Cielo Rojo

Cielo Rojo
Cielo Rojo
Red Sky
Format Romance, Telenovela, Black humor
Created by Eric Vonn
Developed by Azteca
Azteca Novelas:
Alberto Santini Lara
Elisa Salinas
Directed by Mauricio Meneses
Pablo Gomez-Saenz
David Robledo
Carlos Angel Guerra
Starring Edith González
Mauricio Islas
Regina Torné
Andrea Noli
Aura Cristina Geithner
Lambda García
Alejandra Lazcano
Theme music composer Juan Zaizar
Opening theme "Cielo Rojo" by Ana Gabriel
Country of origin Mexico
Language(s) Spanish
No. of episodes 170
Executive producer(s) Rafael Uriostegui
Producer(s) Gerardo Zurita
Ximena Cantuarias
Editor(s) Mónica Rodríguez Carrillo
Alejandra Espinoza
Fernando Rodríguez Carrillo
Location(s) Querétaro
Tubutama, Sonora
Mexico City
Camera setup Multi-camera
Running time 41-63 minutes
Distributor Azteca Novelas
Original channel Azteca 13/Azteca America
Picture format HDTV, 1080i on Azteca 13 HD
SDTV, 480i on Azteca 13
Original airing Mexico & United States
23 May 2011 - present
Preceded by Entre el Amor y el Deseo
Followed by La Mujer de Judas
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Cielo Rojo (Red Sky) is a Mexican telenovela by TV Azteca.It stars Edith González and Mauricio Islas as the leading protagonists, with Regina Torné as the main villain and Alejandra Lazcano as leading teen cast. It began its shooting on April 4, 2011. It premiered on May 23, 2011 on Azteca 13, occupying Entre el Amor y el Deseo's slot.



Alma Durán and Andrés Renteria fell in love as teenagers. They are soulmates, but destiny has always found a way to keep them apart, at all costs, throughout the years. After separating, they find each other again as adults. Their lives have taken different paths, but they are determined to escape together. However, tragedy surrounds them and separates them once more.

When Alma and Andrés reunite again many years later all hell breaks through. Alma and Andrés' lives enter a labyrinth that seems to have no escape. Passion, ambition, intrigues, compromises, and lies continue to separate them while they walk under a Red Sky that will not allow them to unite and be happy.


Childhood sweethearts, Alma Durán and Andrés Renteria, have a passionate reuninon after being apart for many years. They decide to run away together, but Alma is framed by her mother-in-law, Loreto, for the accidental death of Alma's abusive, alcoholic husband, Victor. She is sentenced to 20 years in prison. In prison, Alma gives birth to her and Andrés's daughter, who Loreto steals. Loreto knows the baby, Daniela, cannot be her son's baby since his and Alma's marriage was never consummated due to his impotence.

Andrés never learns of these events. He marries his old girlfriend, Lucrecia, who is pregnant with what he believes to be his child. In reality, the baby is the product of a one-night-stand Lucrecia had. Alma spends the next 20 years in prison thinking Andrés didn't care to help her, meanwhile Andrés thinks she preferred to stay with her husband.

When Alma gets out of prison, she is determined to find her daughter. She is courted by Gonzalo Molina, a much older rich ranch owner, who has always liked her. He falls in love with her and asks her to marry him. Alma, after much thought, accepts his proposal. With him she has fun and feels secure. Andrés has had a gray life, though he loves his "son", Sebastian, his marriage has been a failure. He was never able to love his wife, for the memory of Alma has always haunted him.

Sebastian and Daniela have fallen in love without knowing they are supposedly brother and sister. Gonzalo introduces Alma to his family who are not happy with their union. Alma and Andrés are shocked to once again encounter each other. Andrés wants to be with her but Alma is only interested in Daniela. Daniela has been poisoned against Alma by Loreto and is reluctant to form a relationship. Alma tells Daniela that Loreto is not her grandmother. Gonzalo claims he is Daniela's father, which Alma goes along with.

Andrés continually pursues Alma until she finally realizes they are meant to be together. Daniela and Sebastian get married in secret. When Andrés informs Alma of their marriage, she is horrified and finally tells him that he is Daniela's father. Sebastian and Daniela are heartbroken when they are told they are siblings. Lucrecia decides not to reveal Sebastian's true paternity and use the situation to split Alma and Andrés up.

Gonzalo passes away and leaves Alma with everything. This ignites a war between Alma and the Molina family. After Sebastian and Daniela nearly die in a joint suicide attempt, Andrés and Alma's relationship falls apart and they split up. It is decided they must keep their children apart. Sebastian goes to Paris with his parents and best friend, César, while Daniela stays in Mexico. While apart, Andrés and Alma realize they made a mistake and reunite immediately after Andrés returns. However, things get more complicated when Daniela finds out she is having Sebastian's baby. It is decided that Andrés and Alma will rise the baby as their own, but when Sebastian finds out, those plans are scrapped.

It is soon revealed that Victor never died and that Loreto has been hiding him for the past twenty years. Victor comes to town going by the alais David Mansetti and claiming to be Victor's paternal cousin. While Andrés is recovering in the hospital after being pushed out of a window by Loreto, he and Alma finally get married. Alma is shocked when she comes face to face with Victor. It clear any happiness Alma has will be short-lived, as Victor and Loreto are ready to make her life hell once again.


Main Cast In Credit Order

Actor Character Known as
Edith González Alma Durán Andrés' long time love, Daniela's mother
Mauricio Islas Andrés Rentería Alma's long time love, Sebastian's supposed father, Daniela's biological father
Regina Torné Loreto Encinas Victor's adoptive mother, mother of Jesús, Daniela's supposed grandmother
Andrea Noli Lucrecia Robledo Andrés's wife, Mariana's best "friend", Sebastian's mother
Aura Cristina Geithner Mariana Robledo Ricardo's wife, Gaston and Patricia's mother, Lucrecia's best "friend"
Andrés Palacios Nathan Garces Driver of "Anubis" bakery company, Rosa's uncle, brother of Dalila
Alejandra Lazcano Daniela Renteria Daughter of Alma and Andrés, raised as Victor's daughter, in love with Sebastian
Alberto Casanova Ricardo Molina Gonzalo's son, Lorena's and Melinda's brother, Mariana's husband, Gaston's and Patricia's father
Carmen Beato Natalia Aguilar Alma's best friend
Daniel Martínez Marcos Ávila Andrés' friend and associate, Cesar's father, Carolina's husband
Héctor Parra Jesús Galván Loreto and Angel's son, Alma's stepbrother, Nata's husband, Calo's biological father
Jorge Luis Vazquez Alonso Nájera Prostitute, Ricardo's boyfriend
Hernán Mendoza Bernardo Trejo / Román Andres' ex-employee, driver and right hand of Loreto, father of Rosa
Alan Ciangherotti Carlos "Calo" Aguirre Carolina's and Jesus' biological son, Loreto's grandson, Daniela's cousin, Rosita's friend
Fernando Lozano Salomón Ramos Aleida's Schizophrenic brother, Verónica's uncle
Ramiro Huerta Victor Encinas / David Mansetti Loreto's adoptive son, Alma's former husband Special Participation
Betty Monroe Sofía Márquez Aleida's cousin, Ricardo's ex-girlfriend.
Simone Victoria Carolina Vidal Andrea and Calo's mother, Marcos' wife, dies falling from stairs
Jorge Galván Fabián Gonzalo's friend
Lambda García Sebastián Rentería Son of Lucrecia and an unknown man, raised as Andrés' son, in love with Daniela
Andrea Escalona Patricia "Paty" Molina Ricardo and Mariana's daughter
Humberto Búa Gastón "Choncho" Molina Ricardo and Mariana's son
Gloria Stalina Rosa "Rosita" Trejo Bernardo's daughter, Daniela's best friend
Daniela Gamba Andrea Vidal Carolina's daughter
María José Magan Verónica Conde Aleida's daughter, has leukemia
Patrick Fernández Cesar Ávila Marcos' son, best friend of Sebastián
Gabriela Vergara Aleida Ramos Verónica's mother, sister of Salomón, workes in prison hospital, Schizophrenic
Luciano Zacharski Alvaro Robledo Son of David, Mariana's husband, dies in car accident
Hugo Stiglitz Gonzalo Molina Ricardo's father, Mariana's father in law, killed (shot) by Loreto Special Participation
Sergio Klainer Ángel Durán Alma's father, Loreto's former boyfriend, killed (shot) by Loreto Special Participation

Special Guest Stars

Actor Character Known as
Sandra Itzel Alma Durán As a teenager
Alonso Espeleta Andres Renteria As a teenager
Jorge Levy Padre Servando Favorite priest of Loreto and Alma
Roxana Saucedo Leticia Best friend of Carolina and her business partner
Giovani Florido Ismael Gomar Harass and blackmails Rosa, killed (shot) by Bernardo
Ramón Medina Orellana Silverio Andres' jail mate and protector

Cielo Rojo

  • Performed by Ana Gabriel
  • Written by Juan & David Zaizar
  • Editor: FHAM

Copyright Azteca Musica 2011


  • The novela originally had to be remake of "Las Dos Dianas", but writer Eric Vonn refused to adapt the novel and offered to Azteca to write a completely new story on his own, he got the green light so this telenovela is a completely new story which has nothing to do with "Las Dos Dianas".
  • González was originally chosen to lead this telenovela, but Azteca Novelas' director wanted González and Gabriela Spanic to switch roles, where González had to take the lead role in Emperatriz and Spanic in Cielo Rojo. After portraying Emperatriz in an unofficial trailer, finally, she got this role back.
  • Christian Meier, José Ángel Llamas, and Bernie Paz were who the producers were interested in for the role of male lead. Llamas refused to work in this telenovela because he has been working with Uriostegui in his recent two novelas. Bernie Paz joins Emperatriz with Spanic. Meier and González allegedly had had problems when they worked together in Doña Barbara.
  • Mauricio Islas, who was actually paired with González in Emperatriz due to the success of La Loba, is eventually cast as the male lead in this telenovela.
  • Regina Torne, Andrea Noli, Andrea Escalona, Alberto Casanova, Jorge Galván, Simone Victoria, Betty Monroe and Alejandra Lazcano had participated in TV Azteca's Como En El Cine in 2001.
  • Regina Torne, Ramiro Huerta, Jorge Luis Vazquez and Mauricio Islas are reunited since La Loba in 2010.
  • This is the first telenovela for Hugo Stiglitz throughout his carrier as an actor. Don Gonzalo's character was intended for only 20 episodes but the producer decided to extend his participation in this telenovela due to public reaction on his character.
  • This is the third time Mauricio Islas working in Eric Vonn's telenovela. The first two were Amores and Pecados Ajenos.
  • This is the fifth telenovela where producer Rafael Uriostegui and director Mauricio Meneses work together. Other telenovela includes Marina, El Juramento, Mujer Comprada and Prófugas del Destino.
  • Besides from Cielo Rojo, Julio Cesar Najera, the script editor, is also working on Huérfanas at the same time.
  • Andrea Noli, Mauricio Islas, Lambda Garcia, Patrick Fernandez and Daniel Martinez traveled to Paris, which is the birth place of Noli, to shoot some scenes.
  • In the 76th episode aired on September 6, a flashforward showing scenes of Alma (González), Aleida (Vergara) and Sofia (Monroe) is aired, although both Vergara and Monroe's characters have not been officially appeared. The scene was recently shot since Vergara only joined Cielo Rojo in late August. Monroe's official appearance was in the following episode, and Vergara in the next two episodes later. A "cortinilla" of Gabriela Vergara has been shown since the first week of September.
  • "In the memory of Eduardo Olivares" was shown in the beginning of episode 80, which dated 9 September 2011. He was the co-author of original music score.

International Broadcast

Country Alternate title/Translation TV network(s) Series premiere Series finale Weekly schedule Timeslot References
 Dominican Republic Cielo Rojo Antena Latina July 28, 2011 Monday to Friday 22:00 [1]
 Romania Sub Cerul în Flacari Acasa TV September 12, 2011 Monday to Friday 18:30 [2]
 Venezuela Cielo Rojo Televen October 5, 2011 Monday to Friday 13:00

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