Clique (disambiguation)

Clique (disambiguation)

A clique is a close social group.

Clique or The Clique may also refer to:



  • The Clique (Texas band), a late 1960s U.S. sunshine pop band from Houston, Texas
  • The Clique (1960s UK band), UK, a 60's mod band
  • The Clique (1990s UK band), also from UK, but a 90's band
  • HaClique, a 1980s Israeli rock band from Tel-Aviv
  • Piccolo and marching drum bands at the Carnival of Basel are called Cliques
  • Destinee & Paris, a girl group formerly known as Clique Girlz

Military and politics

Entertainment and the arts


  • Clique (graph theory) in graph theory or the related clique problem in computer science
  • Clique (professional wrestling), a famous 1990s group of professional wrestlers
  • Château Clique, a group of wealthy families in Lower Canada in the early 19th century

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  • Claque
  • Click (disambiguation)

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