The Clique (series)

The Clique (series)
Cover of The Clique, the first novel of the series, released on May 5, 2004

The Clique is an American young adult novel series written by Lisi Harrison and was originally published by Little, Brown and Company, a subsidiary of the Hachette Group, but got reprinted by Poppy books. The series revolves around four girls. Massie Block, Alicia Rivera, Dylan Marvil, and Kristen Gregory collectively make up The Pretty Committee, an 'A-Lister' clique at the fictional, all girls middle school, Octavian Country Day, or as Massie likes to call it, OCD. Claire Lyons is a misfit girl from Orlando, Florida. She shops at stores like Wal-mart and Target and has no clue what life in Westchester is like and what is expected of her there. Massie is the head of the clique, dressed in Juicy Couture, Louis Vuitton, Miu Miu, Jimmy Choo etc. while Claire, a newcomer to the area, is initially considered an outcast due to her financial and fashion status. She is also not welcomed at first because of her attitude, which is that she assumes since she is living in Massie's guest house she should be Massie's friend and a member of the Pretty Committee. As the series progresses, she slowly develops a friendship with Massie, realizing that she must earn her friendship, and eventually becomes a member of the group. She soon finds out though, life in The Pretty Committee isn't all unicorns and gold....

The first novel, The Clique, was released on May 19, 2004. As of August 2010, 13 novels have been released in the main series.[1][2] On October 4, 2006, a box set called "The Clique Collection" was released containing the first three novels of the series.[3] A second set was released in November 2006 containing books four through six.[4] From April to August 2008, five novellas named after the five main characters were published in a subseries called "The Clique Summer Collection." The novellas focus on each titular characters' activities during the summer between their seventh and eighth grades in school.[5] Harrison composed a guide to the series' "teen speak" terminology and trivia, Cliquetionary, which was released on November 16, 2009.[6] It was announced on Lisi Harrison's website that the fourteenth book (which will be released February 15, 2011) would mark the end of the series.[citation needed]

In 2007, Warner Brothers announced that it had partnered with publisher Alloy Entertainment to create a series of direct-to-DVD films based on the books. A film, based on the first novel The Clique, was released on November 18, 2008.[7] The novels are being adapted into a series of graphic novels by Yen Press, with the first volume due for release July 2010.[8]



Entertainment, the book-packaging subdivision of Alloy Online which focuses on the young adult market, conceived the stories for its novel series, then is responsible for hiring writers and editing the novels they produced.[9][10][11] They approached Lisi Harrison, who was working as a writer for MTV, about producing a series of young adult novels. She said of this proposal, "Always being a closeted wannabe author - I jumped at the opportunity. I loved the idea."[12] Alloy's involvement in the process of writing varies from series to series;[13] Harrison said that in her case they functioned as a sounding board, but otherwise, "they left me to my own devices. It's very much my book."[12] The end result was the first novel in the series, The Clique, which was published in May 2004 by Little, Brown and Company.[14][15][16]


  • Massie Block is known as the alpha (leader) and founder of her 'Clique', The Pretty Committee. This clique is at the head of the food chain they are popular and preppy at their prestigious all girls' private school. She is very spoiled (her dad is a successful business man) and is sometimes very stuck up, but she has a vulnerable side that reveals itself to the reader when she is under pressure. Massie never lets on to anyone that she sometimes isn't as confident as she appears. She's known for her wardrobe (designer labels), her quick wit and humor, and her desire to shine above everyone. She is described with having amber eyes and shiny, brown hair. Massie is jealous of Alicia's natural beauty.
  • Alicia Rivera is Massie's "beta" (second-in-command) in the Pretty Committee , but her personality doesn't quite shine like Massie's does. Alicia is also a major gossip. Alicia is also known for her wardrobe (heavily influenced by Ralph Lauren), and for her exotic beauty (her mother is an internationally-known Spanish ex-model). Alicia's long, shiny, dark hair and big brown eyes (with curly lashes) make her a hit among the Briarwood Boys, along with her C-cups.
  • Dylan Marvil: is the Pretty Committee's source to the showbiz world, for her mother is famous talk show host Merri-Lee Marvil for a television show called The Daily Grind. Dylan is bubbly and talkative. Dylan is the most adorable of the group and talks about her weight a lot. Her trademarks are her fiery red hair, her brightly colored style, and her obsession with her weight, even though she is average weight. (She has tried various fad diets, but does not stick to any of them for very long, she loves to eat).
  • Kristen Gregory is an all-star soccer player at school. She is a bit of a tomboy but loves designer clothes. She can't afford them because before the inception of the series, her dad lost all his money. She hides that she is poor for three books. Kristen is highly intelligent, attending OCD on a full scholarship, and is considered to be beautiful with her long blond hair and aqua eyes. Her trademarks are playing word games, being athletic and avoiding being caught by her parents in the clothes she likes to wear behind their backs.
  • Claire Lyons moved from Orlando, Florida to Westchester, New York. Her dad was good friends with Massie's dad in business school, and the Lyons are living in Massie's guest house. Claire's family is not rich or successful like the other girls' families are, so she has a hard time fitting in at first, but eventually does. She becomes friends with Layne, known to the Pretty Committee as an LBR (Loser Beyond Repair). She and Massie are frienemies: sometimes sharing insecurities and laughs, at other times pitted against each other. Her trademark is her love of Keds,Gummies and her crush on Cam Fisher. Claire is described as having white-blonde hair and wide blue eyes.
  • Cameron ‘Cam’ Fisher”: Described as having messy dark hair, bloodred lips, and mismatched eyes- one blue, one green- Cam originally appeared in the first novel as the boy who danced with Massie, though his name was not credited. He also made appearances in Best Friends for Never as the boy who saved Claire from her humiliation at the party, and then in Revenge of the Wannabes as Massie’s crush. However, by the fourth novel he and Claire are officially dating. They then break up again because Claire is manipulated into thinking he likes Alicia’s slutty cousin, Nina. They get back together after they share a first kiss in The Pretty Committee Strikes Back. He is described as sweet and sensitive. In Sealed with a Diss, he dumps Claire when she accuses him of being a cheater. He then dates Olivia Ryan, but is annoyed with her as she proves to be incredibly dumb and boring and gets back with Claire. They stay together for the rest of the series, even throughout the upgrade.
  • Derrick ‘Derrington’ Herrington”: With dark blonde hair and a goofy smile, Derrick is Briarwood’s treasured goalie and is fought over at the beginning of the series by Kristen and Dylan. He then dates Massie up until Sealed with a Diss, where he says she is too immature (though Massie thinks the same of him.) He is available up until P.S. I Loathe You, when he dates Dylan secretly. In These Boots Were Made for Stalking, she dumps him for Luke.
  • Joshua ‘Josh’ Hotz”: Appeared in Invasion of the Boy Snatchers as a new transfer student. He and Alicia dated briefly, even throughout the boy fast up until the upgrade. He and Alicia are finished after she begins to “semi-flirt” with Aidan.
  • Kemp Hurley”: Dylan’s crush in Sealed with a Diss who double-dumped her, and Kristen’s date to the winter dance.
  • Chris Plovert”: Dylan’s crush for most of the early books, the one who breaks up with her when he finds her too “manly.”
  • Harris Fisher”: Cam’s hotter older brother, who has TWO green eyes. Alicia crushes on him in the third book; until it is revealed he is not interested and gave her mixed signals.
  • Landon Crane”: Massie’s crush up until the last book. He is described as having sea green eyes, and messy black waves and was in ninth grade at the end of the series.
  • Miles”: Described as having shaggy blonde hair. He was a model at Massie’s benefit, but was not heard of again.
  • Aidan”: Alicia’s crush, who loves photography.
  • Scott”: DJ’d at the charity benefit. Tall with blonde hair and blue eyes.
  • Jackson”: Half buzzed; half ear-length hair vegetarian
  • Ace”: Described as having olive skin and being very hot.
  • Bean”: Massie’s fashion-forward black pug, who dates Bark Obama.
  • Bark Obama”: Landon’s black pug. Bean's date.
  • Celia Crane”: Landon’s pretty and graceful mother, who owns Bark Jacobs. She knows Marc Jacobs and is very close with her only son.
  • Kori Gedman”: On Kristen’s soccer team, and was her knockoff in the third book. She is described as having bad posture, blond hair that is always styled in either pigtails or braids, and light blue eyes. She lives in the Brickview Apartments like Kristen and due to many surgeries her mother looks like Michael Jackson, something she is often teased about.
  • Strawberry McAdams”: Has a bad temper. Gets her nickname from where she shops, and for her magenta-dyed hair. She looks a bit like Dylan for being big-boned. Her birthname is Coral.
  • Olivia Ryan.”: Described as having navy blue irises and buttery-blond waves. She is credited as a B-lister trapped in an A-lister’s body. She has an older brother Andy with a skating ramp, and an older sister. She briefly dates Cam Fisher. She and Chris Plovert also had a distant fling. Her dad is a surgeon and operates on her nose many times. She is also known as Alicia’s ditzy tagalong.
  • Skye Hamilton”: An eighth-grade alpha who offers the secret room to whoever first finds a special key. In the Kristen novella, she had a crush on Dune Baxter until she fell in a pool of Jell-O and got angry when he laughed at her. She then goes off to Alpha Academy. She loves animals, mini things, glitter pens, dancing and boys. She is described as having white-blonde waves, Tiffany box-blue irises, B-cups and looking like Taylor Swift. She is the leader of a group called the DSL Daters (they make super-fast connections with boys) and in the early books, had a crush on Chris Abeley. Her parents own the Body Alive Dance Studio, so she gets free clothes. Her mother is a retired ballet dancer named Natasha Flailenkoff from Russia, while her dad is just an American named Geoffrey. She is famous for the little charms she attaches to arm-sleeves.
  • William Block”: Massie's father. Is old friends with Claire’s father, Jay Lyons. He is described as being serious with a balding head. He is a major pushover as he falls for his daughter’s apologies many times.
  • Kendra Block”: Massie’s Pilates-toned mother, who is very dramatic and strict. She makes many efforts to keep peace in the household.

Todd Lyons”: Claire’s younger brother, who has curly red hair and is a major eavesdropper. Throughout the series he harbors a major crush on Massie.

  • Tiny Nathan”: He is Todd’s best friend, and is described as being small with a squeaky voice.
  • Nikki Dalton”: The girl Claire thought was “the other woman” in her and Cam’s relationship. However, she liked him when he didn’t like her back. She is described as having black hair and long bangs that cover her eyes.
  • Heather”: Best friends with Layne Abeley and Meena. She is described as being a major LBR.
  • Layne Abeley”: Witty and clever, Layne is Claire’s first true friend at OCD. She has narrow green eyes and frizzy dark hair. She has many food obsessions and briefly dates Eli. Her brother is Chris Abeley.
  • Chris Abeley”: Layne’s older brother, who is described as cute with blue eyes and blonde hair. Massie used to like him but then she found out he had a girlfriend, Fawn, who dumped him later on.
  • Fawn”: Chris Abeley’s girlfriend until Sealed with a Kiss, described as being gorgeous with blonde hair and a tiny waist. She dumps him after starting a vicious rumor that he loves his horse, Tricky.
  • “Tristan”: Eli’s best friend, described as being punk. He dances with Claire at the Halloweenie party.
  • Jakkob”: Massie’s trusted and fashionable stylist.
  • Brownie: Massie's beloved horse.
  • Hadley Durk”: The celebrity originally cast for Dial L for Loser. She is replaced by Claire after having a fight with Abby Boyd after she steals two of her boyfriends, Gabor and Palmer. She has Pocahontas braids and brown eyes. She and Claire share a love of Keds.
  • Abby Boyd: Actress who stole both of Hadley's boyfriends. She has a bad girl rep. Her hair is wavy and dark, but she dyes it blonde and short for the movie. She pretends to be Claire's best friend though she is not.
  • Meena”: She loves to dress oddly and protest like Layne and Heather.
  • Nina Callas”: Alicia’s slutty cousin, who steals all their boyfriends and the Clique’s stuff. In the Alicia novella, she and Alicia have a terrible fight and become closer eventually. She has major D-cups and long, thick dark hair and hazel eyes. She is a reformed dork and only wanted Alicia to like her.
  • Celia and Isobel Callas”: Nina’s twin sisters. They are, at first, very nice to Alicia in her novella. Then it is revealed they only used her for her clothes. They get a taste of their medicine at the end of the book when they are forced to lick ice cream off a fat man’s belly.
  • Nigeal”: A British hottie Alicia and Nina meet in Alicia’s novella. It is revealed he is! I!, the sexy Spanish pop star and that he never goes out in public for fear of blowing his cover.
  • Eli”: Layne’s makeup-wearing boyfriend, who she breaks up with because she doesn’t like “a guy who wears more mascara than I do.”
  • Dempsey Solomon”: The eco-friendly hottie who comes back to Westchester after losing his baby fat building homes in Africa. Massie and Layne like him until it is revealed he has a crush on Kristen. He plays soccer for a short time until he injures himself when Massie accidentally trips him.
  • Dune Baxter”: Kristen’s summer crush, who has sandy blonde hair. He introduces her to relax and have some fun. He briefly likes Skye Hamilton, until he finds her to be a snob.
  • Ripple Baxter'”: Dune’s younger sister, who is nine. Kristen tutors her over the summer before quitting. She then nominates Ripple to join the cheerleading squad.

Nurse Adele: The school nurse that helped Claire when she first came to OCD. She owns a lost and found in the office and often chats with Claire.

List of novels

Title Date Length ISBN
The Clique May 5, 2004[1] 224 pp (first edition) ISBN 978-0-31670-129-7
Seventh-grade student Massie Block has everything going for her, until her father's college friend Jay Lyons moves his family from Orlando, Florida to Westchester, New York. Jay, along with his wife, Judi and daughter Claire. And though Claire attempts to befriend Massie, Massie feels she is not suitable for being part the clique led by Massie and that includes her friends Alicia, Dylan, and Kristen. Claire decides to get revenge by pretending to be Massie and using her instant message account to lie to Massie's friends. Once Massie learns the truth, they have a five-way phone call where Claire has to confess. At the end of the novel, Massie ends up being friends with Claire. 
Best Friends for Never October 4, 2004[17] 197 pp (first edition) ISBN 978-0-31670-131-0
After the Committee wears inappropriate Halloween costumes to school, Principal Burns has a new dress code: uniforms. With a new bet between Massie and Claire about clothes, plus the upcoming boy-girl Halloween party, Massie and Claire are stressed and busy! They decide to put aside their differences and team up to win the uniform contest. In the meantime, Alicia becomes friends with a girl who has been absent for a while, whose name is Olivia. She teams up with her in the contest instead of joining Massie, Kristen, Dylan, and Claire. Alicia and Olivia change the labels on the voting boxes of the uniform contest and win the contest unfairly. 
Revenge of the Wannabes March 2, 2005[18] 296 pp (first edition) ISBN 978-0-31670-133-4
After leading her dance class, Alicia, full of confidence, decides to throw her very own sleepover and invite a few of her dance classmates which makes Massie furious and she kicks Alicia out of the Pretty Committee. Meanwhile Massie tries to ruin the photo shoot Alicia and Olivia won in the uniform contest because they cheated. Claire is trying to get Cam to notice her. When she gets 'in' Massie makes her break Cam's heart. Alicia gets dumped by Cam's brother Harris and her Clique falls apart. 
Invasion of the Boy Snatchers October 5, 2005[19] 256 pp (first edition) ISBN 978-0-31670-134-1
Alicia's cousin Nina is in town to spend the rest of the semester in OCD. Massie doesn't like her from the start, but things get worse when she starts hanging out with Massie's crush, Alicia's crush and Claire's boyfriend . The Pretty Committee tries to get their boys and their 7th grade Alpha status back. Alicia takes over Comma Dee's job at the broadcast booth to make morning announcements. 
The Pretty Committee Strikes Back March 1, 2006[20] 272 pp (first edition) ISBN 978-0-31611-500-1
The girls go on a class trip to Lake Placid. On the campground, the Briarwood boys are just cabins away. Massie works up the nerve to kiss Derrington in front of the girls in Massie's Underground Clinic for Kissing ("MUCK"). Meanwhile, Claire desperately tries to get Cam back after he saw her kissing Josh Hotz at the end of "Invasion of the Boy Snatchers". She simultaneously tries to keep Alicia from finding out that she kissed Josh. But she finds out and Claire catches her about to kiss Cam. 
Dial L for Loser August 23, 2006[21] 272 pp (first edition) ISBN 978-0-31611-504-9
Dylan invites the Pretty Committee to her mom's show called the Daily Grind. A secret about an actor dating her costar's boyfriend is leaked and she quits the movie she was supposed to star in. The director of the movie invites Massie, Claire, and Alicia go to Los Angeles to audition for a part in an upcoming movie called "Dial L for Loser". When Claire snags the lead part, Massie and Alicia are far from happy for her. So when Claire is filming the movie, Alicia and Massie, who have become the hosts of the segment about "Dial L for Loser" on Merri Lee Marvil's show, humiliate her on Live TV. 
It's Not Easy Being Mean March 7, 2007[22] 193 pp (first edition) ISBN 978-0-31611-506-3
The Pretty Committee competes for access to an 8th grade oasis (currently owned by 8th grade Alpha, Skye Hamilton) that will make them top of the 8th grade. Layne, Claire's friend gets access first so she trades Claire's readmittance in to The Committee for the key. 
Sealed with a Diss July 2, 2007[23] 272 pp (first edition) ISBN 978-0-31611-506-3
After gaining the key to the 8th grade oasis, The Pretty Committee finds out they must get dates to the biggest 8th grade party of the year, as well as get the one guy who wouldn't date 8th grade alpha Skye Hamilton to be there at her side...or the key is gone forever. 
Bratfest at Tiffany's February 5, 2008[24] 227 pp (first edition) ISBN 978-0-31600-680-4
After seeing the entire Pretty Committee dumped at Skye's party, Massie Block decides she and her friends need to give up on boys. Massie declares a 'boyfast,' and The Pretty Committee is transformed into the New Pretty Committee (NPC). The NPC's popularity plummets, though when Briarwood boys storm into the school, and the boys become the new alphas. But, as everyone knows, Massie and her crew will never be at the bottom for long. 
P.S. I Loathe You February 10, 2009[25] 224 pp (first edition) ISBN 978-03-1600-6811
When Layne and Massie want the same boy, Kristen must decide which friend to help, meanwhile the boy falls in love with her. Massie makes her own cheerleading squad, but Alicia doesn't like how Massie rules the squad and creates her own. Dylan falls in love with Massie's ex-boyfriend Derrick and is determined to get him behind Massie's back. 
Boys R Us July 7, 2009[26] 272 pp (first edition) ISBN 978-03-1600-6828
Alicia forms Briarwood Octavian Country Dayschool's (BOCD) first boy-girl clique, The Soul M8S. Meanwhile, Massie hires a group of four actress-models and creates her own enviable clique to steal the spotlight from Alicia. Claire is forced to choose between Massie and The Soul M8S, while Alicia and Massie are planning different parties with the most coveted invitations in town. 
The Clique: Charmed and Dangerous October 27, 2009[27] 192 pp (first edition) ISBN 978-03-1605-5376
In the prequel to the series, Massie is stuck as a beta in a group, Alicia obsesses over her group's new dance routine, Dylan realizes she isn't as skinny as she thought, and Kristen babysits for money. The four girls meet for the first time. On the other side of the country, Claire almost gets a kiss from her favorite boy band, but gets pulled away by her mother at the last second. 
These Boots Were Made for Stalking March 9, 2010[2] 272 pp (first edition) ISBN 978-03-1600-6835
Dylan, Alicia, and Kristen decide that like Massie, they want 9th grade crushes. They try to get Claire to do the same, but she is fully satisfied with Cam. Meanwhile, Massie is on the search for a mysterious girl with a bird tattoo on her ankle...and nothing turns out to be what it seems! 
My Little Phony July 3, 2010[28] ISBN 978-03-1608-4444
After Claire and Massie get into a fight, Massie feels insecure and nervous about kissing Landon, her 9th grade boyfriend; she realizes that Claire would be the only one who wouldn't laugh or tease her if she told Claire about her insecurities. In the meantime, The Pretty Committee (Alicia, Dylan, Kristen) are all on a ban on spending money. After Massie humiliates herself in front of Landon's grandparents, her parents reveal to her that they're losing money-thus, as Claire is living in the Block Estate-she finds out. Claire has a total chance to take revenge on Massie-but does she use it? 
A Tale of Two Pretties February 15, 2011 ISBN 978-03-1608-4420
Massie Block - pretty, enviable and charming as ever, has to keep the huge secret that her used-to-be-rich family is now broke. Apart from the Lyons, no one knows, not even the Pretty Committee. After a lot of begging from Claire, Massie decides to tell her friends the truth. Although she is worried that they will ditch her, she finds out that her friends really do love her, and will stay by her side no matter what. It also turns out that she hasn't been the only one keeping a secret. Dylan's family is starring in their own reality show and if Dylan told anyone, she could go to jail, Kristen has joined an elite soccer team and she won't be able to go to Friday night sleepovers anymore and the psychic Hermia has predicted that Alicia will become an alpha - although she doesn't want to be. Then Massie finds out that her father has got a new job, which would make the Block family rich again. Unfortunately, the job is in England. Then Massie goes to Hermia and Hermia tells her that her destiny includes some boy named James. When Massie gets to choose either stay in Westchester or go to England, Massie chooses England because it's her destiny. Then she meets a boy named James on the plane. Will the Pretty Committee get through this? The CLIQUE... the only thing harder than getting in is saying goodbye.... 

The Clique Books

Title Date Length ISBN
Massie April 1, 2008[29] 144 pp (first edition) ISBN 978-0-31603-210-0
Massie is kicked out of the Galwaugh riding camps and her parents aren't happy. They decide that Massie should get a summer job. Massie eventually decides she wants to work as a salesgirl for the cosmetic company Be Pretty to earn her money and the legendary purple streak, which grants priority status to any girl. 
Dylan May 6, 2008[30] 144 pp (first edition) ISBN 978-0-31603-565-1
Dylan and her mother go to Hawaii for the summer so Merri-Lee can interview the teen tennis sensation, Svetlana Slootskyia, who happens to have an uncontrollable temper. Dylan gets off on the wrong foot with Svetlana immediately. But Dylan needs Svetlana's help to learn the game of tennis in order to impress her summer crush, J.T. 
Alicia June 3, 2008[31] 144 pp (first edition) ISBN 978-0-31602-753-3
Alicia heads off to Spain for the summer, and is allowed to travel without her parents for the first time. While there, she works to get herself featured in a music video being made by a famous superstar. 
Kristen July 1, 2008[32] 144 pp (first edition) ISBN 978-0-31602-752-6
Kristen is spending her summer at home in Westchester, tutoring a bratty 9-year-old girl named Ripple, who has aspirations of being like Massie. Ripple's brother Dune is a hot surfer, but he's got a crush on Skye Hamilton, the Alpha of the 8th grade. Kristen and the Witty Committee play a prank on Skye to transfer Dune's affections to Kristen. Also Kristen creates a friendship with someone unexpected. 
Claire August 5, 2008[33] 144 pp (first edition) ISBN 978-0-31602-750-2
Claire goes to Florida with her friends, Sarah, Sari, and Amandy. While there, Massie visits unexpectedly, and the girls end up competing in the "Miss Kissimee" beauty contest.Claire's friends (including Massie) pressure her to vote them the title of "Miss Kissimee" when Claire gets ask to be a Celebrity Judge. Will she have to choice between her old friends or the new ones? 

Other Clique Books

Title Date Length ISBN
Cliquetionary November 16, 2009[29] 80 pp (first edition) ISBN 978-0-31607-065-2
The Cliquetionary defines vocabulary from the Clique series & provides some insights from the Pretty Committee. (such as "ah-mazing, CLAM...etc so on) and has a lot of other info, 


The Clique was selected as a "Quick Pick For Reluctant Young Adult Readers" by YALSA.[34] Best Friends for Never was nominated for the 2005 Quill Awards in the "Young Adult/Teen" category.[35] Best Friends for Never reached The New York Times bestseller list in early February 2005, four months after it was published, but remained there only one week.[36] It returned in late February for another week, reaching #7.[37] Following the release of the next volume in the series, It entered the bestseller list again in late March, where it stayed another week, then in late April, where it remained for three weeks.[38][39][40] In late March it also made an appearance on the Publishers Weekly bestseller list, coming in at #9.[41] Copies of the novel have continued to sell in large numbers: nearly 150,000 in 2005,[42] over 200,000 in 2006,[43] and over 150,000 in 2007.[44]

Three of the novels from the "Summer Collection", Alicia, Dylan, and Massie, made the New York Time's Children's Books best seller list. On June 22, 2008, Alicia debuted on the list in first place, with Dylan and Massie placing second and sixth, respectively.[45]

Critical reviews

In reviewing the first novel, The Clique, reviewers remarked on the behavior of the characters, with Publishers Weekly noting that it "takes cliquish, snobbish behavior to Hollywood extremes" and School Library Journal saying that "the cruelty of the clique [is not] redeemed with any sort of a satisfying ending."[14][15] There were also comments about the novel's use of brand names: School Library Journal said that it "has trendy references kids will love"; Booklist expounded more on the subject, saying that the novel goes into "too much detail about how the superwealthy live" but added that it "has fun with the tyranny of brand names" - although they also cautioned that "the very specifics that teens will recognize will be 'so out' before the year is over." Additionally, Booklist described the instant messaging segments as "hilarious", while School Library Journal criticised "the shallowness of the characters" and "the one-dimensional plot".[15] Spero News says "At first, it's easy to hate this book and the shallow materialism that these characters embody. On the other hand, they're so impossible to take seriously that you have to laugh at them. These girls are so 13-going-on-30."[46]

Reviewers' general descriptions of Best Friends for Never focused on its lightweight nature and entertainment value: Book Loons called it "good soap operatic fun",[47] The Virginian Pilot said it was "a fairly quick and easy read",[48] Teen Reads found it to be "another quick, fun, enjoyable read",[49] while Romantic Times thought that it was "sinful, nasty fun" and gave it three stars.[50] More negative comments that were made included The Virginian Pilot's assertion that it "lacks the sophistication and style of deeper novels".[48] On the behavior of the characters—something the first volume was criticised for[14][15]Romantic Times said, "Good news for fans—the girls are just as catty now as they were before."[50] Book Loons added that it "does capture both the occasionally unpleasant verbal interactions and emotional vulnerability of pre-teen girls."[47] The book's cliffhanger ending was described as "perfect" by Teen Reads[49] and according to The Virginian Pilot is, along with the "mild twists", what made the novel an "interesting read."[48]


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