they meet Tethe'alla's Chosen One, Zelos; a wrongfully imprisoned convict, Regal; and an axe-wielding girl named Presea. Together they find out that germinating the Great Seed will solve the crisis.[9]

Dawn of the New World takes place two years after the events of Tales of Symphonia.[10] The protagonist is named Emil, and nearly all of the main characters from its predecessor return.[10] Only Kratos, although seen talking to Yuan The Guardian of the World Tree, does not return in a playable capacity.[11]

Lloyd Irving

Lloyd Irving (ロイド・アーヴィング Roido Āvingu?) is an irresponsible, and brash young man, but also a gentle idealist who wishes for peace in the world. Orphaned as a child, he was adopted and raised by a dwarf, Dirk, just outside the village of Iselia.[12] Lloyd displays many of the characteristics of the game's antagonist, Mithos, who was once the great hero of the Ancient Kharlan War. Despite their many similarities, Lloyd wants to save the world without sacrificing any lives[13] while Mithos is willing to sacrifice any number of people to achieve his "Age of Lifeless Beings." Kratos claims that Lloyd is capable of admitting and correcting his mistakes, something Mithos could never do.[14] Though his intellect is limited, Lloyd is very strong-hearted and adheres unwaveringly to his morals of racial equality and altruism.[15] He accompanies Colette as one of her guardians on her Journey of Regeneration. Lloyd's Exsphere was a product of Kvar's Angelus Project[16], whose host was Lloyd's mother[17], Anna. In the end of the game due to his Exsphere, Lloyd is able to summon wings in order to reach and awaken the Great Seed. With the help of the Eternal Sword he awakens the seed into a new world tree. He then pronounced its guardian by the Summon Spirit of the Tree, Martel,[18] and receives the tree's protection when he gives it its name.[19] In the sequel, after reuniting the two worlds, he begins to search for the remaining Exspheres.[20] Lloyd has been showered with both praise and hatred from the people of the world, some of whom rejoice at his actions, and some of whom condemn them. The Church of Martel supposedly proclaims that Lloyd was responsible for the Blood Purge of Palmacosta. As a result, tensions between those who support Lloyd and those who oppose him have escalated. However, Lloyd was framed by Decus, a member of the Vanguard. Using the power of Solum's core, Decus turned himself into a doppelganger of Lloyd and led the Blood Purge in his name.[21] It is revealed that Lloyd was working with Yuan in order to gather the centurion's cores, as they believed the reawakened Ratatosk might pose a threat to the new world tree spirit, Martel. However, since simply killing Ratatosk would open the gate to the demon world Niflheim, they planned to seal him in the Ginnungagap.[22] Lloyd could not explain his actions to others as he feared Ratatosk would learn of the plan; furthermore, as the secret name of the world tree provided it with protection, Lloyd feared that others might reveal it under the influence of the centurion cores, which can cause insanity in most humans. He and Yuan realized that Emil's kindness may be able to prevent Ratatosk from seeking revenge for the death of the original world tree.[23] He accompanies Emil and the others through the rest of the game. His seiyū is Katsuyuki Konishi. His English voice actors are Scott Menville in Tales of Symphonia, and Brian Beacock for all other appearances.

Colette Brunel

Colette Brunel (コレット・ブルーネル Koretto Burūneru?) is the Chosen of Mana of Sylvarant; also known as the Chosen of Regeneration, the one who will bring peace and prosperity to the world.[24][25] She was brought up with the knowledge that she would need to die to save the world, and has gained from that a truly selfless nature. She later recognizes that she made a mistake in her willingness to sacrifice herself, believing in Lloyd's ideal that no life should be born for the sole purpose of dying. As such, her wish at the end of the game is to ensure that no one else makes the same mistake she did.[26] She tends to try to befriend new people that she meets, even if the other person is a threat to her life.[27] Colette is quite clumsy, as her repetitive tripping causes the most unusual and usually beneficial things to happen. Colette has a tendency to hide her problems from others,[28] such as her affliction with Chronic Angelus Crystallus Inofficium, a disease that causes the crystallization of the body.[29] This often annoys Lloyd since he wants to help her, but Colette hates making others worry for any reason.[30] She tends to apologize for many things.[31] After the worlds were reunited she is the target of Vanguard who feels Colette has betrayed Sylvarant to Tethe'alla.[32] After the Blood Purge, she has been traveling the world searching for Lloyd.[33] Despite learning the truth of Cruxis, she is deeply religious and often prays for others. Her seiyū is Nana Mizuki and her English voice actress is Heather Hogan in all appearances.

Genis Sage

Genis Sage (ジーニアス・セイジ Jīniasu Seiji?) is a child prodigy and the younger brother of Raine Sage. He is friendly, but due to his high intelligence he is often sarcastic and arrogant. The Sages are both half-elves, but they pass themselves off as full-blooded elves to avoid discrimination. Unlike Raine, Genis is a superb cook. Genis has a crush on Presea and stutters when speaking to her. Genis has expressed a hatred for humans as they discriminate against his kind, but despite this remembers that his friends are themselves human.[34] Because Genis attempted to help Marble, a Desian captive, Iselia is attacked and Lloyd is exiled; Genis comes along with Lloyd because he knows he was partly responsible. The two then join Colette's Journey of Regeneration.[35] Late in the game, when the party meets Mithos, Genis is excited to finally have a half-elven friend.[36] Even after it is revealed that Mithos is indeed Yggdrasill, the main antagonist, he still offers Mithos his friendship, and initially retains his Cruxis Crystal after his apparent defeat. After the Blood Purge in Dawn of the New World, Genis is on a search for Lloyd after hearing rumors about the massacre. His seiyū is Ai Orikasa. His English voice actresses are Colleen O'Shaughnessey in Tales of Symphonia and Tara Sands in Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World.

Kratos Aurion

Kratos Aurion (クラトス・アウリオン Kuratosu Aurion?) is a mysterious mercenary who is hired to accompany Colette on her journey. Though he accompanies the party for quite some time, it is later revealed that Kratos is a high-ranking angel, one of Mithos Yggdrasill's companions from the Ancient Kharlan War,[37] and a spy for Cruxis who was sent to ensure that Colette completed her task.[38] He betrays the party in the Tower of Salvation, but his true motives remain unclear until much later, when it is revealed that he is actually Lloyd's father[39] and has been searching for a way for a human to wield the Eternal Sword.[40] He was forced to kill Anna, his wife and Lloyd's mother, when she was turned into a monster by an uncontrolled Exsphere.[41] Despite his long life and many years of experience, Kratos is, up until the end of the game, a fatalist. It is Lloyd's actions that make him realize how much choice and control of his destiny he really has. Kratos, despite being human, is able to use magic through aionis, and his very body served as the seal to Origin. After the re-unification of the world, Kratos and the half-elves of Cruxis stay on Derris Kharlan where they float away, feeling responsible for their well-being.[42] Kratos serves as the main narrator of Tales of Symphonia, as well as in Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World. He is revealed to be in contact with Yuan by an unknown method mentioning that it's the last time they will talk as Derris Kharlan is about to float too far away for contact.[43] His Japanese voice actor is Fumihiko Tachiki and his English voice actor is Cam Clarke in all appearances.

Raine Sage

Raine Sage, known as Refill Sage (リフィル・セイジ Rifiru Seiji?) in the original Japanese version, is Genis' older sister and Iselia's schoolteacher. Raine is a calm, pragmatic thinker. For much of the first half of the game, she is the only character who thinks about the long-term consequences of the party's actions. She tends to be mistrustful of others and is the only one to be suspicious of Kratos. In the past, Raine and Genis were Tethe'allans who were sent to Sylvarant by the use of the Otherworldly Gate, a portal that intertwines the world on the day of the full moon.[44] Because of this, she is fascinated with ruins of any kind because of memories of being abandoned at the Otherworldly Gate.[45] They were sent to Sylvarant by their mother Virginia to escape Tethe'alla's highly discriminatory laws and to keep the child prodigy Raine from being manipulated by the Imperial Research Academy.[46] While on the run from the Academy, Raine fell off of a boat and nearly drowned, leading to a severe case of aquaphobia. Raine and Genis were able to live in Iselia by pretending to be elves instead of half-elves. She raised Genis from childhood all by herself, and does not hesitate to employ corporal punishment to discipline him. Raine is the complete opposite of Genis in cooking, and tends to make rather repulsive food. She takes comments about her cooking straight to heart and usually loses her temper. After the re-unification of the world, Raine and Genis set out to educate the world to eliminate the prejudice against half elves.[47] She remains analytical in that she doesn't automatically believe in Lloyd's innocence concerning the Blood Purge. While she is still popular among the children of Iselia, she is replaced by a teacher from Tethe'alla, and some villagers still have trouble accepting her as a half-elf. Her seiyū is Yumi Tōma. Her voice actress is Kari Wahlgren in Tales of Symphonia and Tara Platt in all other appearances.

Sheena Fujibayashi

Sheena Fujibayashi (藤林しいな Fujibayashi Shiina?, Shiina Fujibayashi) is a strong-willed but kindhearted ninja from Tethe'alla. Though an unlucky ninja with the tendency to fall into pitfalls, she is a capable summoner of Summon Spirits.[48] Sheena is always accompanied by Corrine, a man-made Summon Spirit. Owing in part to her upbringing as a ninja, she acts tomboyish much of the time, but she does possess a feminine side, shown by her love of flowers and good cooking skills. She was originally sent to Sylvarant by Tethe'alla's Pope and King with orders to assassinate Colette, but events cause her to join forces with the party instead. She dislikes having to be rescued, preferring to rely on her tough facade instead to save face.[49] Like Lloyd, she is a strong believer in altruism. She has a crush on Lloyd, despite sometimes being irritated with him, which becomes more apparent as they travel together; though, she has a great deal of trouble expressing these feelings.At the age of seven, Sheena ventured to the Temple of Lightning with the people of Mizuho in order to form a pact with Volt, the Summon Spirit of Lightning. Unfortunately, Volt speaks a language that only certain scholars can comprehend, and she was unable to understand what he was saying; specifically, his unwillingness to form another pact after being betrayed by Mithos. Volt went on a rampage, killing a quarter of Mizuho's population and putting the chief of Mizuho -- Sheena's adoptive grandfather -- into a coma[50], which still causes her guilt and fear of Volt. She was the one who revealed the existence of Tethe'alla to Lloyd, and she later helps the party to escape there. At the end of the game, Zelos requests of the King that she becomes Tethe'alla's representative of peace.[51] During the sequel she is the current chief of Mizuho due to part of a sidequest from the first game Tales of Symphonia. Her vast network of ninjas helps the party in several ways such as backup for invasions or message deliverers. Her seiyū is Akemi Okamura. Her English voice actress was Jennifer Hale in Tales of Symphonia, and Megan Hollingshead in Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World.

Zelos Wilder

Zelos Wilder (ゼロス・ワイルダー Zerosu Wairudā?) is the Chosen One from Tethe'alla. Like Kratos, Zelos is able to use magic through the ingestion of aionis. He is often the comic relief of the group, dropping tactless comments at the most inopportune moment. He also tends to make blunt observations, which are often interpreted as insensitive despite being accurate. He is also quite the ladies' man, approaching most situations trying to impress any pretty girls nearby, and can charm gifts out of nearly every female NPC in the game. He takes every opportunity to hit on his female team members. Growing up in Meltokio's upper-class society, Zelos became highly popular due to his title, status and looks. He is second in power only to the Royal Family. Because of this he is disliked by the Pope, and it is later revealed that Zelos prevented him from establishing even harsher anti-half-elf laws. Contrary to his over-confident attitude, he bears a great loathing for himself due to his past. Neither of his parents much cared for him, as they were forced to marry to continue the bloodline of the Chosen.[52] When Zelos was young, the previous Chosen fathered another child, Seles, with a half-elven woman, and initially the two siblings often played together. Zelos later witnessed his mother's murder when a magic attack targeted at him struck her instead.[53] As she fell dying, she grabbed Zelos by the shoulder and told him that he should never have been born.[54] The murderer was revealed to be Seles' mother, who wanted her daughter to become the Chosen in Zelos' place.[55] Despite the superficial personality Zelos developed to deal with the challenges of his life, he is actually perceptive, intelligent, and surprisingly sensitive; at times he shows that he's not nearly as vapid or careless as he seems. Later in the game, Zelos is revealed to be leaking information to the Renegades and Cruxis, and from the beginning had planned to betray Lloyd.[56] At the Tower of Salvation, he arranges for Cruxis to capture Colette. Depending on the player's choice in Flanoir, Zelos will either remain loyal to them, or betray them. In one, Zelos strongly responds to Lloyd's trust in him, and he decides to formulate a plan with Kratos to help Lloyd. While appearing to have sided with Cruxis, he then saves everyone in the party from the various traps in the Tower, restores Colette's Key Crest, and retrieving some aionis as per Kratos' request, the final ingredient needed for the Eternal Ring.[57] If not, Zelos will side with Cruxis and declare his reasons for joining Cruxis,[58][59] Zelos survives in the game's manga adaption, and appears in Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World, establishing his survival as canonical.[60] While he acknowledges that his power as the Chosen is diminishing after the fall of Cruxis, he still commands a lot of respect and steps in to help settle various public issues. He often analyzes others' actions, and believes Lloyd was not involved in the Blood Purge. While he initially claimed to not care for his younger sister due to public perception, he is in fact extremely protective of her. His seiyū is Masaya Onosaka. His English voice actor was Shiloh Strong in Tales of Symphonia, and Christopher Corey Smith in all other appearances.

Presea Combatir

Presea Combatir (プレセア・コンバティール Puresea Konbatīru?) is a lumberjack from the small town of Ozette, in Tethe'alla. She admires Colette for being able to "smile and forgive" almost any wrongdoing. Furthermore, she is one of the few characters who tolerates Zelos' flippant behavior, and she seems to take everything quite literally. She has a knack for whittling, and has made figurines and brooches that are popular in the capital city of Meltokio. When the party first meets her, she is the victim of an Exsphere with a Key Crest made of an unknown substance other than Inhibiter Ore; this is part of an attempt to use her as a host body in creating a Cruxis Crystal. She agreed to take part in this experiment as her sister Alicia had left for Altamira,[61] and their father, Sieg, had become too ill to continue work as a lumberjack: Presea wanted the Exsphere to enable herself to be strong enough to use his axe in his place.[62] Following numerous experiments, a Cruxis Crystal began to grow in Presea, and as with all Exspheres, it increased her strength, but because it was not controlled by a Key Crest, it suppressed her consciousness causing her to behave robotically and stopped her body from aging, resulting in her physical age becoming out of synch with her chronological age.[61] The rest of Ozette's villagers shun her and call her a monster for being seemingly unable to age, wielding a massive axe with the body of a twelve year-old, and for not burying her father, who had succumbed to an illness long before without her noticing. After regaining her consciousness, she joins Lloyd's quest. She eventually learns to accept that her lost time will not be returned and to let go of her anger towards others, and while her emotions remain somewhat subdued her behavior and emotional range gradually improve. At the end of Tales of Symphonia, it shown that despite having the body of a 12 year old, she is actually 28 chronologically. She later works with Lezareno to rebuild Ozette and produce various carved charms. Her seiyū is Hōko Kuwashima and her English voice actress is Tara Strong in Tales of Symphonia.

Regal Bryant

Regal Bryant (リーガル・ブライアン Rīgaru Buraian?) is a convict sent by the Pope of Tethe'alla to capture Colette. Regal joins the party after he recognizes Presea. He is a kind and noble soul, and a very talented cook. He is very content with being alone, although he does enjoy company and conversation, especially with Lloyd. Lloyd idolizes Regal: he claims that he hopes to grow up and be a "cool adult" like him. It is revealed that Regal is actually the president of the Lezareno Company,[63] a major corporation which is quite influential in Tethe'alla. He and Alicia Combatir, Presea's younger sister, were in love,[64] but like Anna, Alicia became a victim of Exsphere research,[65] culminating in her transformation into a monster. At Alicia's own request, Regal ended her suffering,[66] but could never forgive himself for his crime and he turned himself into the authorities. Regal always wears handcuffs to symbolize his sins and to prevent himself from using his hands to kill again. During the course of the game, Regal tells Alicia's spirit that he will remove his shackles when he has defeated those who cause pain by abusing exspheres.[67] He follows through on his promise as seen in the sequel, though he continues to fight with just his feet. He continues to use his company to support numerous causes around the world. He is a strong fighter, supplementing his melee capabilities with a small amount of Qi magic. He fights exclusively with his feet, and uses greaves to enhance the power of his kicks. Before he donned his trademark shackles, Regal mainly fought using his hands; he claims that his strength and mastery of this previous style far surpassed those of the techniques he uses now.[68] He will occasionally use this power in a nonlethal manner often to break open obstacles. His seiyū is Akio Ōtsuka. His English voice actor is Crispin Freeman in Tales of Symphonia.

Emil Castagnier

Emil Castagnier (エミル・キャスタニエ Emiru Kyasutanie?) lost his parents to Lloyd Irving in the Blood Purge of Palmacosta.[69] An honest, somewhat naive boy, Emil is a bit of a coward, and he does not like to make decisions. Emil lives in Luin at the start of the game. He is bullied for being the only child in the village to not be a devoted follower of Lloyd Irving. One day, he hears a monster's cry in the distance; he leaves his village to investigate and finds Marta, who shows some unknown familiarity with Emil. She reveals that she is being hunted and they agree to fight together against the assassins seeking to take the Ratatosk core Marta carries with her. It is soon revealed that he was summoned by Tenebrae, a Centurion whose voice he had heard earlier. He makes a deal with Tenebrae and agrees to become a Knight of Ratatosk, thus enabling him to use Ratatosk's power during battle. Whenever he fights, his eyes turn red and his personality changes into that of a cruel fighter, causing some to see him as a monster.[70] It's eventually discovered that Emil himself is Ratatosk. He realizes the timid Emil is a forged personality created by Ratatosk who placed a fake core on Marta's forehead and took the alias "Emil Castagnier" in order to protect himself in his weakened state.[71] Before the final fight against Richter, Emil seals away Ratatosk's personality with the help of Verius, the Summon Spirit of Heart.[71] With Richter attempting to open the door to Niflheim Emil plans to re-close the gate which is located in the Ginnungagap, the world between Earth and Niflhiem. He plans to have Marta and the others kill him and turn him back into a core in order to become a lock on the door as to atone for Aster's death.[71] His seiyū is Hiro Shimono and his English voice actor is Johnny Yong Bosch.

There are two endings the players are able to receive. In one ending, he defeats Lloyd and severely injures Marta; realizing this, he kills himself, reverting to core form. In another ending, Lloyd and Marta defeat Emil. He prepares for his death but Marta realizes that Emil is pretending to be Ratatosk in order to be returned to core form and used as a seal as Lloyd had originally intended. She persuades him to face Ratatosk to come to an agreement, and continue his two responsibilities; to guard the door to Niflheim and to balance the world's mana. After confronting and accepting each other, Ratatosk, through Emil's kindness, realizes he had made a poor judgment in his anger at humanity, and declares that he has given up his plans of revenge. To maintain the seal on the door, he plans to rewrite the natural law so all living things can live without mana. Once that is done, that unused mana would flow to the Ginnungagap and would then be used to create a new seal on the door of Niflheim to replace the one breached by Richter. It would take a thousand years for this to be completed, but for the time being, Richter offers his body to act as a seal on the Ginnungagap.[72] If Lloyd has not taken any of the centurion cores excluding Lumen, an extra scene will occur. With the help of Verius, Richter, and the Centurions, Ratatosk will separate from Emil and allow him to live out his life as a human.[73][74][75] Emil is last seen in Palmacosta reunited with Marta.

Marta Lualdi

Marta Lualdi (マルタ・ルアルディ Maruta Ruarudi?) is the daughter of Brute as well as a former member of the Vanguard. She lost her mother during the Great Kharlan Tree's rampage in Palmacosta.[76] A bit of a tomboy, Marta is passionate about getting her way. On the left side of her forehead lies the Ratatosk Core, which is later revealed to be a fake core that Ratatosk placed on her to draw attention away from himself and towards Marta. Emil becomes a Ratatosk knight in order to protect her and the Ratatosk Core. She views him as effeminate, but believes he possesses a hidden strength. According to a few skits, Marta has a case of motion sickness when she is riding in either a carriage or on a boat. Marta wears a keychain that resembles Mieu, a character from Tales of the Abyss; Tokunaga, Anise Tatlin's doll from the same game, is also visible on the back of her pouch. Marta is shown to be a horrible cook but improves once she learns she has to taste her own cooking. After the Vanguard's actions become too extreme, she abandons the Vanguard in order to stop them and asks for Ratatosk's help. She believed that Emil helped save her during the blood purge so she looks for him to become a Knight of Ratatosk and falls in love with him. At first, this love is entirely one-sided with Marta trying to push Emil to become her perfect knight but after spending time with Emil she eventually falls in love with him for who he is. She eventually becomes troubled when she learns that Emil really is Ratatosk and comes to the realization that she may even lose Emil. Before the final battle with Richter, she tells Emil that she will help dissolve the Vanguard and find a way to help Tethe'allans and Sylvaranti get along, and not wanting to part with Emil. After the fight against Richter, Emil, posing as Ratatosk, attacks her and Lloyd. If both are defeated, she will be injured and Emil will commit suicide realizing getting others to kill him will hurt them. If Emil is defeated, she will realize that Emil was pretending to be Ratatosk and give him Aqua's core. She leaves the Ginnugagap as Emil seals the door way to Niflheim. In Palmacosta, she re-unites with Emil. Her seiyū is Rie Kugimiya and her English voice actress is Laura Bailey.


In Tales of Symphonia, the main antagonists were Mithos Yggdrasill and an organization which he runs called Cruxis. He originally split the world to end the Kharlan War which was using technology which consumed heavy amounts of mana, which killed the previous World Tree, the previous supplier of mana. His sister was killed and he devoted his life to reviving his sister; his means have hurt many people in the world. After his defeat by Lloyd's party, the world is re-united and a Sylvaranti group called the Vanguards cause acts of terrorism to the world where they aim to revive the Sylvarant Dynasty to defeat the Tethe'allans. It turns out Richter Abend was manipulating the Vanguard for his own goal, the defeat of Ratatosk.

Mithos Yggdrasill

Mithos Yggdrasill (ミトス・ユグドラシル Mitosu Yugudorashiru?) acts as both the main antagonist of Tales of Symphonia and a primary hero in its story. He is first mentioned as Mithos the Hero, a legendary man who lived four thousand years before the beginning of the game. According to the legend, Mithos and his three companions stopped the Ancient Kharlan War and restored peace to the world.[77] Mithos's full name is not revealed until extremely late in the game, along with the identities of his companions: Kratos Aurion, Mithos's sister Martel, and Yuan.[37] These companions would later be referred to as the Four Seraphim, the leaders of Cruxis; the three surviving members are over 4,000 years old. It is later revealed that, during the War, the companions went through many great hardships due to rampant discrimination against half-elves, fueled by both humans and elves. Because of this discrimination, Mithos and Martel were shunned from their home of Heimdall and were forced to live on their own.[77] He would eventually go on to become the great hero of legend by single-handedly making pacts with each of the Summon Spirits. Mithos then had Origin create the near-omnipotent Eternal Sword, a weapon that can control and alter time and space. He used it to split the world in two; thereby creating the parallel worlds of Tethe'alla and Sylvarant,[78] in order to prevent more magitechnology from being created. The Ancient Kharlan War had been caused by magitechnology, which consumes vast amounts of mana; by splitting the world in two and controlling each half's access to mana, Mithos effectively stopped the creation of magitechnology and a second cataclysmic global war.[79] Unfortunately, his beloved sister was slain during the conflict. Mithos had strong ideals about peace and unity, but his sister's death deepened his hatred for humanity, and he began to obsess over her loss. He took her final words, a wish for a world free of all discrimination, to heart, but misinterpreted them as a wish to end the persecution of only half-elves. Mithos' ideals then became twisted: he became obsessed with resurrecting his sister and with ushering in a new "Age of Lifeless Beings" by using Exspheres to make everyone the same.[80] His seiyū as Mithos is Minami Takayama and Hideyuki Tanaka as Yggdrasill. His English voice actress for Mithos is Brianne Siddall and voice actor James Arnold Taylor as Yggdrasill.

During the course of the game when Lloyd's party arrives at the Hall of the Great Seed, Mithos finally manages to revive Martel by channeling her consciousness through Colette. Contrary to Mithos' expectations, the awakened Martel expresses deep regret and disappointment at what her brother has done.[81] She mentions that maybe Elves should never have come to the planet; Mithos misunderstands this and assumes his sister wanted to go back to Derris Kharlan.[82] He attempts to move the great seed to Derris Kharlan; if the seed is moved the world would die[83] so he was defeated and turned into a Cruxis Crystal. After Lloyd and the others make a pact with Origin, Mithos possesses one of the party members and escapes to Derris-Kharlan. He then resumes his plan to transfer the great seed but is pursued by the party. Mithos reaches out to each of the party members in a desperate attempt to get them to join him. One by one, the party rejects him. When Mithos is finally defeated in the throne room of his fortress of Vinheim Castle, he tells the party that, despite all, he feels no regret for the choices he made, and, if given the chance, he would do everything all over again in order to save his sister. He then orders Lloyd to destroy his crystal before he loses his mind to the crystal.[84]

Cruxis and Desians

The antagonists of Tales of Symphonia are a group of people called Cruxis with Desians as a front. They are under the order of Mithos Yggdrasill and are mostly made up of half-elves who want revenge for being discriminated against. Both the Desians and Cruxis are completely wiped out by the end of the first game, culminating in even harsher discrimination against half-elves in Sylvarant in the sequel. Cruxis members are given Cruxis Crystals, which cause them to grow angel-like wings.[85] The goal of Cruxis is to bring back Martel.[86] The first antagonist the group faces is Remiel (レミエル Remieru?), an angel of Cruxis who guided Colette on the Journey of Regeneration and tricked her into believing that she was his daughter.[87] Remiel had hoped to give Colette as an offering to Lord Yggdrasill, knowing that her body was needed for Martel's human vessel. By doing this, Remiel believed he would be assigned the rank of Seraphim, however, once his plan was discovered by Lloyd's group, he was killed. His seiyū is Tetsuo Takaguchi and his English voice actor is Wally Wingert[88] Lloyd's party later encounters and defeats the five Desian Grand Cardinals, which are Cruxis members who manage the Human Ranches. The five Desian Grand Carinals consist of: Forcystus, Magnius, Kvar, Rodyle, and Pronyma. Forcystus, a man who was hailed a hero for killing a group of humans that were leading a massacre on half-elves, is the Grand Cardinal in charge of the Iselia Ranch. His seiyū is Takahiro Yoshimizu and his English voice actor is André Sogliuzzo. Magnius, a corrupt and cruel man, is the Grand Cardinal in charge of the Palmacosta Human Ranch. His seiyū is Shinji Kawada and his English voice actor is Chris Edgerly. Kvar, an arrogant and calculating man, is the Grand Cardinal in charge of the Asgard Human Ranch. He pioneered the Angelus Project, which Anna, Lloyd's mother, was a victim of. His seiyū is Shigeru Ushiyama and his English voice actor is also Chris Edgerly. Rodyle, an ambitious and manipulative scientist, is the Grand Cardinal in charge of the Remote Island Human ranch. He had planned to overthrow Yggdrasill with the use of his creation, the mana cannon.[89] His seiyū is Takeshi Aono and his English voice actor is Daran Norris. The final Cardinal, Pronyma - a woman who worships and loves Yggdrasill - is the leader of the five Desian Grand Cardinals. She was killed by Yggdrasill after addressing him as Mithos.[90] Her seiyū is Yuki Makishima and her English voice actress is Masasa Moyo.

Richter Abend

Richter Abend (リヒター・アーベント Rihitā Ābento?) the main antagonist of Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World. He is a young man who first meets Emil on a journey to find the Ratatosk Core. Since he was oppressed as a half-elf child, he now hates those that oppress others; he also hates those who do not stand up for themselves. His extremely distrusting nature causes him to be harsh in order to see his goals met. He first encounters Emil while saving him from being bullied. Although the boy's timidity and passiveness irritate him, Richter resolves to teach him the basics of fighting. It is due to his inability to understand why many resign themselves to their downtrodden circumstances that he pushes Emil to become stronger through harsh means. Richter is also a member of the Vanguard, held in high esteem, and has been said to be the founder of the Vanguard combat group by Brute. He was originally a researcher at Sybak, where he was researching the spirit of Ratatosk with his close friend Aster. Together, they were commissioned to look into Ratatosk's mana: however, due to a previous betrayal by Mithos' group, the spirit's trust had disappeared. It killed Aster in a rage; since then, Richter has held resentment towards Ratatosk. His plan during the course of the game is to kill Ratatosk by making a pact with the demons of Niflheim and borrowing their power. After killing Ratatosk, he would seal the door to Niflheim to prevent access by the demons by using his own mana with the help of the Sacred Stone; an object that turns the mana in a person's body into flames. He meant to use a Cruxis Crystal to prevent himself from aging making him a permanent seal for the door. His plans fail after Emil and the party defeats him. Because Richter had forced the door to Niflheim open, he has broken its seal, thus Richter stays behind to keep the door to Niflheim closed. His seiyū is Kenji Hamada and his English voice actor is Kyle Hebert.


The antagonists of Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World are all Vanguard members. Their goal is to bring back the Sylvarant Dynasty, a monarchic kingdom that existed eight hundred years ago and plans to use it to overthrow Tethe'alla. To complete their plans, they sent assassins after Marta Lualdi in order to retrieve the Ratatosk core from her. The leader of the Vanguard is Marta's father, Brute (ブルート Burūto?), who is being manipulated by Richter Abend. His seiyū is Rintarou Nishi and his English voice actor is JB Blanc. The Vanguard has four commanders to lead its soldiers; Alice (アリス Arisu?), a sadistic young female half-elf and leader of the Vanguard's army's Battle Combat system. She has brainwashed monsters to do her bidding and abuses Decus' feelings towards her in order to have him do her bidding. She swore vengeance against the Church of Martel which caused her parents' death. In her past, she made a pact with a demon which granted her the power to control monsters, but in return she had to search for the book which sealed the demon lord. When Lloyd's party burned the book, Alice was freed from her pact.[91] Her seiyū is Mami Kingetsu and her English voice actor is Janice Kawaye; Decus (デクス Dekusu?), a young man and the leader of the Vanguard's espionage division. Decus pursues Alice with a single-minded determination and joined the Vanguard for the same reason.[92] After taking a fatal attack for Alice, he proclaims his love to her before dying. Alice, after realizing she also loved him, dies with him. His seiyū is Akio Suyama and his English voice actor is Doug Erholtz; Hawk (ホーク Hōku?), a cowardly and weak man and in charge of the Vanguard's army and a subordinate of Alice and Decus. His seiyū is Yuuji Kishi and his English voice actor is Patrick Seitz; and Magnar, a Vanguard member who infiltrated the Church of Martel as a knight.

Other characters


Martel (マーテル Māteru?) is Mithos's sister and one of the four seraphims and the apparent deity worshiped by the Church of Martel—a monotheistic religion, with aspects derived from the real-life Roman Catholic Church. The Church is nearly identical in both the worlds of Tethe'alla and Sylvarant, save for the hierarchical system present in Tethe'alla which has a Pope as its spiritual leader. Martel is a half elf and was banished from Heimdall along with Mithos. She was murdered by a human who was attempting to take control of Mana.[93] After her death, Mithos places Martel's soul in the Great Seed with the use of a Cruxis Crystal.[94] Mithos then seeks to revive Martel no matter the consequences. Near the end of the game, Mithos succeeds in doing so, but Martel admonishes him for the actions he has done.[81] After the germination of the great seed, Martel's soul merged with the great seed's soul.[95] She then becomes the Summon Spirit of Yggdrasil,[96] the new World Tree of Mana that Lloyd names at the end of the game as proof of the pact between them;[97] although the name Lloyd chose is never mentioned, It is presumed to be "Yggdrasil" as that is the World Tree's name in Tales of Phantasia. Her seiyū is Misa Watanabe and her English voice actress is Kim Mai Guest.


Though an unseen character in the game, Anna has made small, cryptic appearances in the animation, speaking to her son Lloyd from within the Exsphere, becoming a partially seen character. Little is known about Anna's early life, except that she was born in Luin.[98] At some point, she was taken to the Asgard Human Ranch, where she became the subject of Kvar's Angelus Project. During the time in which she was held at the Ranch, Kratos Aurion came to Sylvarant immediately prior to rejecting Mithos' intentions for the worlds. They meet and fell in love;[99] Anna helped Kratos see Mithos' mistake and this encouraged Kratos' desertion.[100] Unfortunately, Mithos was not willing to let Kratos desert him, and Anna was crucial to the Angelus Project, so they were forced to flee, constantly pursued by Kvar's Desians. At some point during the flight, Anna gave birth to Lloyd. Still being pursued, the three continued to run for two more years, until they were near the Iselia Human Ranch, where Kvar and his troops caught up with them. At the top of a steep cliff beside the Iselia Ranch, Anna's Exsphere was removed; as she did not have a Key Crest, the mana in her body went out of control and she turned into a monster. Confused and enraged, she attacked the infant Lloyd. She would have killed him had the family pet, Noishe not protected him. She regained control of herself for a short period of time, during which she begged Kratos to kill her, terrified that she might harm Lloyd or her husband.[101] Desperate to save his son's life, Kratos fatally injured his wife. Kvar took this opportunity to attack Kratos. During the fight, Noishe, Lloyd, and the mortally wounded Anna fell down a nearby cliff. The distraught Kratos searched the bottom of the cliff, in vain, for his wife and son. He would then return to Cruxis believing his wife and son dead. He had since given up on life, and lost his will to fight back.[102] Dirk, a dwarf who happened to be near the base of the cliff at the time, found them. Anna begged the dwarf to look after her son, Lloyd, Dirk agreed.[12] He buried Anna's body beside his house.


Noishe is a strange creature that was found by Dirk with Lloyd when he was a baby. He travels with the party, serving as a steed, a watchman, and a guardian. He also travelled with Mithos, Kratos, Yuan, and Martel on the journey to end the Ancient Kharlan War, 4000 years before the game begins. It is revealed late in the game that Noishe is in fact a protozoan, a mystical creature that was the first creature born when the Giant Kharlan Tree united with the earth.[103] Protozoans will evolve into a human who fights evil one day. Noishe has a distinct fear of monsters and often runs away whenever he senses one. It is later learned that Noishe developed this phobia after protecting an infant Lloyd from Anna, who transformed into a monster when her Exsphere was removed. He briefly appears in Dawn of the New World alongside Dirk, whereupon he has a conversation with Tenebrae. He is not seen again afterwards.


Dirk is a dwarf and Lloyd's adoptive father. Dirk found the infant Lloyd and his mother, Anna, in the Iselia Forest. Anna, on the verge of death, asked Dirk to raise her son as his own.[12] As Lloyd grew older, Dirk began teaching him Dwarven crafting techniques. Dirk speaks in a rather straightforward manner and does not pretend to know things he can't do. He works as a craftsman and is well known for his skilled work. He is one of only two dwarves appearing in the game. He cares for Lloyd as his own son.

Yuan Ka-Fai

Yuan Ka-Fai[104] is a half-elf double agent—the leader of the Renegades, an organization opposing Cruxis—and one of the Four Seraphim of Cruxis.[105] He pretends to be loyal to Mithos so he can learn Cruxis's plans and thwart them. When he is busy working for Mithos, Yuan leaves the control of the Renegades to Botta, his lieutenant. 4,000 years before the game begins, Yuan journeyed with Mithos and his companions in the past to end the Kharlan War and was engaged to Martel before she was killed. She asked Mithos and Yuan to make the world a better place and to stop the half-elf discrimination before she died. Mithos tried to do this, but not in the way Martel had intended. Yuan knew that Martel didn't want her wish to be fulfilled in the way Mithos interpreted and thus tries to stop him. Later on, he helps the Chosen's group defeat Mithos, and is thus something of an anti-hero. Yuan is resilient in his views and calculative. He firmly decides to subvert Mithos, but also decides to covertly do it in order to keep close to Mithos. In Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World, towards the end of the game, lends the protagonists the Rheairds, flying vehicles, much like the previous game. It is revealed that Asgard was his original hometown[106] and that he has become the guardian of the new World Tree.[107] His voice actor is Toshiyuki Morikawa and his English voice actors are Chris Edgerly in Tales of Symphonia and Kim Strauss in Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World.


Tenebrae (テネブラエ Teneburae?) is a Centurion Spirit of Ratatosk that is highly attuned to the forces of darkness. He appears before Emil, and the two agree to a contract that turns the boy into a Knight of Ratatosk. He is a very calm, composed, and serious being, though he has been known to make the occasional jokes and puns, like describing how Raine is a maniac in a lot of ways. He particularly enjoys bringing Emil into awkward situations with his teammates. He is very loyal to Marta, who carries the Ratatosk Core on her forehead. He is affectionally nicknamed "Tenebie" by Colette and "Paw Pad" by Presea, much to his displeasure. His seiyū is Hōchū Ōtsuka and his English voice actor is Christopher Corey Smith.


Aqua (アクア Akua?) is a Centurion Spirit of Ratatosk that is highly attuned to the forces of water. She, like Richter, seeks to revive Aster and kill Lord Ratatosk, so she agrees to form a contract with him. Aqua subsequently guides Richter and aids him in battle. It is revealed near the end of the game that Aqua has fallen in love with Richter. Her seiyū is Yōko Honda and her English voice actress is Wendee Lee.

Appearances in other media

The characters appear in the animation of Tales of Symphonia. Lloyd Irving and Zelos Wilder both appeared in the Tales of Viva series Tales of Fandom Gaiden and Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology Lemon Gumi. Since Zelos' appearance in Tales of Fandom Gaiden, he has appeared in every Tales of Viva episode since then as the host alongside of Jade of the Tales of the Abyss game.

They also made their first appearance in the Tales of the World series in Tales of the World: Narikiri Dungeon 3 where Lloyd Irving, Colette Brunel, Genis Sage, Kratos Aurion, Raine Sage, Sheena Fujibayashi, Zelos Wilder, Presea Combatir, Regal Bryant and Mithos Yggdrasill make appearances as playable characters. Since then, all characters excluding Mithos, Sheena, and Regal have made regular appearances in the series. Lloyd, Colette, Presea, Kratos, and Richter are also playable characters in the two dimensional fighting game Tales of VS. Kratos makes a cameo appearance as an opponent in the game Tales of Vesperia.

Lloyd Irving is a playable character in the game Soulcalibur Legends, marking the first appearance of a Tales of Symphonia character appearing outside of the Tales series.


In the fourth Tales of character popularity contest four tales characters made it onto the top ten; Lloyd Irving ranked fourth place, Kratos Aurion ranked seventh, Zelos Wilder ranked eighth, and Emil Castagnier ranked tenth. The others who made onto the top fifty are Colette Brunel who ranked fifteenth, Marta Lualdi who ranked twenty-first, Presea Combatir who ranked twenty-second, Genis Sage who ranked thirty-fourth, Richter Abend who ranked thirty-seventh, and Sheena Fujibayashi who ranked fiftieth.[108] Emil is considered fourth on the top five most irritating RPG protagonists by 1up.[109]


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